Advantages of Intuit Field Service in Quickbooks Enterprise

The intuit community is providing various solutions to ensure user-friendly and efficient services to manage your business. The Intuit Field Service Management software is one the best that keeps your back-office, service, and Quickbooks Connected. eventually, these features will increase the productivity of your business by managing all the jobs perfectly.Intuit Field Service Management

This tool is designed specifically to keep your focus on your payments and transactions like costs, sales, cash flow, personals, customers, etc. it will eventually make it easier to handle your business with fewer responsibilities by synching your fieldwork and financial work together in a perfect manner. you can also activate the Quickbooks direct deposit feature to transfer payment or wages to your workers account directly.

Quickbooks Intuit Field Service Management Benefits

this tool comes with various benefits that can help you to keep track of your progress in the business. you will receive a report on the development and progress in your business that will include the following things.

  • Invoicing
  • Progress status updates.
  • Job Management.

However, these are not the only benefits of the Intuit Field Service management. Here is the list of updates you will receive with this tool.Intuit Field Service Management

Schedule Shuffling

This amazing tool comes with various features that provide some valuable information about the employees working out there. you will be able to track the work order, location, and status of each of the technicians. hence if there any issue or an employee got late then you can simply drag and drop the work order to assign the task to a new worker. it will be really easier with this tool.

Report of Business Progress

The Intuit Field Service management tool will provide you with a report of all the technician who is working for you with all of their details about their arrival time, working hours, travel time, etc. with this data you will be able to track the efficiently of your employees. you can simply edit the information of your employees and can make changes in their job details.

Improvised Fix Rate

this will mean a lot for your organization as it will save your time, money, and reputation as well. the Intuit Service management software allows the technician to have the history of the equipment before leaving for the field. the software will keep all the information about your customers and the equipment which will help the technician to improve the fixing rate.

Manage Wireless Orders 

With the integration of Quickbooks software with the Intuit field service management software, you will be able to make orders online to your employees. you can access the Quickbooks field service management tool into your iPhones or Android devices and use this information. you will have all the data about the technician schedules, orders, status, etc. and you can easily reschedule the task easily. it will help you to make smart and quick decisions.

  GPS Tracker

this feature of the intuit field service management tool will help you to save the traveling time to increase the productivity of your services. with the google tracker feature, you will be able to locate your customer and your technician. hence, you can make shuffling of order to the technology that can reach more sooner.

Quickbooks Integration Benefits

Merchant Services

The merchant service is the best way to save your time to process your payments in your business. you can integrate the Quickbooks Intuit field service management tool with the Quickbooks merchant services to operate all the transactions of your business. it will eventually help you in saving your time and money. Quickbooks Error

whenever you will make a payment with the Quickbooks merchant services, the payment will be automatically updated in the Quickbooks with an invoice.

Advanced Inventory

Quickbooks Enterprise Feature, the advanced inventory management will offer you to keep the track of your warehouses and your trucks. it will manage all the operation of the truck inventory to keep a complete track of the items in your inventory. it will automatically add and remove the items in your inventory based on the invoices.Quickbooks Error

Hence these were some of the advantages of pairing your Quickbooks software with the intuit field service management software. We have explained above the features and benefits of the intuit field service management tool. you can enjoy several benefits of it by syncing your financial and filed work data together. it will provide you more time to work efficiently to increase productivity.

While activating the Intuit field service management software if you have got any kind of Quickbooks Error then you can contact the Quickbooks Expert team.

Follow the steps to Activate Quickbooks Direct Deposit

Quickbooks is one of the best accounting software that is being used by various businesses around the globe. it comes with great features and functionalities that offer to keep the perfect track of your financial transactions and your accounting issues. Along with this Quickbooks Provides various tools that help you to send and receive payments in a more convenient way. quickbooks direct deposit is one of the features that allow you to pay to your employees directly without any check or receipts.  this will make it easier and convenient for you and the employees. here you will get the information to activate and use the Quickbooks Direct deposit feature of Quickbooks. QUickbooks Direct Deposit

Activations and Usage of Quickbooks Direct Deposit

After the activation of the Quickbooks Direct deposit feature into your Quickbooks Desktop payroll company, you can even edit, remove, or make changes in the settings. This is for the employees who want to receive their salary through the direct deposit. They will need to submit a void check from their bank along with a Direct deposit authorization form to apply for this service. However, you won’t be needed to submit these to the Quickbooks. you just have to keep them.

Steps to configure employee account in Quickbooks Direct DepositQuickbooks Direct Deposit Authorization

If you want to apply for the Quickbooks Direct deposit in your company then you will be required to follow these steps. Make sure to have a blank check from your bank along with all the required documents to apply for this service.

  • Open the Quickbooks software from the desktop icon and then go to the employees.
  • Now click on the employee center option to open the list of all the employees.
  • locate the employee’s name and double-click on it.
  • from the options click on the payroll info tab.
  • Now, just simply click on the direct deposit option from the window.
  • A new window will open where you have to click on Use Direct Deposit for [Name].
  • Now you will be required to select the accounts to receive the payments. you can add two or more accounts.
  • After this, you will be required to enter the information of the employee’s bank details that include, bank name, Account No., and Account Type.
  • And if you have added two accounts to receive the payments then you will be required to mention the amount you want to receive in your first account in the Use Direct Deposit window. you will receive the rest amount in your second account.
  • Now just click on Ok to apply the changes.

