Fixes to Resolve Quickbooks Error 429

Quickbooks is one of the Award-winning accounting software that is being used by many businesses to manage their financial operations accross the globe. There are some cases where you might face Quickbooks Error 429 which is a runtime error and you will get an error message that will say ”Quickbooks have encountered a problem and needs to close”. And your Quickbooks program might crash. Quickbooks error 429

This might also slow down the processing speed of your computer. If you are facing all these errors then it might be the Quickbooks Error 429 and you have to take quick action to resolve the Quickbooks runtime error. Hence you can follow the fixes given below to resolve this Quickbooks error Quickly.

Reasons behind Quickbooks Error 429

In order to fix this Quickbooks error, you need to first understand why this error has occurred. It will help you to better understand the functionality of the Quickbooks software. Below are the reasons why you have faced Quickbooks Error 429.

  • Any kind of Malware or Virus that might have damaged the software and files required to run the windows and the Quickbooks software easily. 
  • An incomplete download and update of any kind of files of Quickbooks can also cause Quickbooks error 429. 
  • You might have deleted any Quickbooks File unintentionally.
  • You might get this error due to any kind of internet update

 You can follow the given solution in order to fix this error completely.

Steps to fix Quickbooks Error 429 

Make sure to log in as a System administrator while resolving this error and do not try to skip any of the steps. Just follow this process one by one to fix Quickbooks error.  

Repair the Registry Files:

You can start fixing this error by repairing the registry files first. You can use the automated registry tools to fix the files faster as the manual process may take more time. But these steps are recommended. 

  • Open the search bar and type “Command”.
  • Now hold CTRL+Shift and then press enter.
  • A black box screen will pop up.
  • Now you have to type “Regedit” in it. Quickbooks Error
  • Click on the Error-429 related Key from the registry editor.
  • After selecting the key now click on the File menu.
  • Now select the Save in the list and select the folder where you wish to save the Quickbooks key. 
  • Now give the name of your choice to the backup folder.
  • Click on the “Selected branch” from the export range.
  • You can manually edit this registry file as the file is saved with .reg file extension.

In order to follow this process, make sure to login as an administrator and then follow the steps given below. 

Disk Cleaning:

  • Open the Run dialog box from the search menu.
  • Now enter exe in the box and click on Ok
  • Select the drive from the list and select the files.
  • Click on clean and ok.
  • Now, wait until the disk cleaning process completes. 

Internet Updates:

  • Click on the start menu and select the run program.
  • Now enter C:\EASYW\NETWORK\Setup.exe.
  • Restore all the missing and damaged files and then reboot your system.
  • Go to the EASYACCT and click on Update. 

Install Program:Quickbooks

To continue with this process first, reboot your system in the safe mode with Networking.

  • Open the System configuration window using the run program.
  • Now click on boot and select the safe button with the network button selected. 
  • Click on apply and then select Ok to continue the installation.

Once the process is completed, Now try to install the Quickbooks software again to check whether the error is fixed or not. If you are unable to fix this error then contact the team of experts to fix this Quickbooks Error. 

Features and Uses of Quicken Software

Are you looking for a financial tool that can help you to manage your personal finances and expenses? If yes then this blog will surely solve your issue. If you go into the market you will get a list of accounting software that can meet your requirements but “Quicken” is the fastest-growing software that can provide you effective results. In order to make the best use of it, you need to understand “What is Quicken” first.quicken software

Quicken Software is designed to manage personal finances by keeping a track of expenses, income, cash flow, etc. it is one of the finest money management cloud accounting software that is being used for managing personal expenses. Along with this, it can be also used to keep a record of finances like handling taxes, renting, investments, etc. 

List Of Quicken Features and Uses:quicken accounting software

Here is the list of top Quicken features that will help you to better understand the functionality of the application.

  • Income and Expense Tracking:

This personal accounting software will offer you to keep track of your income and expense in a perfect manner. Users will have to enter all the expenses and sources of income i.e. salary, rent, internet bill, etc.  these inputs will be used to accumulate the monthly expenses and the cash flow. 

