How to Fix Quickbooks Unable to Send Email To Outlook Error

Quickbooks is one of the convenient accounting software that avail users to manage all the operations or task of their business. Emailing is one of the prime features of the Quickbooks software that allows users to send emails directly from the Quickbooks Account. the Outlook email integration in Quickbooks is one of the significant features. If you are using the integration of Outlook in Quickbooks to send emails to your customer and vendors then it can save you a lot of time. along with all these benefits, the copy of the invoice or the mail you will send through the Quickbooks outlook feature will be saved for future references. however, sometimes you might face issues while sending mails through the outlook features. In this article. we have mentioned the steps to fix the Quickbooks is unable to send emails to outlook error.QuickBooks is Unable to Send Emails to Outlook

Avoid the traditional method to first print, scan, and then add the attachments to send the mail. Use the integrated features of Outlook Email in Quickbooks Desktop to get the job done in just a few clicks. you can also send the journal entry with these integrated features of Quickbooks. In case, You don’t know how to add a journal entry in Quickbooks Online then you can contact Quickbooks Professionals. they will guide you with a complete process to add a journal entry in Quickbooks Online.

Let us begin with the causes that lead to this Quickbooks error followed by the troubleshooting methods to troubleshoot the error easily. Listed below are the reasons that cause this Quickbooks Error.

Reasons that Leads to Quickbooks Unable to send Email To Outlook Error

  • You might get this error if you have incorrect email settings on your computer.
  • this error can also occur due to the damaged Map132.dll file. you might get this error message on the screen: Quickbooks is unable to send emails to outlook.
  • this error might show up when you access the Quickbooks software as an administrator.
  • Due to damaged Quickbooks or windows components, you can get this Quickbooks error.
  • If you have an outdated version of Outlook then this error can show up.
  • if your outlook account is open in the background while sending the emails then you can get this error.
  • You can get this error if you have damaged the Outlook application.

Methods To Troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error

if you have encountered the “Quickbooks is unable to send Email to Outlook” Error while using the Quickbooks software then you can use the methods mentioned below in order to troubleshoot the error. however, if you are unable to fix this issue on your own then you can contact Professionals.

Method: 1 Change to Non-Administrative ModeQuickBooks is Unable to Send your Email to Outlook

  • Right-click on the Quickbooks Icon from Desktop and choose the properties.
  • Now go to the compatibility tab and unmark the option to “Run this program as an administrator”.
  • Now go to the Quickbooks software and update it to the latest release.
  • after this update your windows and then restart your computer.
  • After restarting the computer, open the Quickbook software and try sending the email now.

Method: 2 Change the Email Preferences of Quickbooks

  • Open the Quickbooks software and go to the company file.
  • Now click on the edit menu and then choose the preferences option and click on forms.
  • Open the preferences tab and then choose Outlook as an email option and click on ok.Quickbooks Error
  • after this close the company file and the Quickbooks software.
  • restart the Quickbooks software and check whether the error has been resolved or not.

If you are still getting the Quickbooks error even after performing the above steps then follow the next steps to configure the email setting in Quickbooks Desktop.

Method: 3 Configure Email Preferences In Internet Explorer

  • Close the Quickbooks company file and the Quickbooks software.
  • open the internet explore by pressing the Windows key+ R and then enter Explorer in the box.
  • Choose the tool menu and open the internet option after the program tab.
  • make sure the default app is Microsoft Outlook. make the required changes if the default email app is different.
  • Click on the Apply button to save the changes and close the internet explorer window.
  • Reopen the Quickbooks software and try sending the mail again to check if the error still persists.

Method: 4 Repair Map132.dll File

Map132.Dll is on the of Microsoft Windows components that is required to establish a connection between Quickbooks Desktop and Microsoft Outlook application. It is referred to as “Messaging Application Programming Interface” as MAPI and if there is any kind of issue with this Microsoft component then this Quickbooks error can occur. Hence, you need to troubleshoot this error.

  • Open the Microsoft Word and create a document to Mail.
  • Go to the mailing window and send the mail to yourself as a PDF attachment.
  • if you are getting an error in Outlook while sending the mail then it means the Map123.DLL file is alright.
  • You need to contact Quickbooks Professionals to diagnose this issue.
  • However, if you are getting an error while emailing the document from Ms-word then you need to follow these steps to repair the Map132.Dll file.
    • Close all the running programs and go to the following path: C:\Windows\system32.QUickbooks Error
    • Locate the fixmapi.exe and double click on it.
    • Now follow the prompted transaction to repair the file.
    • Once the repair is done restart the computer.

In general, the MAPI method resolves the Quickbooks is unable to send email to outlook Error Most of the time. You might get an error after performing this. If you are still getting the Quickbooks error then follow the give steps in method 5.

