Quickbooks 2020 Desktop: What’s new?

Quickbooks has announced the Quickbooks 2020 desktop version that comes with multiple advanced features and functionalities. we have described below all the advanced features and functionalities that will help you to better understand it. if you have recently started using the Quickbooks software then you can learn how to use Quickbooks to make the best use of it.

the new advanced versions come with various new features that will help you to grow your business and can enhance and improve your business performance eventually. users will get payment reminders from the Quickbooks software which makes it more convenient. however, there were some great features in the Quickbooks 2019 version like bug fixing, fulling customer demand, etc. but the Quickbooks 2020 desktop version comes with great features that will solve all the accounting issues of the business.QuickBooks 2020

Quickbooks 2020 Desktop Features

Here is the list of Quickbooks 2020 Desktop features. This list of features will be the same in all the Quickbooks 2020 desktop version that includes Pro, premier, and accountant.QuickBooks Desktop 2020

  • Adds Customer PO: With the latest version of Quickbooks 2020, now the user will not be required to add the Customer PO to invoice emails manually.  the new feature will automatically Add Customer PO to Invoice Emails and also allow them to modify the email template to add the Customer PO Number.
  • Combining Emails: The latest Quickbooks Version will combine all the emails from the same customer in a single mail. it will help you to track all the invoices of the customer accurately.
  • Remind Payment: With the new Quickbooks 2020 Desktop, you can manage the scheduling, reviewing and payment reminders operations to the customers can be operated easily. it will automatically send reminders to your customers.
  • Password reset: You can easily reset your admin password by simply selecting an email from the drop-down list. you will receive a token value that you will have to submit in order to reset your password. hence you won’t need to provide a list of information to prove your identity anymore.
  • Assistance/Help: This latest feature in the Quickbooks 2020 desktop version will enhance your user experience with the software. this will help you to the user the Quickbooks software easily by improving the search experience.
  • Payroll Status: Now the users will not be required to call again and again the Quickbooks team to know about the payroll status. the Qb user will get the payroll status directly.
  • Accessibility: The Quickbooks 2020 desktop versions have improvised its various features to improve user accessibility. the latest feature will enhance the user experience by providing a clear vision. while preparing bills, invoices, etc, it offers great accessibility.
  • Collapse Columns: While creating the report, the collapse columns feature will help to build the report in a more synchronized and it will help you to cover all the information easily.

Advanced Quickbooks Enterprise 20.0 Features

If you have been thinking about getting the Quickbooks 2020 Desktop then you should learn about these advanced Quickbooks Enterprise 20.0 solutions. these are the improvised Quickbooks Features.

  • Landed Price: this new option in the Quickbooks version will cover all the transportation costs including the duties, freight, insurance, etc. the cost of the amount starting from the production to the shipping will be added in the form of landed price. it will help you to get the worth of your service.
  • Express Pick-Pack: This feature has been introducing to enhance delivery operations. with this feature, it will be easier to manage all the picking and packing related operations accurately. hence it will help to complete the process.
  • Alternate Vendor: This feature in the Quickbook Enterprise version will help you to select the best vendor will buying anything. it will suggest you the best vendor from the list.Quickbooks Error

Hence these were some of the advanced features of Quickbooks 2020 Desktop. if you got any kind of doubts about issues then you can connect with the Quickbooks Expert team.

Complete Guide to Use Quickbooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks is one of the finest-accounting software with some great features that offer to manage your business efficiently. this accounting software helps you to keep your business in a systematic manner. Doesn’t matter what your business is but in order to run it for long you have to keep all this in an ordered way. hence, to make it more convenient for managing your accounting needs you can use the Quickbooks Software. this accounting software comes with various interesting features and functionalities that will help you to keep track of your daily sales, expenses, and transactions. With this accounting software, you can create invoices, sends reports to your customers, and can handle all your transactions accurately.  Below we have defined how to use Quickbooks Accounting software in the most efficient way so you can make the most out of it.Quickbooks Error

Ways to Use Quickbooks

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to use the Quickbooks Software.

  • Installation

In Order to use the Quickbooks software, you need to first download the Quickbooks software and then you are required to install in on the computer. while installing the Quickbooks software you need to specify the folder where you will install the software along with the type of installation. If you want to share the Quickbooks software over the network then use the network sharing option while if you want to use it on a single computer then click on “I’ll be using Quickbooks On This Computer” option.

  • Financial Papers

Once you are done with the installation process now you are required to collect all the financial documents and files of your business in order to set up your account. you will be required to collect all the files and folders of your company to create the Quickbooks Company files. these company files will help you to manage your account accurately.