  • Investment:

With the Quicken software, you can make great investments by proper analysis of your income and expenses. With the categorization feature, you will be able to take a precise decision for Investments. With the graphs and the Pie charts, you can understand it better and can also track the performance of your business and can make some good moves to improve the performance and productivity of your business. The investment account feature can be used to predict future investments based on the capital of the businesses.  

  • Account Management:

Here at Quicken, the user can easily manage all the accounts in one place. It allows the user to download all the bank transactions at a simple interface and after that customized charts are prepared which will show exactly how and where your money has been used. With this one can easily perform reconcile operations and can double-check the account balance. 

  • Loan And Taxation Feature:

this feature will allow the user to identify whether the income is taxable or not and with the tax planner, the user can also calculate the tax refund and the burden amount. The Quicken software offers you to generate a complete report which can be very useful in presentations and meetings.

  • Online Banking:

One of the additional features of Quicken is its Online Banking which allows users to access all the banking operations easily. In order to use this feature, an internet connection and some paperwork are required. One additional benefit in this feature is that if your bank supports Online banking then you can make payments in between your accounts and can get statements.

  • Personal Finances:

To make effective savings and investment decisions, Quickens have 5 types of calculators that allow users to make a smart choice. The user will get to calculate the mortgage refinancing, retirement saving calculations, etc. with an accurate value. hence, this tool will help you to understand where you should invest your money to have a great and bright future for sure. 

  • Print Checks:

The print check feature in the Quickens allow users to print check easily. Hence it very easy and quick process to print checks in quicken. The user needs to first examine the check supply information and then select the type of form. Once it is done then just need to order the form.

So if you are looking to use the Quicken software then you must have the knowledge of these features to make the best use of it. If you need to know more about these features in detail then you can contact the expert team of Quickbooks.

What is Quickbooks – Best Accounting Software

In order to reach a great height in business, you have to make some precise decision by having a perfect tracking of your finances, daily reports, adding services and managing all the transactions. Good accounting software can be a good choice and Quickbooks Can be the best option on the list. Quickbooks is the best financial tool that can be used to manage all business expenses and transactions.what is quickbooks

This accounting software can fit both small and mid-sized businesses with multiple features that can manage all the organizational needs like taxes, sales, reports and many more. This accounting software is introduced by Intuit and to make better use of it you first have to understand its important features and functionalities. 

Quickbooks Features and Functionalities:what is quickbooks online

It offers you to migrate your data to the spreadsheets easily. This helps users to better understand the data. 

  • User-Friendly: The accounting software makes it easier for the user to manage their financial expenses easily. The intuitive interface is designed for both small and mid-sized businesses. 
  • Plain– Sailing Process: This feature helps to keep a track of the business. It is very easy to learn the operations of this software. 
  • Transaction: The accounting software will keep a record of all the transactions of commissions, salary, wages, expenses, etc. 
  • Invoice: This feature will allow the users to create invoices from their smartphones, laptops or tablets. 
  • Taxation: The Quickbooks accounting software will allow you to calculate the value of taxation in a proper and effective way.
  • Business Projections: This feature enables the Quickbooks users to easily generate future projections. It allows generating reports with sales, profits, expenses, etc. 

Versions Of Quickbooks Software:

  • Quickbooks Self-employed: This version of Quickbooks is best for people with small-sized businesses life freelancers, uber drivers, etc. With internet connectivity, the user can access the software from anywhere in the world. This advanced software is developed specifically for self-employed and freelancers. You will get to choose between two versions here either the Self-employed or Self-employed tax bundle.Quickbooks Error
  • Quickbooks Online: Quickbooks Online is introduced to meet some specifics needs of the businesses. The advanced accounting software helps to save time by automation and by simplifying complex tasks like bank reconciliation. The Quickbooks Online version is available in three stages i.e. simple start, essentials and plus. It helps the user to reduce the time to manage their financial expenses.what is quickbooks used for
  • Quickbooks Desktop Products: This version of Quickbooks is best suited for a business that requires complex inventory requirements. The Quickbooks Desktop versions have a list of varieties of features that makes it a prominent choice. It comes in four different levels.
      • Quickbooks For Mac
      • Quickbooks Pro
      • Quickbooks Premier
      • Quickbooks EnterpriseQuickbooks
  • Quickbooks Apps: With the Quickbooks Apps you can link your Quickbooks Software to manage all your data easily. You can easily share the data between the software and the app to save a lot of time. There are various add-ons are also available that can be used to save your time and to perform operations. You can get the Quickbooks Payroll and Quickbooks Point of Sale feature by paying additional fees to keep perfect track of the inventory.what is quickbooks