Method: 5 Tune-Up Outlook and Perform Clean Install of Quickbooks

  •  Close all the running programs and save all your work before closing the software.
  • End all the Quickbooks processes from the task manager.
  • use the clean install tool to rename all the Quickbooks application and program file and then restart your computer.
  • if any program left then rename the folder manually.
  • Now uninstall the Quickbooks software and reboot your computer.
  • Now re-install the Quickbooks software using the installation disk or download the Quickbooks software from Interent.
  • Run the installation file and complete the prompted instructions to complete the process.
  • start the Quickbooks software and enter your product activation key to reactivate the product.
  • Now go to the help menu and update Quickbooks software to the latest release.
  • Open the company file again and try sending the mail.

If you have tried all the mentioned methods above and you are still getting this error then it is recommended to contact a professional from Quickbooks. however, if you are comfortable with technical terms then you can use the mentioned methods to troubleshoot this Quickbooks Error on your own.

Steps to Insert a Journal Entry In Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Inherit various Useful features that helps you to keep track of your business cash flow. One such feature is the Journal Entry in Quickbooks Online. As per accounting terms, a Debit entry and a Credit entry are two aspects of Quickbooks Journal Entry. the Quickbooks Online version will store these journal entries in the Register/ Account History As transactions. According to the rules defined by accounting in business, the sum of the debit column is equal to the credit column. if required you can use these journal entries in Quickbooks Online.

  • Transfer the money between your Income and expense account.
  • make a transfer between your income or expense account to the liability, Asset, or equity account.
  • If you are required to feed transactions into a journal or ledger in general.

We have explained below how you can create a journal entry in Quickbooks online along with its specific features. However, if you are looking to get Quickbooks Online but you are confused between the available version of Quickbooks software then you can have a look at how to choose the best version of Quickbooks Online according to your accounting needs. here you will get a complete comparison based on the features and pricing of all the three versions to make it easier for you to choose the best accounting software based on your needs.Add journal entry in Quickbooks Online

A Brief Introduction of Quickbooks Journal Entry

In simple words, we can state that a general Journal Entry is the list of the accounting transactions that are feeded to the companies general Ledger. the Journal Entries feature in the Quickbooks Desktop Allow users to make changes into the transaction in post entries.

the process to enter journal entry is quite simple however, at one time you can make only one entry. If you want to make multiple changes then you will be needed to create separate entries.

Quickbooks Online Journal Entry Rules

In most of the cases in the Quickbooks Online, the journal entries are created for tax provision, depreciation entries, or Loan Interest adjustments. however, you need to follow certain rules while creating journal entry in Quickbooks Online that are mentioned below:

  • It is mandatory to feed account receivable or account payable type account in every entry.
  • In the second line of the journal entry using the account payable or account receivable accounts.
  • You will need a customer or a vendor in the account payable or account receivable entry.
  • You can not add journal entries in your payroll and journal inventory accounts.

How to Make a Journal Entry In Quickbooks OnlineHow to Make a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online

Below we have explained the steps to add a journal entry in Quickbooks Online. Follow these steps in order to complete the process. If you need you can consult with the professionals at Quickbooks to know about which account should be used for the debit and credit side of the transactions. In case, you need guidance you can follow the steps below:

  • Open the Quickbooks Software and press the “+” icon from the top.
  • Now choose the journal entry option and now enter the transaction date in the date box.Quickbooks Journal Entry
  • Now provide a number to the transaction to identify the transactions easily. however, this step is optional.
  • fill the following details in the first distribution line:
    • Accounts: Enter the details of the account that has been used in the Chart of Accounts.
    • Journal Code(For France Users): Enter the journal code that is associated with that account. It is required to provide a new journal code as you will be reqruied to use this journal code while adding transactions to the debit and credit accounts.
    • Debits or Credits: In general the first in line is always Debits. However, you can go through the transactions in the recent transactions report. Check if the debt has changed after saving the transactions or by choice.
    • Description: Provide a description of the transactions to view the transaction details when you generate the reports.
    • Name: Provide a Name of the vendor, Employee, or any customer in the line.
  • Keep adding the entry until the total of the debit column transactions becomes equal to the credit column transactions.
  • this is an option but you can choose to make a recurring journal entry schedule.
  •  after this save the transaction.

Remember the Points while Adding Journal Entry in Quickbooks

  • if you have transactions in multiple entries then you have to create separate journal entries for each currency as Quickbooks Does not support multiple currencies in single journal entry. this can create an issue while converting the currency, it does not get converted to exact rates sometimes.
  • In order to show the details on the expense or sales tab, make sure the entry has a field for A/R or A/P and for customer and vendor name.
  • If you are using the Quickbooks Online plus then ensure that you have an additional column for location and class. check if the location and class column is enabled.
  • If you have created an entry by mistake then you are required to edit the transaction by deleting or reversing the transaction.