After following these steps, the next paycheck will be deposited directly into your employee’s account. While if you have created a paycheck but haven’t sent it yet then you can delete that paycheck and recreate it after following the above steps to directly deposit it. while creating the paycheck, simply mark the use of direct deposit for Quickbooks and enter all the information required to make the direct deposit.

Steps to Modify Employees Details in Direct DepositQuickbooks Error

If there is an update in the employee’s financial information then you have to update if before creating the paychecks. because the paychecks created without updating the information will go to the old account. hence you need to update the information before creating the paychecks for your employees. you can simply delete and recreate the paychecks form with the vital information. follow these steps to edit the information.

  • Click on the Quickbooks Icon on the desktop to open the software.
  • now click on the Paychecks tab to open the paychecks detail window.
  • After this open the paycheck detail and unmark the use Direct deposit option and click on save and close.
  • After this, open that paycheck and then select the use of the direct deposit option.
  • Now enter all the financial information of the employees and then click on Ok.

after this, you can create the paycheck and they will be deposited directly into the update bank account.

Steps to Remove an Employee from Direct Deposit

In the case, when you want to remove an employee from the direct deposit feature then you need to follow the given steps. You can simply remove them by following the setup process.

  • Go to the Quickbooks and click on Employees.
  • Now go the Employees center and then double-click on employees’ name you want to remove from direct deposit.
  • After this, open the payroll info tab and open the direct deposit window by clicking on it.
  • unmark the Use Direct deposit for employees’ name and then click on Ok to apply the changes.

If you want to pay any of your employees with the regular paycheck and now with the direct deposit then you can just simply change it to regular paycheck from the settings. So if you want to use the direct deposit Quickbooks then you can follow the steps to set up and activate it. you can also use the Quickbooks Gopayment feature to create a secure payment gateway.

However, if you need any kind of assistance regarding any kind of Quickbooks Error then you can contact the Quickbooks Expert team.

Steps to Configure GoPayment With Quickbooks POS

The Quickbooks POS versions offer features for retailers to make a secure payment gateway so that they won’t have any problem with it. GoPayment is one of the services by Intuit to provide a convenient medium of payment for the users. for a better understanding of its features and Usage, we have listed below the properties and its usage.quickbooks gopayment

A Brief Introduction of GoPayment

The Gopayment With Quickbooks Point of sale service by Intuit allows you to make payments with your credit or debit cards using your mobile phone. You can simply plug the card reader into your mobile and then swipe your card to make the payment. this means that you can hold your payment cards in your Ipad, iPhone, tablet, etc.

The Gopayment readers also known as the EMV Compliant offers a completely secure transaction with a chip or non-chip card.

however, you will be required to charge the card reader to make payment. the chip transaction will cost more power than the swiped transactions. You will receive a USB cable with the latest release to charge the card reader machine and with a single charge, you will be able to make at least 300 swiped and chip transactions. you will require a good Internet connection to make the transactions.

How to Make Payments on GoPayment with POS

quickbooks gopaymentthe Gopayment and the Quickbooks POS allowed for the stock-time tracking and mobile income. If you need to update the list then you will be required to use the GoPayment with the Quickbooks POS. select the list to sync with the GoPayment from the Quickbooks Point of Sale version to make it useful.

Things to Remember while using GoPayment

  • With the Quickbooks POS, you can use the Mobile sync functionality to make payments easier. it allows you to make a sale with the credit score card from inside or outside of the store.
  • you can receive payments in various forms with the GoPament like Coins, test, Swipe, card, etc.
  • However, you will not need this but Quickbooks POS will add a payment account of the Gopayment.
  • With the Quickbooks POS version, the processing fee will be very low when you do the swipe transactions.
  • Quickbooks GoPayment users will be the android and iPhone users.
  • You will have all the information with the Quickbooks Point of sales that is required for sales and listings.
  • If you will make current payments then they will be counted in the form of Quickbooks Point of sale.

Mobile Sync ConfigurationsQuickbooks Error

  • All the changes will be made automatically when the payments will be notified.
  • Click on the Mobile sync option.
  • if you wish then you can also sync the Quickbooks Point of sale program manually. just click on the cloud icon at the top. this will sync the application on your mobile. however, you won’t be able to sync the Quickbooks POS from your mobile.

Build Inventory Connection with GoPayment

  • Choose the item from the available list to promote form the Quickbooks POS program.
  • Now click on the Edit option and then click on Sync to the mobile checkbox to mark it.
  • Click on Save to apply the changes.

Manage the Mobile device

  • Go to the inventory tab and the click on department list in the Quickbooks Point of sale software.
  • Now open the department column and then click on Department label.
  • it will open the list of all the departments. you can edit the name of the departments if required.
  • now follow the mobile sync process to complete it.

Remove GoPayment from Quickbooks POS

  • Click on the Gopayment app in your device to open it.
  • now register yourself for the Quickbooks Payment account from the Quickbooks GoPayment app.
  • Click on the menu icon and then go to settings.
  • now click on the sync setting and select the items.

linking of Quickbooks GoPayment with POS

With the mobile sync feature in the Quickbook Point of sale version, you will able able to manage your inventory through your mobile phones and tablets. it offers to provide prominent solutions to manage your income and transactions. this feature to sync your mobile devices with the Quickbooks POS version is available in Quickbooks 12.0 and 18.0.  just like POS Quickbooks payroll comes in three variations: basic, assisted service, and enhanced. you can learn about the comparison of Quickbooks payroll basic, enhanced, and assisted service to know about which is better for you.

While using the Quickbooks GoPayment feature or while syncing your mobile device with the Quickbooks POS, if you have got any issue then you can contact the Quickbooks team.