Hence, we have reached the conclusion that Quickbooks is the best available option when we are looking for an accounting tool. This tool helps to run your business smoothly by managing all the financial operations of the business. You will find some more additional features in its latest 2020 update. The latest edition of Quickbooks will offer enhanced features to its users.

I hope this article has helped you to understand about Quickbooks online. If you wish to know more about its specifications and features then you can contact Quickbooks Expert team.

Updates and improvements in the Quickbooks 2019 Version

The Quickbooks 2019 version has been introduced with updates and improvements enhance the functionality and workflow process of the Quickbooks Desktop version. We have listed below some of the enhancement and updated features of Quickbooks desktop 2019 version.quickbooks 2019

List Of Quickbooks 2019 Updated Features: 

  • Sick and Vacation Leave Tracking:Quickbooks error

It was always an issue in Quickbooks to manage the sick and Vacation leave of the employees. In most of the cases after undergoing all the reports most of the employees get overpaid. With the “Active payroll Subscription” you will be able to show the track of leave they have taken and how much leave they can still take. The pay stub has achieved a Unique way to do it.

  • Improvised Inventory:

Many users have faced this issue that while matching the inventory item report with the balance sheet there is a mismatch because of the default “inactive Items” in the list. Hence to fix this the enhanced inventory system will report an error whenever you mark an entry “inactive” and it will contain a quantity or a value. The “inventory valuation Summary report” will show the list of Inactivated items. 

  • Invoice Tracker:

This feature has been introduced in the Quickbooks Desktop version which will allow you to have a track of the invoice and data. The Emailed Invoice status tracker feature enables you to track when the customer has checked the invoice to schedule the follow up accordingly.Quickbooks

  • Create Credit transfer

With this feature, it will be become easier to create “cash memos” now. Before this feature was introduced, the user has to create custom memos for specific jobs. With this, the new account that will be created will “inactive and Zeros out” and it will be recognized as “The Account for Credit transfer”.

  • Check To Pay bill:

This new feature is designed specifically to resolve the issue of double expenses by making use of the checks and bills both at the same expense. When you click on “Go to pay bills”, the Quickbooks software filters the vendors and prompts to show the open bill form the specific vendor. 

  • Upgradation: 

You can easily update to the new edition of Quickbooks. You need to first activate your Quickbooks account and then visit the “Select an account for activation” section and then click Ok. A new window will open saying ”Update Quickbooks Company File” to update it. 

  • Easy Migration:

With this update, it will be easier to move your Quickbooks to New Computer. Just follow the steps given below: 

  1. Open the utilities from the file.
  2. Click on “move Quickbooks to Another Computer”.
  3. In the latest opened Window- Click on “I’m ready” and Enter the OTP.
  4. This OTP will be used while logging into another Computer. 
  5. Now click on Continue and wait until the copying process is completed. 
  6. After completion, it will ask you to open the Quickbooks Software.

So with these steps, you can easily movie Quickbooks to another Computer easily. 

  • Easy Data File Backup:

More features have been introduced in the Quickbooks Updated version to enhance data security.  The new Quickbooks edition offers to backup your data file with the advanced messaging system to ensure successful backup of the data file. In case of any error, a message will be sent to the customer. 

Quickbooks 2019 has been introduced with various interesting and useful features that help to manage your business more efficiently and effectively. You can also get assistance from experts if you want to know more about these features and functionalities in detail.

