Follow the Steps to generate Quickbooks Online Purchase Order

The Quickbooks comes with lots of features and tools that’s helps you to manage your business more efficiently than earlier. it is always beneficial to keep the record of your purchase order for future reference. they will help you to track the sales record of your business. the Quickbook Purchase order feature allows you to keep the records of all your purchases. this feature will provide all the information about the purchase that will include item, price, quantity, vendors, etc. Hence if you are running a business on your own then you should know about how to create a purchase order.

we have described below the steps on how you can create the purchase order in Quickbooks Online.

Follow to Create Quickbooks Purchase order

Quickbooks allows you to create the purchase order of the item in a very easy way. here we have discussed below the way through which you can create the purchase order and you can track them easily.

  • Create the Purchase Order: In order to create the purchase order, you have to go to the Quickbooks software and then click on Vendors and then by clicking on create a purchase order.Quickbooks Purchase order
  • Select Vendors from Drop-Down List: Now you will see the list of all the vendors in your computer system. you have to select the vendors for who you want to create the purchase order from the list.
  • Mention the Purchased Item: Now from the list of Classes, you have to classify the purchased item in the purchase order.
  • Ship to Address: however this is an optional step, but you can fill this in order to have accurate data. In the Ship to address the drop-down list, you will find the name of the vendors, employees, and customers in your system. you have to select one of them and the Quickbooks ship to address will automatically fill the information according to your selection.
  • Check Buying Date: make sure to check the purchase order buying date in the Quickbooks.
  • Purchase Order Number: the purchase order number will help in identifying the correct order. hence make sure to check that Quickbooks has entered the correct purchase order number. make changes if there is any kind of error.
  • Vendor and Ship to data: these blocks will provide all the information about the vendor.
  • Enter the Information accurately: You need to provide all the essential information about the items you have in the purchase order. you can use the following things about the item if you want to give detailed information about it.Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online
    • Item: you have to select the item from the list and need to describe it in the item file.
    • Description: This box can be used to provide information about the item you have selected. you can enter the data about the product or the item and it also allows you to edit the information whenever you want.
    • QTY: here you have to mention the Quantity of the item. you can select the Quantity in your purchased order in the QTY box.
    • Rate: The rate will be entered in this box. you can put rate per quantity or per unit depending upon the item you want to purchase.
    • Customer Column: this column is used to enter the information about the customer for whom this product is being purchased.
    • Amount: This column will tell you about the total amount you have to pay for all the purchases. this will be the sum of the purchase of all your items.
    • Print the Purchase Order: This command can be used to print the purchase order. In order to print the purchase order, you need to save it and then you have to go to the files>print forms> purchase order.
    • Save the Purchase Order: Click on save and close button to save the purchase order. you can also click on Save and new button. this will allow you to know about all the information of the item, vendors, customers, etc. on your purchase order. it will help you to understand the purchase details as well.Quickbooks Error

this way you can create the purchase order in Quickbooks. Quickbooks allows you to save and print the purchase order for future references. follow the above steps carefully to create and print the Quickbooks online purchase order.  with the help of Quickbooks expert, you can also learn about how to create a Quickbooks accountant copy. you may encounter some Quickbooks error while creating the Purchase order. if you get any then you can call the experts at Quickbooks.

Steps to Make a Quickbooks Accountant Copy

Quickbooks is designed to provide efficient accounting solution for your business. but many times the Quickbooks users have to share their financial data with any third-party or accountant to ensure the accuracy of the software. hence sometimes, you may require to make some changes in the file but all these processes take too much time from sharing to making any kind of required changes. In order to resolve this issue, the Quickbooks accountant copy feature has been introduced where you and your accountant can make any kind of amendments and changes in the current period and it will help to reduce the time as well.

Steps To Save Quickbooks Accountant CopyQuickBooks Accountant's Copy

In order to save the accountant copy, you need to follow these steps in order.

  • open the Quickbooks software by double-clicking on the icon and click on the file menu.
  • Now open the accountant copy and then click on client activities.
  • Click on Save the file and after that enter the dividing data and click on Next.
  • After that change the extension of the file.QBW and Save it.

Transfer the Quickbooks Accountant Copy

  • Repeat the initial steps again by going to the File menu and opening the client activities from the accountant copy option.
  • Now click on the send to Accountant option from the window.
  • Click on the Next when you get the confirmation window.
  • Now you will be needed to select the dividing date and then select next.
  • Enter the email address of the accountant and click Next.
  • In order to secure the transfer of the file put a password.
  • Now you can click on the send option.

make sure to send the password to your accountant so that he can access the file also.

Quickbooks Accountant Copy feature Limitations

Once you will create the Quickbooks accountant copy you may face some limitations with accounts, transactions, etc. these things will create issues while you will be working and will cause a clash with the accountant too. 

Transactions: the users will be able to operate the task only after the dividing date.


  • The user will not be able to add any new sub-account to an existing or previous account.
  • user can edit, merge, or delete the existing accounts.
  • If the user has the new account, that user can delete or edit the account only if the accountant has its copy.


  • Users can make changes to the list items like edit, sort, etc.
  • the user will not be allowed to remove or delete the list items.


  • if the accountant of your business will have a copy of your account then you can perform the reconciling process.
  • the reconciled transactions after the dividing date will be permanent and cannot be deleted.
  • if the user want to avoid any kind of error while the reconciliation process then the user can disable the dividing date while the changes from the accountant’s ends are taking place.
  • if the accountant will make any changes in the reconciliation then the values reconciled by you will also change.