So this was all about how you can add a journal entry in Quickbooks Desktop. If you have any queries related to this or you need guidance for anything with the Quickbooks Software then feel free to contact Quickbooks Experts. they have a team of professionals who have hands-on experience in these latest technologies. they can provide you a quality-efficient solution to all your queries.

How to Choose the Best Version of Quickbooks For Your Accounting Needs

In a Survey, when a group of business owners asked what is the best accounting software or on what accounting software they rely on? Many of them have suggested different accounting software but Quickbooks stands among the most desired and recommended accounting software from most of the business owners. many of the business professionals are using a different version of the Quickbooks software.

Quickbooks is one of the finest accounting software across the world. the Quickbooks software is available in the Online and Desktop version. However, Quickbooks Online is a prominent choice of various business owners because of its intuitive features. however, there are still some features that are only available in Quickbooks Desktop Version.

if your business employees with contractors and you pay more than $600 during a tax year to the contractors then you are required to fill 1099- misc online form. you can simply submit the 1099 Form to the IRS.QuickBooks Online

Comparing the different versions of Quickbooks is quite a difficult task as all the versions are designed specifically to perform the desired operations. However, we have tried explaining the version of the Quickbooks software on the basis of its latest updates and features to make it easier for you to choose the best accounting software. If you are looking for a more detailed description then you can contact Quickbooks Experts.

Plans of  Quickbooks Online Version

Entrepreneurs of Business owners, who are using the Quickbooks Desktop Versions have more interest in Quickbooks Online as it offers them to access the Quickbooks Software through their smartphones or tabs. One more that adds to its immense popularity is the Quickbooks Online version is cheaper than Quickbooks Desktop.

Self Employed/ Self-Employed Tax Bundle

Both the Quickbooks Self-employed versions have same features. the Self-employed tax bundle version can have access to all the features of the Self-employed version. the Self-employed tax bundle version will also have the TurboTax installed. the Self-employed version of Quickbooks offers you to manage your personal and business expense easily with a separate tracking. the automatic mileage tracking at the disposal, invoice generation, etc. will eventually increase the Schedule C deductions. the version will also allow you to calculate your taxes quarterly.

Simple Start Feature in QuickbooksQuickBooks Online Simple Start

the simple start version of Quickbooks Online will have almost all the features of the self-employed version. In the Quickbooks Online version, the “Simple start” an option that can easily track your expense. the feature will automatically download your bills and payments and organize the bank transactions, manage the credit card transactions, Print Paychecks, Import data from Quickbooks File,  and allows two accountants to access the file and also allows integration with other apps. the simple start version will have an automatic backup facility along with security features and access to  20 in-built reports.

Quickbooks EssentialsQuickBooks Online Simple Start

the Quickbooks essentials are the advanced version of the Quickbooks Simple start. it will accumulate all the features of the Simple start version. the Quickbooks Essentials allows up to three users to work simultaneously and you will have access to 40 In-built reports. this version will allow you to compare the profit and sales records with the industry trends.

Along with all these features, the Quickbooks essential package will simplify the accounting process with the automatic billing process, managing all the bills from the vendors, submit or enter bills, payment scheduling feature, accept payments in multiple currencies, and track of billable hours of the customer. the Quickbooks essential is equipped with all the security features along with this it will allow you to track the access of the users. you can easily track the access time of the users in the software.

Quickbooks PlusQuickBooks Online Plus

Quickbooks Plus is the most advanced version of the Quickbooks software among all the versions. the Quickbooks plus version allows up to 5 users simultaneously and up to 65 in-built Reports. this Quickbooks version posses all the features of the earlier versions along with an advanced inventory system and analysis feature. there are some premium features that are included in this Quickbooks feature that include filling of 1099 forms, sales tracking, profitability tracking. the Quickbooks Class tracking feature can be used to categorize the expense and income.

Apart from all these features, One premium feature of Quickbooks Plus is Budget. the budget feature in this version will help you to generate a report based on your income and expenses to analyze your future income and expense. the Quickbooks plus version will contain various tools that are more than basic accounting software and these are required especially for a growing small and medium-sized business.

So this was all about all the versions of the Quickbooks software. we have explained to you about all the three versions of the Quickbooks Online. So now you can choose your accounting software based on the features and services that are required in your business. if you still have any query then you can contact experts at Quickbooks. You need to simply report your issue and then will respond to you with the best possible solution.