Features and Benefits of Quickbooks Pro

The Quickbooks Pro is designed specifically to handle limited operations in a business hence if you own a manufacturing business where advanced inventory features are required then the Quickbooks Pro might be not the perfect choice. The pricing for this software is $299 which can be shared among 3 members.quickbooks pro

This accounting software is specifically designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses. Businesses can use this software to create invoices, manage accounts and generate statements. All these robust functionalities are designed to handle the data of over 14000 vendors, employees, and customers. With this, you can have an idea about Quickbooks Pro. with all the features and functionalities, this accounting software transforms your accounting experience. Let us have a look at some of the premium features of Quickbooks Pro. 

List of Quickbooks Pro Features:Quickbooks Pro Login

  • Usability: It will take a little time to completely understand the software as the setup process for Quickbooks Pro is quite complicated but once you will have a command over it, this accounting software is very easy to use. 
  • Invoicing: Quickbooks Users will get the option to select from four types of invoice templates. Even in the custom template option, the user will get to optimize color, font and other display options. The layout designer option can be used to modify the templates.
  • Contact Management: this feature will allow the QuickBooks user to manage the contact details of their vendors, customer, and employees. Along with the general information, it also allows you to store data counting maps. 
  • Expense Tracking: During the Expense tracking in Quickbooks Pro, you are not allowed to process multiple transactions at one time, however, you can get live feeds from banks, download and import bank statements easily. 
  • Reports: To have a look over your data, in brief, you can create reports in the Quickbooks Pro and it offers you create around 130 reports and graphs. You can even mark your reports as favorites to create a shortcut to easily access the reports.
  • Letter templates: The letter templates feature in the Quickbooks Pro makes it easier for the users to process of making papers. It allows you to create customized templates along with dozen of pre-loaded templates. These templates can be sent over email as an attachment to your clients. 
  • Project Management: This feature is loaded to manage the details of your customers. You can store the job type, description and start/end date of dealing with the specific customers.
  • Spell Checker: the spell checker feature in Quickbooks Pro will check all the grammatical and spelling errors in the description, memos, message fields, receipts, etc. you can make changes and can add custom spelling words too.
  • Receipt: You will get an option to create or generate receipt at the purchase or sale of every service or product in your business. This receipt helps to manage the return or exchange transactions easily.

Advantages of Quickbooks Pro:Quickbooks Error

  • Income: This Accounting software will help you to manage all your transactions in one place. You can easily collect and send payments to various customers and vendors from a single platform. With the Quickbooks pro, you can store all your transactions with including sal taxes and Invoicing. 
  • Expenses: With the Quickbooks Accounting software you will be able to manage all your financial transactions including the track of Outstanding balance. You can keep a routine track of all the inventory items along with tracking all the expenditure of goods and services in different currencies.
  • Planning: The QuickBooks Pro software helps you to plan long-term goals in your business with the reports to make precise decisions

With this, we have given you a brief description of all the features of Quickbooks pro. Now you will have a clear vision about the features and benefits of Quickbooks Pro Accounting software. Hence if you think Quickbooks Pro can be a useful Software then you know all the pros and cons of the software now. In case you need any expert advice then you can contact the team of Quickbooks Experts. 

Ways To Use Capital One 360 Access Code For Quicken

QuickCapital One 360 access code is one of the best ways to strengthen data security for Quicken. Let us understand this in detail to clear all your doubts and queries about one 360 login

What Is Capital one 360 Access Code?

Let us first understand what exactly this capital one 360 access code is and what are its various terms and how we can use it to increase the data security. This access code is basically used to connect your Capital one 360 account with mint, in order to safeguard your actual password. Nobody will be allowed to access your login credentials apart from your bank and you will receive additional security mechanisms. However, if you are an existing-quicken Software user then the process to get the access code is different while for the new-user it’s different. 

Steps to get Access code for Capital One Customers:

  1. Log In into the Capital one website initially.
  2. Click on the “my Info” and then select “my preferences”.
  3. Now go to the “Access Code” section to generate a new code.

Steps to Get Access Code for New Capital One Customers:

  1. Similarly, Open the Capital One Website and Log in.
  2. Now Select your account.
  3. Click on the “Account Service and Setting” function.
  4. Now click on “Get Access Code” to get the code from the “Account Management List”.
  5. After completion of the process update your latest personal access code at the Mint.

