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The Quickbooks Installation process is quite easy but when it comes to the activation process, you might need to consider various things to activate your Quickbooks Desktop perfectly. After downloading and installing the Quickbooks software on the computer, you need to register a New Quickbooks Account or Activate your existing account to access the accounting services of the software. you will get a message on the screen to sync your intuit account while activating the Quickbooks software. With the Intuit Account, you can sync information from the existing Quickbooks Account. if you have Quickbooks Desktop installed in more than one computer then you will be required to register and Activate Quickbooks desktop software individually on all the computers.

Activate QuickBooks

Intuit has also introduced Quicken accounting software to manage the personal finances of a person. If you trying to update Quicken account then you may encounter the Quicken error CC-503. this generally occurs due to the wrong login credentials of your linked bank account. troubleshoot this issue by updating your bank account credentials.

If you are a beginner then follow the steps given below in order to register and activate the Quickbooks Desktop account.

Steps To Register Quickbooks 2016 and Later Version

Register Quickbooks

  • Double-click on the Quickbooks Icon to open it and then press the F2 key.
  • A window will open on the screen. Now go to the product information page and look for the registration status on the left of the license number.
    • If the registration status says “activated” then you can use the Quickbooks software.
    • In case, the registration status is set to “Not activated” then follow these steps properly.
      • Click on “Ok” to close the product information window first.
      • now go to the dashboard and click on the help menu and then choose the “Activate QuickBooks” option from the list to activate the Quickbooks software.
      • if you have Quickbooks 2016 version then it will be Register Quickbooks instead of Activate Quickbooks.
  • Now follow the prompted instructions to complete the activation process.

Activate QuickBooks

Registration Method for Quickbooks Older Version

With the latest release of the Quickbooks software, it requires the latest windows components to install the Quickbooks software. hence, the activation for the first time can’t be processed. However, if you have are re-installing an older Quickbooks version then you can re-register it again by following the steps given above. You need to install the Quickbooks software and then activate it from the Quickbooks Tool itself.

Steps to Link Existing Account Information by Activating Quickbooks with Intuit Account

The best way to activate your Quickbooks account is with the existing Intuit Account to sync the existing Quickbooks information. when you install and activate the Quickbooks software, you will get an option whether you want to activate Quickbooks with an existing Intuit account or you want to create a new one. While, if you are a newbie and you don’t have an existing Intuit account then you will be required to fill all the required information and complete the activation process. Ensure to check the Phone number and Zip Code field get filled automatically on the registration page on the basis of the opened company file.

In case, you want to link with an existing Intuit account then enter your login credentials of the Intuit account to start the activation process. if you have forgotten your Intuit password then you need to follow these steps in order to retrieve your password.

  • Open the Intuit official website and then click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Now provide the required information to get the reset password link on your mobile number, email, etc.
  • after this, you will get a code on your number.
  • after this enter the code when prompted on the screen and then reset the password.
  • Now go to the Intuit page and login with your new credentials.

You can follow the methods mentioned above to register and activate Quickbooks Desktop in No time. If you have been trying to activate Quickbooks account with the existing Intuit account and you are getting any Quickbooks error then you can contact Professionals at Quickbooks. they will provide you a cost-effective solution to troubleshoot the issue.