  • A New Company File

After collection, all the required documents now open the Quickbooks Desktop program on your computer by double-clicking on the QB icon. If you are new with the Quickbooks software then you can use the EasyStep Interview Wizard option to setup up the company file in few steps.

  • Vendor Account Management

In order to add a new employee click on the “new Employee” option. you will get all these options in the employee center tab. manage all your vendor operations by clicking on the transactions tab for managing all your financial transactions. you can also use the enter time option here.

  •  Customer Account Management

this feature will help you to manage all the information of your customers accurately. simply click on the customer center option and here you will find various options that will help you to manage all the information about your customers. you can add/ remove customer and can manage all the transactions like payments, invoices, etc.

  • Reports GenerationQuickbooks solution

These features will enable you to create customized reports of your business. these reports will help you to understand the growth of your business and will help you to take action in order to enhance the productivity and performance of your business.

If you have been thinking about getting the Quickbooks software then you can follow these steps to set up your business on the Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 effectively.

Features Of Quickbooks Accounting SoftwareHow to use QUickbooks

Quickbooks Accounting software comes with a list of various features that makes it the most convenient accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. it offers you to manage your transactions in the most effective way that will help you to track your sales and income. with the invoices features you can keep the track of all the transactions easily. along with the expense and bill feature that will help you in managing the cash flow of the business. with this feature, you can connect your bank accounts with the Quickbooks software to keep a track of all the activities.

The payroll feature enables you to manage your employee’s salaries, wages, and taxes accurately by keeping all the information up-to-date. This Quickbooks Feature enables you to track the position of your business and help you to take strict actions to improve your services. the inventory features help you to track the available stock in your inventory along with all the details about the shipping and packaging services. Quickbooks accounting software accepts online payment methods which makes it convenient for your customers.

hence these were some of the advanced Quickbooks Features that might help you to pick the best accounting software for your business. if you have got any issue while installing or setting up the Quickbooks software then you can follow the steps mentioned above to set up your business on Quickbooks. if you have encountered any kind of error while using the Quickbooks software then you can get assistance from the experts.

New Features in Quickbooks Enterprise 2019

Quickbooks is the best accounting software to manage small and medium-sized businesses perfectly. In the latest release of Quickbooks Enterprise 2019, Intuit has released some new features that will make it a more convenient software. these new features will surely entice your user experience. we have briefed about some of the features below.Quickbooks Enterprise 2019

Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 Overview

  • Multi-User Acess up to 30

with the Quickbooks Enterprise 2019, you will be able to connect more than 30 workstations at one time. with this you can host all the workstation having all the control. with this new feature, you don’t have to give up all the access to your workstation.

  • Powerful Capacity

With the unbelievable capacity, this Quickbooks Version is far better from the other versions. you can add multiple vendors and customers in this version of Quickbooks. this helps you to manage your business in a more convenient way. you can add the list of all your vendors and customers with the Quickbooks Enterprise 2019.

  • Multi-Functional Programming

This Quickbooks version comes with various multiple features and functionalities that will offer you to keep the complete track of your inventory along with sending and receiving payments and filling tax. you can also run the reports by selecting the file. this multi-functional accounting tool will make your life stress free.

  • Industry-Based Versions

This Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 comes with various versions depending upon your industry you are going to use in it. Depending upon the industry you will get different versions for wholesale business, contractor, retail, manufacturer, etc. based on the version you will get to customize the feature according to your needs. you can manually create the reports that can help you to grow your business.

  • Inventory Features and Functionalities

With the advanced inventory features in the Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 version, you can easily manage your customer demands by simply clicking on pick and ship options. these features will be available on your inventory dashboard. this Quickbooks version will be the best way to manage your inventory.

  • Usability

The Quickbooks Enterprise version allows you to host your data on the server. it will stay safe and secure and you can gain access from wherever you want. you can use any device you want to log in into the Quickbooks Enterprise version.

  • Reporting

This Quickbooks Feature will enable you to customize the Quickbook report in the Quickbooks software itself. Hence, you won’t be required to download the reports and opens up in Excel to modify the report. now you can customize the report based on your industry with the specific templates.

Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 Latest Features listQuickbooks Error

After installing the Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 version you will get to know about the following new features in the latest release of the Quickbooks.

  • Advanced Picking and Shipping

With this Quickbooks Feature, it will be more convenient for you to manage your sales orders. you can track all the progress of your orders from your dashboard. you can control the whole picking, packing, and shipping process at your desktop and it will surely enhance your services.

  • All-New Cycle Count Feature

This latest feature of the Quickbooks enterprise 2019 version will help you to keep a track of your inventory about your stocks. you can manage stocks of multiple warehouses with these features without any physical presence over there. hence, this feature will help you to enhance your Import/export efficiency.