 Steps to Connect your Capital One 360 Account with Quicken:

In order to log in to the Captial One 360 account, you will be required to enter a unique finance access code due to some security reasons. But you have only one User ID and Password. Hence you need to generate an access code in order to resolve this issue.

Follow these steps to Connect Quicken with Capital One 360 Account:

  1. Go to the Capital One Official Website and sign in into your account.Quickbooks
  2. Open the view account option and open the settings from the account service.
  3. Now click on Get Access code to generate a new code.
  4. A new tab will open to enter the access code.
  5. Now enter your password to log in into quicken.
  6. Select the access code and copy it and then open Quicken.
  7. Now go the account option and paste the access code to connect it.
  8. Now enter all the required information and save it.

With Multiple capitals One Account:

  1. If you have multiple Capitals one account then you will be required to Authorize contacts as the capital One is making changes in all its amendments to connect with all the banks.
  2. If you are under migration for more than once then do not uncheck any of the accounts listed from the authorization page.
  3. Your account may not get updated if you will uncheck the accounts.

Limits to Withdraw Check Deposit:

  • Money Market, kids savings account, and 360 savings can be withdrawn after a one day hold.
  • You can access 360 checkings, Confidence saving accounts, and essential checking savings in business days only.
  • You can deposit as Social Security or Direct Deposit at the electronic Deposit outside the bank. You can also get access to all the deposits you have made between Capital one 360 and Capital One Bank.Quickbooks Error

We have tried here telling you about all the aspects related to the Capital One 360 Access Code.

Basic Introduction of Quickbooks Online

In order to run a successful and sustainable business, you need the best accounting software to manage the financial task accurately. Time-saving and effective accounting software is required that offers ultimate accounting features to manage your financial data in a precise way. One of the best accounting software which is available in the market is Quickbooks. It offers an extensible accounting feature to manage your business with accuracy. This software is designed completely to manage all the accounting needs of the business including payroll. Inventory management, etc. there are various versions of Quickbooks are available that are Mac, Pro, Enterprise, Online, etc. so we will continue with the Quickbooks Online to know more about it. If you have QBO then you need to be aware of these functionalities and features to make better use of it.        Quickbooks Online       

Quickbooks Online- Introduction

With Quickbooks Online, you can manage the accounting details of your business from whenever and wherever you want. This accounting software can be used be Bookkeepers, Small accounting firms, freelancers, etc. to manage their financial transactions. It was introduced in 2004 and if you are looking for a reliable tool then Quickbooks Online can be the best option. Based on the data it can also create reports for monitoring purposes. Hence the Online feature can be really helpful to grow your business from anywhere in the world.

Here are some features of Quickbooks Online:

  • User & Permission: Quickbooks Online is limited to 10 users only. Additional user licenses for Quickbooks Pro will cost $299. 
  • Usability:  The Quickbooks Online Accounting software is more user-friendly than the Quickbooks Pro version. The in-built help button will make it easier to better understand the tool. 
  • Mobile Apps: The Quickbooks Online version is accessible on mobile apps on both android and ios. you can easily access your data on mobile devices to manage all the transactions in a more convenient way.Quickbooks Error
  • Third-party Integration: you will find numerous useful third-party services and add-on products at QBO. this will help you to manage your already used business programs. 
  • Sales View: It will give you an overview of all the activities of the sales team along with shortcut features to create a new sale or invoice.
  • Dashboard: At Dashboard you will be able to track all the accounting information of your business with charts for bank accounts, invoices, expenses, etc. With the “See All activity” you will be able to audit all your financial data.Quickbooks
  • Expense Tracking: With the intuitive expense tracking feature you can make custom bank rules, include receipts and categorize expenses to manage the expense.
  • Project management: The project management feature the Quickbooks Online will allow you to manage and track the record of your team, tasks, and operations easily. With this, you can access the reports and analyze all the transactions.  