Methods of Importing Quickbooks Accountant Changes

Method- 1 From the WEB

  • Go to the Quickbooks software by double-clicking on the Icon and click on the File menu.
  • now click on the “open/restore company” and then select the “Open the company file” option.
  • after that click on Next.
  • Now you have to locate the company file you want to open.
  • Click on the Open option and enter the credentials.
  • Now click on the accountant’s copy from the file menu.
  • after this select the “Import accountant changes from web” option.
  • for enterprise and premier versions, you need to go to the client activities in the file menu.
  • here you have to click on the “import accountants changes from web”.
  • now download the latest Quickbooks Accountant copy.

Method- 2 From the File

  • Open the Quickbooks software and go to the File menu.
  • Now click on the restore/ open company option from the list and then click on “open the company file” option.
  • click on next after clicking the option.
  • Now browse through all the files and select the company file you want to open.
  • open the file by entering the credentials.
  • now go to the File menu and click on Accountant copy.
  • here you have to select “Import accountant changes from file option”.
  • If you have Quickbooks premier and enterprise software then you need to go to the client activities in the file menu.
  • Click on “Import accountants changes from file” and then click on next.
  • you will get the updated Quickbooks accountants to change the copy.Import Quickbooks Accountant's Changes

You can open this file after renaming the extension to .qby.

How to remove the Accountant’s copy restrictions?

you might get various instances where you will feel to remove the Quickbooks accountant copy restrictions. but once you will remove it then you won’t be able to import the changes anymore. hence consult with your accountant before disabling the restrictions. below are the steps to disable it.

  • Open Quickbooks and go to Accountants copy from the file menu.
  • Click on the remove restriction checkbox and then click Ok to save the changes.Quickbooks error

this way you can import the Quickbooks accountant changes and can save the Quickbooks accountants copy. You can also use the Quickbooks general ledger to keep a track of all the transactions. while performing this if you have encountered any kind of issue then you can get assistance from the experts at Quickbooks.

Steps to use the Quickbooks General ledger Feature

Quickbooks is designed to manage all the accounting issue of your business. Intuit offers multiple features and services that keep all the financial data accurately. Quickbooks General ledger is one of the services of Quickbooks that provides you all the information regarding your transactions and financial operation in your business. Since from the beginning to the present, Here you will get all your transactions. hence for small and medium-sized businesses, this is one of the primary services of Quickbooks that helps them to track the progress of their business. Hence it will help you to stay ahead from your competitors.Quickbooks general ledger

Working of Quickbooks General ledger

here we will understand how Quickbooks General ledger Works.

  • In order to check the invoices and debits in your account, you have to make sure to update the entries every day. All these transaction data will be updated at the general ledger. whenever you will make a transaction, Like if you make a check for the rent then it will be updated in two accounts. it will be credited in your business bank account and debited from the rent expense account.
  • A double-entry accounting method is being used in the Quickbooks general ledger. the single-entry method is still correct. however, the double-entry accounting method is more preferable only if you are an entrepreneur.
  • One more thing that In Quickbooks, not all the transactions will go to the ledger every time. there are some non-posting transactions in Quickbooks online that will not go to the Quickbooks General ledger list.

The need for Quickbooks General ledgerGeneral Ledger in QuickBooks Online

  • Checks the Accuracy: Quickbooks General ledger is one of the effective tools that help to track all your spending in order to understand the cash flow of your business. this tool will help you in checking the accuracy of your accounting software and will provide you all the required information to verify that the data is updated properly. It will generate a report to make sure that all the data has been updated.
  • Expenditure Tracking: Make a habit of always tracking your financial expenditure weekly or monthly depending upon your business level. the Quickbooks General ledger will help you to check that all the required entries are updated. Hence you can check that the entries are made into their specific accounts and not into any other accounts.
  • Track Company’s Transaction: Transaction that is made from the business account for personal deposit funds or any business transaction using the personal account can be easily tracked using the Quickbooks General Ledger. some tools might get confused between personal and business expenses, While the general ledger provides easy to understand interface to differentiate both of them.

Quickbooks General ledger Templates types

You can use the Following templates of Quickbooks General ledger

  • Double-Entry Bookkeeping
  • Office Template Online
  • At your Business
  • Excel Templates

Above mentioned Quickbooks general ledger templates are useful in their way. However, you can use the Quickbooks Excel templates as it provides quick transition whenever you try to move to another software.

Steps to Understand Quickbooks General Ledger

if you are getting the Bookkeeping services done from outsourcing or you are doing it on your own, it is always recommended to know about these things about Quickbooks general ledger. the posted transactions in Quickbooks General ledger are those which make any kind of effect on your business value. Hence, you should know about these things in order to better understand the General ledger.


  • Assets: this includes, Cash, payments, things, equipment, etc.
  • liabilities: Loans, Accounts payable kind of things.
  • Stockholder equity: Common Stocks
  • Operating Revenue: Income Generated from the sales.
  • Operating Expenses: rent, employee salary, etc.
  •  Non-Operating gains and Revenue: Investments
  • Non-Operating Expense and Losses: Interest Expense

You can find the stockholder equity, assets, and liabilities on the very first page. the permanent accounts of the balance sheet will not closed until the end of the year. and the rest accounts determine the profit/loss statement in the balance sheet.Quickbooks Error

Hence it advisable to regularly check your account in order to avoid any kind of error. make a habit to evaluate and verify the Quickbooks general Ledger sheet to review the progress and cash flow in the business. we have explained above the classification and the need for Quickbooks General Ledger in your business. it is highly recommended for a small and medium-sized business to use the Quickbooks General ledger tool to ensure the booking accuracy and Financial Stability.

if you have been trying to use the Quickbooks ledger and the Quickbooks is unable to verify financial institution then it may be because of some server error. you can troubleshoot this error manually with the help of Quickbooks expert.

However, If you have got any kind of issue while using the Quickbooks General ledger or want to know about anything with the Quickbooks software then you can contact the Expert.