Steps to File 1099 Misc Online in Quickbooks Desktop

The 1099 Misc Form is required when you deal with contractors in your business and you pay them more than $600 during a tax year. if your business employees contractors and you pay them this much then you will be required to fill the 1099 Misc Form. It might seem complicated to fill this form but don’t worry. If you have the right tool and procedure then its a straightforward task. In this article, We will explain to you how to prepare the IRS form 1099 Misc and what is the best way to file 1099-Misc Online. So let us have a look at 1099 Misc form in detail before leading to the filling steps.How to File Form 1099-MISC online

if you Have been using the Quickbooks Desktop Payroll service then you must be familiar with the three variants of the Quickbooks Desktop Payroll service that includes Basic, Enhanced, and full service. Payroll is a subscription-based service of Quickbooks Desktop that avail Users to process payroll and file taxes properly.

Introduction to 1099 Misc Form

the 1099 Misc form is compulsory for you if you are working as self-employed or as a freelancer. It is also mandatory for the companies that are hiring you as it maintains a complete record of the amount these companies pay to their employees during a tax year.

this is likely similar to the w-2 form which is mandatory for all the employees of the company while the 1099 Misc online is mandatory for people who are working as non-employees. this form is required to maintain the record of various sources of income of the taxpayer.

So the 1099 Misc Online form is used by business owners to show the payment or bill they have made to freelance, Contractors, employees, etc. If you are an employee then you don’t need to worry about the 1099 Misc Online. you need to just fill the W-2 Forms.

Reasons to File 1099-Misc Online

there are several specific cases in which you are required to file the 1099 Misc form online according to the Internal Revenue Service. Cases like, If you are working for a company as an Independent Contractor or Despite being a content employee for a company you are operating specific tasks in a company are the example when you are required to file the 1099 misc Online form.

this simply means that you have the whole control on all the processes that are going On. the Organization or the company will only look for the results at the end. hence, this form is required for occupations like Drivers, landscapers, Graphic Designers, Social media Consultants, etc.

Requirements To File A 1099 Misc Form OnlineFile 1099 MISC online

here are the steps that you will be required to follow in order to properly fill out this form.

  • In order to fill this form, You will be required to provide the following information.
  • Provide the Personal Details of the recipients that include name, Address, Telephone Number, Etc.
  • You will be required to fill the Social Security Number or Business Tin’s Number if you are a sole Proprietorship.
  • Identification Number of the recipient.
  • Account Details of the recipient.
  • In case you have provided the wrong tax Identification number for three years then you can mark the “2nd Tin Not” box to ensure IRS that you are now providing accurate information and they won’t need to send you another notification.

So these were some of the things that you have provided in the 1099 Misc Online form. Now let us move to the steps that you have to follow in order to fill out the form.

What Are the Steps to File 1099 Form

Here are the guidelines that you have to follow while filling out the 1099 Misc Online form.

there are several things that you have to keep in mind or you have to proceed in order to fill this form. you will be required to collect all the required information and if you filling a physical copy then you will be reqruied to submit 1096 forms and send a copy of the form to the IRS and to the contractor. here is the list of the things that you must have for each contractor. You can find these things on the w-9 form filled by individual Contractors.

  • Sum of all the amount that you have paid to the contractors during the tax year.
  • personal Detail of the Contractors
  • the Taxpayer Identification Number or Social Security Number if they are the sole Proprietor or If they are resident or Non-resident Alien then submit the designated identification number.
  • Submit all the information that you have collected in step 1 in the 1099 Misc Online form.
  • Make sure to send the copy before January 31 to the contractors so that they can also fill their taxes before the deadline.
  • if you are using the Mail Service to file the 1099 form then make sure to submit the A copy to the IRS before February 28.
  • If you are submitting a physical copy of the form then you have to submit the 1o96 form. it will keep a record of all 1099 that you are filling during the tax year.
  • Also, check if you need to file the 1099 form with the state tax commission.

Various Methods to File 1099 Misc FormHow to file 1099 Misc

Paper Filling

You can use the paper filling method to file the 1099 form. you will be required to send the Copy A of 1099-K and 1099-Misc to the IRS. make sure to use the official form at the IRS website so that they can scan the form properly.

Electronic Filling

if you want to fill the form electronically then you will be required to use specific software. you will be needed to apply to the IRS to file the 1099 form electronically. list of methods that are preferred by the IRS:

  • Federal and State Filling for 34 countries
  • 1099s Bulk Submission
  • 10976 form not required
  • Form Received and processed Confirmation

So this was the best possible way through which you can file the 1099 Misc Form Online. if you have any queries related to the article or regarding the Quickbooks software then you can contact Professionals at Quickbooks. they will provide you an efficient solution to resolve this issue.