Perks Of Quickbooks Online:

  • The automation features make it more convenient to create and record the billing process. 
  • The accounting software can manage to send invoices and statements automatically to the customers. 
  • With more secure and effective payment gateways, you can also receive payment from Credit cards and ACH electronic medium too.
  • QB online can automatically fetch payments and purchase transactions. 
  • The automatic backup features make it the most convenient accounting software for the users. 

If you are new with Quickbooks Online then there are multiple sources available through which you can learn about how to use Quickbooks online Effectively. Some of the sources are listed below: 

  • QBO Blog
  • Intuit Academy
  • QCC(Quickbooks Connect Conference)
  • Quickbopedia

Hence if you are looking for complete accounting software then Quickbooks online can be the best choice. Online features are one of the reasons for its immense popularity. However, we have discussed above some basic features and functionalities of the Quickbooks online which is necessary if you are working or from an accounting firm. If you have any queries then you can contact the Quickbooks expert team for a consultation. 

Quickbooks Vs Quikens: Which is better

Which one is the best? Quickbooks or Quickens? Everyone who has been using this financial accounting software must have gone through this question once for sure. There can be numerous reasons for which one is better but the prime distinguishes factor between Quickbooks and Quickens software arise from one thing which is their purposes. Both of these software serves two different financial operations.quicken vs quickbooks

Quickens is primarily designed to manage personal finances along with some limited business financial operations while Quickbooks is specifically designed for business purposes along with all the accounting requirements in the business.

Apart from this, there can be found various differences between this software. So let’s move on to the comparison between Quickbooks and Quickens.

Fundamentals – Quickens VS Quickbooks:Quicken

  • Quickens Home and Business Features: The Quickens Home and Business Fundamentals are fully designed to manage all your personal expenses with spending tracking, budget goals, and loan management, etc. it has everything that you will need in personal accounting software. Along with better management, you will get functionality to categorize your expenses, Profit/Loss projections, Cash flow reports which will eventually help you to reduce the taxations.
  • Quickbooks Online Fundamentals: QB Online is specifically designed and introduced for business purposes so unlikely Quickens With few business features, at QBO you will get all the financial and business accounting features like track income, track expenses, print checks, send invoices, etc. the Quickbooks Online is available in three versions that are start, essential and plus. With each of them, you will get more and more features. 

Comparison:  Here Quicken is more preferable if you wish to use a single application to manage both personal and business accountings as Quickbooks is only designed to perform a primary function while Quickens offers to track personal and business finances as well.  


  • Quicken is more affordable then Quickbooks as you will be charged $99.99 annually for Quickens Home and Business software. This can be one of the main reasons why we are discussing here Quicken VS Quickbooks. 
  • While the Cheapest Quickbooks Online simple start will cost you around $20 a month or around $240 a year. Even after considering the 50% discount, it will cost around $210 per year. However, the features and the functionalities you will get with Quickbooks Online will worth the price. You will have multiple advantages over quickens software which will worth the extra you will pay every year.

Comparison: Here both of the software have their own features and functionalities which are indulged in the price hence its a tie. 

Accounting FeaturesQiuickbooks Error

  • If you have a small business and you are thinking about using Quickens then it might be not the right choice as its a personal financing tool and it doesn’t have the required features to manage a business. While if you have a rental business then you can use the Quickens software to manage terms like rental rates, lease terms, track of tenants, etc.
  • With Quickbooks Online you will get some additional features then Quickens which will offer you to automatically add transaction if they will meet certain criteria. Hence with Quickbooks online, you will be able to operate bank feed transactions management too. 

Comparison: With all the interesting and intuitive features that offers to make payments, send invoices, create receipts Quickbooks Online is more preferable here


  • With the Quicken software, the internet connectivity for the device in which is installed in necessary and due to network connectivity issue there is always sync error issue. Hence user can only access the application from the computer or mobile it has been installed. 
  • The navigation and usability of Quickbooks are more convenient then quickens as it is specifically designed for business. If you need accounting software for your business purpose then Quickbooks online offers you premium accounting features without any personal interruptions. 