  • Payroll Permission

The Payroll Permission manage will allow you to set some restrictions that will eventually help in managing your payroll activities more efficiently. you can set permissions to the accounts of every user that will help you to control the unwanted access to the accounts.

  • Pricing Feature

Here you will just need to set rules with the customized pricing features. you can also select the automated pricing option. once you will set the rules this Quickbooks version will handle all the transactions efficiently.

  • Invoice Status Tracker

this feature will surely enhance your cash-flow in the business. the invoice status tracker will real-time tracking of all your invoices that will help in Quicker payments. you will be able to locate the status of all your transaction in one place.

Pricing of Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 

this Quickbooks version is Quite in a budget for most of the organizations and MNC’s. here are the pricing details of the Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 version.Quickbooks Solution

Single User

  • Silver Enterprise: $990 per year
  • Gold Enterprise: $1287 Per Year
  • Platinum Enterprise: $1584 Per Year


  • Silver Enterprise: $4158 per year
  • Gold Enterprise: $4356 Per Year
  • Platinum Enterprise: $4554 Per Year

If you are looking for this Quickbooks Version and have any doubts in your mind then you can go the Quickbooks Experts. if you are confused between Quickbooks online and Desktop then they will help you to better understand it.

Differentiate Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop

While choosing the appropriate software for your business if you are getting dicey between Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop then this article will help you in picking up the best Accounting software that can meet the financial needs of your business. you will get to learn about on what basis you can choose the Quickbooks Software.QuickBooks Online VS QuickBooks Desktop

in order to pick the best accounting software for your business, you need to be clear about your requirements from the software. you need to have a proper plan about how you are going to manage your business for a long time. hence in order to make it understand better, both the versions have been compared based on their usability, suitability, features, flexibility, etc.

Quickbooks Online 

Quickbooks Online is one of the smartest accounting solutions that offer to manage your business online. Its features include automation in sending invoices, invoice management, expense tracking, and many more. you can access the Quickbooks online software from your Mac, personal computer, tablet, mobile phones, etc. along with all these features it offers access to over 300 cloud apps. you can also use the Quickbooks printing feature to get the print-out of your bills and expenses. you can also get assistance to fix printing problems in quickbooks.

Quickbooks Desktop

A business that is dealing with selling and buying products, Quickbooks Desktop is one of the best accounting solutions for it. It can handle all the operations to handle the business properly that includes track expense, Invoice, sales, tax reports, etc. Quickbooks Desktop can be used without having access to the internet and it can be used by one person at a time. hence Quickbooks Desktop version can be accessed only on the computer it has been installed.

However, In order to pick the best accounting software that can match the business standards you need to have a look at the differences between them.

Difference between Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks DesktopQuickBooks Online VS Desktop Pro

these differences will help you to understand which accounting software is better between QUickbooks Online vs Quickbooks desktop for your business financial planning.

  • Payment: The Quickbooks Online versions come with a monthly subscription while if you opt for the Quickbooks Desktop version then you will be required to pay a one-time fee while installing the software. hence if you don’t get a budget problem then you can get the Quickbooks Online version which will offer to manage your business online while you can go for Quickbooks Desktop if you don’t want to pay this much.
  • Usability: The Quickbooks online version can be used from anywhere and whenever you want. they only thing you will be required to access the Quickbooks Online version is the internet connection. While in the case of Quickbooks Desktop, you don’t even need the internet connection. you can use it wherever you want.  you just need a charged laptop to access the Quickbooks Software.
  • Automation: With the Quickbooks desktop versions you will be required to manage all the operations manually while in the Quickbooks online bank transactions, Email Reports, etc can be downloaded automatically. hence Quickbooks Online offers you to manage your business with more ease than the desktop version. you will get the lists downloaded automatically and can access it from wherever you want.
  • User Accessibility: the Quickbooks Desktop version can be accessed from the users on the computer it has been installed while the Quickbooks Online version can be accessed from wherever the user wants. however, it requires an active internet connection and login credentials to access the online version while you can still access the Quickbooks Desktop version without even a stable internet connection.
  • Multi-User Feature: the Quickbooks Desktop version can be accessed by one user at a specific time while the Quickbooks Online version can be accessed up to 25 users simultaneously. the Quickbooks Online version can be accessed over the internet through various devices at the same time. multiple users can gain access at the same time at Quickbooks Online.
  • Customized Features: The Quickbooks Desktop version offers customized features according to how you need them. you can track budget, expense and track budget at the Quickbooks Desktop version while you don’t get much customization at the Quickbooks Online.Quickbooks Error

hence these were some of the differences based on which you can pick your financial tool for your business. make sure to keep all the features in your mind of the Quickbooks Desktop vs Quickbooks Online while selecting your accounting software.