Comparison: Based on the accessibility factor, Quickbooks is a more preferable choice however people also choose Quickens who need fewer accessibility features for security reasons. 

Hence based on this we can say there is no way to declare whether accounting software is better as both serve two different purposes and it will vary based on the preference and usage of the user. Some might find Quickens better while Quickbooks can be a better option for some. So I hope you have a clear vision of both the software and about which is a better choice for you. 

Resolve Company File and Network Errors using Quickbooks File Doctor

Quickbooks File Doctor is one of the Authorised tools of Quickbooks to diagnose and troubleshoot any kind of issue. From the Quickbooks 2016 version, this tool is integrated with the Quickbooks software to check and resolve any errors in the company file. You can make use of Quickbooks File Doctor if you getting any error while opening a specific file in Quickbooks or you have faced any kind of data damage. 

If you are trying to open a Quickbooks company File and getting an error from the 6000 series then you can make use of the Quickbooks file doctor to repair the damaged data before it becomes unrecoverable. Along with repairing the data damage on the QuickBooks this tool also helps to resolve the network issues based on the report of file doctor.Quicbooks file Doctor

Issues that can be resolved using QB File Doctor:

  • If you are getting any Quickbooks error messages: Quickbooks Error -6000 -82, Error 6150, Quickbooks error -6000 -305, Quickbooks error -6130, etc then you can use the QB file Doctor. 
  • If your data is damaged and you are not able to find your customer list, vendor list, or employee list.
  • Getting network connectivity issues while logging in into Quickbooks Online software.
  • Damaged company files which are failed to open. 

If you are getting any kind of issue with your QuickBooks software then you need to download and install the Quickbooks file doctor. Once the installation will be completed it will automatically detect the issue and fix it. 

Things to remember before using Quickbooks File Doctor:

  • Make sure to uninstall the existing version if you are trying to install the latest version.
  • The version of Quickbooks released after 2015 have the Quickbooks File doctor inbuilt. So if you are still getting errors then you are advised to use the external software.
  • QBO file Doctor is best suited to resolve QB error 6000 and damaged files that are preventing you from opening files. In case the Quickbooks File doctor is not able to repair the damage files then you can contact the expert team to fix the issue and to better understand the usability, Limitations, and requirements of the in-built tool.

Quickbooks File Doctor Compatibility 

  • QB File doctor was an external tool until the Quickbooks Desktop 2016 version was introduced. Since Quickbooks 2016 version it is an In-built tool of QuickBooks. 
  • This in-built Quickbooks tool is not compatible with Mac versions of Quickbooks. 

Different Quickbooks File Doctor Tools:

  • The built-in QB file tool doctor tool since the Quickbooks 2016 version is introduced.
  • The stand-alone version which is basically used for hosting purposes using the Quickbooks database server manager component from the server itself.

How to use Quickbooks File Doctor?

  1. Firstly you will be required to download the QBFD and then install it by opening the “qbfd.exe file”.
  2. Once the installation will be completed the QBFD will open automatically. If it doesn’t open the go to the start menu and find the icon to open it manually.Quickbooks Errors
  3. Now look for the damaged file by searching the name of the company file from the drop-down list or you can browse manually.Quickbooks
  4. Select the file and checkmark the “Check file damage only‘ and click on the “diagnose file”.Quickbooks Error
    1. If your company file is damaged or you are getting the 6xxx error such as -6000 -305, -6000 -82, etc. then you will have to select the check company file or network option. 
    2. If you have QB on a multi-user option then you might have received H202, H505, and H303 error. In this case, you need to select a check your Network option. 
  5. Now you will be asked to enter your credentials to repair the file. You can also update your file if you have Quickbooks 2011 or older. 
    1. However, it is recommended not to update until your file is repaired. Once you have the repaired file then you can update your QuickBooks file version. 
  6. Now, wait until the repairing process is completed.
  7. Once the file will be repaired completely then it will ask you to open the repaired file from the tool itself. While if you are using Quickbooks on multi-user mode then it asks for the software version.Quickbooks File Doctor

What to do After Diagnosis Completes?

  1. Once the diagnosis process is done close the QB file doctor tool.
  2. Verify all the issues that have been reflected on the screen. 

Limitations of QBFD Tool: 

  • The size of the QBO Company file is less than 2GB.
  • High-speed internet connectivity is required to upload the company file.
  • You will be required to log in as the administrator.
  • If you have multiple versions of Quickbooks installed in a single computer then the Network diagnosis and the file repair function might not work accurately.
  • If you have the Quickbooks file hosting component(Database Server manager) then the QBFD tool might not work with your computer properly.

About Quickbooks File-Doctor

The QBFD tool is an file-repair and network diagnosis tools which is available in the US, CA and UK version of Quickbooks. This tool is not required to install the Quickbooks in your computer. It is available in the Quickbooks 2016 and later versions and it supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Server 2003-2012.

Login Issues in Quickbooks Online(QBO)

If you have been using Quickbooks Online then you might have encountered various issues while logging in Quickbooks Online and there can be various reasons for that. You might face this issue due to various reasons which can be an issue with your computer, network-connectivity issue or it can be the browser you might have been using while signing in the Quickbooks Online.Quickbooks Online

If you are sure that all these things that I have mentioned above are working fine then it can be some security changes that are introduced by Intuit which can be the reason you are not able to log in into Quickbooks Online. Here you will be required to update your Account with Advanced Intuit Security enhancements to regain access. 

Following Reasons Causes QBO Login Issues:

  • The last QBO Login session might be not logged off completely.
  • Someone is logged in with the same credentials and different browsers or computers.
  • Firewalls or Antivirus maybe not allowing the login process. 

 In this kind of Situation, an error message will be displayed on the screen saying[ Error 404:file not found, QBo is currently unavailable or WebPage Cannot be found ] and it will surely indicate that the issue is on your side and you can resolve it if you are comfortable with technical issues and their solution or you can call the Support team. They will get you the solution instantly. 

You can make use of these basic options to resolve this error because you contact the team of experts to know about any update or modification at the QBO Server. If there will be any update for QBO maintenance or Downtime for the site then you will be updated on your QBO Dashboard. But most of the users tend to ignore it. 

Ways to Fix Quickbooks Online Login issues:

  1. Try to log in from a different browser than chrome. You can use either the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox but Intuit Recommends Chrome because of its fast and secure browsing. 
  2. Try signing in using the Incognito tab in chrome.
  3. Clear caches and browser history and try signing in again. 
  4. Create a new or different user in the chrome and sign in into QBO.
  5. Turn off your both computer and wireless network and wait for at least 30 seconds and then restart it again and wait until the lights of the Wireless router is stable. 
  6. Start your computer and try logging into your Quickbooks Online. 

If you have tried these basic steps and still getting the loading message then you can try these advanced troubleshooting fixes to resolve Quickbooks error.

Advanced troubleshooting tips to fix QBO Login Issues:

Step 1: Configure SSL Setting of Browsers

“For Internet Explorer”

  • Open the “Run” tab from the start menu and enter “inetcpl.cpl” and click Ok.Quickbooks Error
  • Look for the advanced tab and scroll down to the security option. 
  • Mark the checkbox of SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 on and select the OK.quickbooks online login
  • Now open the in your browser and try signing in. 

“For Mozilla Firefox“

  • Open the browser and go to the tools.
  • Now select the advanced icon.
  • Check whether the TSL 1.0 and SSL 3.0 are checked on.
  • Now restart your browser and try signing in again at

Step 2: Make Some additional privacy Changes 

  • High privacy settings can act as a blockage to various links so it is recommended to keep your privacy settings between medium or lower. 
  • Set all the cookies and access manually.
  • Close all the browsers and try signing in again. 

“Settings for Internet Explorer”

  • Open the Run tab using the “Windows+R” button and type “Inetcpl.cpl” and click ok.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and go to the security option. 
  • Uncheck the box of Do not save Encrypted pages and click ok.Quickbooks

If you are not able to diagnose the Quickbooks Online Login issues then you can try contacting the team of experts. They will resolve your error with the best possible solutions.