Usage Quicken Rental Property Manager In Simple Steps

Quicken is one of the best personal accounting solutions that can help you in managing your personal finances in the best possible way. the Quicken Rental Property manager tool is one of the finest tools that any landlord can use to have ease in managing the finance calculations of the tenants. It is one of the best tools to manage personal finances as well as the complex calculations of business in the most efficient way. we have described below the usage and benefits of the Quicken Rental Property Manager tool in detail.Quicken Rental Property manager

However, if you are a Quickbooks user then you can use the Quickbooks Online Bill pay service to pay the online bills to your employees and customer. it can help you to manage the transactions of your business with more ease.

Things to Remember Before Getting Started

  • Login your account in Quicken Software.
  • Now link or add the Rental Property in the Quicken House Account.
  • Now add the tenant to the Rental Property.
  • Download or import the data to the quicken software.

Benefits of Quicken Rental Property Manager

  • Total Worth Calculation: the Quicken Rental Property manager tool helps you to keep a track of each and every property you have. the tool will store all the information of the building that includes whether its single or multi-unit residence. the tool will help you to manage your assets in the best possible way as it is the key feature to increase the worth of your property.
  • Tenant Information: It is best to keep the information about your tenants. The Quicken rental manager tool will help you to store all the required information of the tenants you must have. here is the list of the things that the tool will help you to store.
    • Tenants Personal Information
    • Apart from the tenants, the units that are occupied.
    • Rent Reminders.
    • Starting and end Date of Occupancy.
    •  Security Deposits Details
    • Move-in and Move-out Dates.
    • Refunds and Payments.
  • Rental Expense: The tool will allow you to maintain a record of all the expenses and collect from each tenant. the income and expenses graphs are generated based on the sorted list of expenses that will help you to compare your expenses with the rent revenues.
  • Personal Finances: Along with these features, the Property manager tool also allows you to manage your personal finances that include your bank account, transactions, Credit Card account, etc. this way you can easily manage your personal finances also. with the latest release, you will get free access to credit scores and various mobile apps.
  • Tax Season: any change or update in your property that includes replacing or repairing of office roof or degradation of the equipment in the office. It will manage the record of all these things and you can export this data to use in the tax preparation software.

Steps To Add Rental Property in QuickeProperty Manager tool

In order to add a Rental property in Quicken, the first that you will have to do is to inform quicken about it. it will ask you to add the rental property with two options, whether you want to add it as single or multi-unit. after this, you have to provide a name to the rental property along with all the units and then sync this property with a quicken home account. You can follow these steps if you want to add a rental property in Quicken.

  • Open the Quicken software and go to the rental Property Tab.
  • choose the properties and tenants option and then click on the add property option.
  • Now provide all the information about your property that includes its name, address, tag, etc.

Why It Is Necessary to Provide a Name?

the Property name in the rental property manager tool is compulsory and it will help you in the future to claim your property without any confusion. Along with this, its a mandatory field in all the reports that are generated in Quicken software that includes tax planner, tax Schedule report, etc.

How to Add Multi-Unit Property in QuickenQuicken rental property manager

  • the first that is required to provide a number to each unit.
  • now click on the add option to add more units.
  • it is a must to have one-unit in order to create a multi-unit property.
  • You can also track the property value using the diagnose option.

so these are the ways through which you can use the rental property manager tool to manage and record the expense and rent from your property. The Quicken Rental property tool can be accessed with the Quicken tool and along with this, you can also manage your personal expenses with this tool. if you have any issue while accessing or using this tool then you can ask for guidance from the experts. they are highly-qualified and have hands-on experience on all these technologies so they can provide you the best possible solution.

Quick Comparison Between Quickbooks Vs Xero

Quickbooks and Xero are two of the finest cloud accounting software across the world. However, both these Softwares offer similar services and features that make it quite complicated to select the best accounting software around.  Because of lots of similarities among the features, it can be very confusing while choosing the accounting software for your business. Hence, In this blog, we will explain to you in detail about what should be your requirements while selecting the accounting software. Make sure to Note down your requirements that you expect in the accounting software to ensure the usability of the software. Xero VS QuickBooks

Quickbooks and Xero Both are equipped with some great features that enhance your accounting experience. however, if you are using Quickbooks Online, then Quickbooks Online Bill Pay service is one of the efficient ways to manage the incoming and outgoing transactions of your business. users can easily monitor the complete cash flow of the business in one place.

Let us begin with a short Introduction about both these tools to better understand the usage and functionality of the tool.

Xero – Cloud Accounting Software

Xero, the Cloud accounting software was introduced by Rod Drury In 2006. It was originally introduced for people who have less accounting knowledge but seek to manage their business in a proper way. There are multiple offices which are situated in the UK, Newzealand, US, Australia, etc. the software is equipped with basic accounting features which makes it a prominent choice for small businesses and startups. The one advantage of this software is that it is best suited for individuals who wanted to track their personal expenses.

Quickbooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks stands among the top best accounting software across the world because of its advanced features and integrated services. the accounting software was introduced by Tom Proulx and Scott cook in 1983. this was specially introduced for small and medium-sized businesses to keep a track of the financial operations in their business with accuracy. The software offers multiple services that include, invoices, pay/manage bills, Bank account synching, etc. By adding your credit card and bank account details, it allows performing reconciliation of the transaction.

Now let us move to the discussion that which software is better in terms of usage and functionality to decide which software Xero Vs Quickbooks is more suitable for your business. we have distinguished between the features of both the software to decide which software is more compatible with your business type.

Comparison Of Quickbooks vs XeroXero VS QuickBooks Online

Here we have compared both the software based on features, pricing, usability, user reviews, etc. Consider these factors before choosing the accounting software for your business.



Quickbooks comes in a various plan that can be subscribed based on your requirements form the software. if you are looking for some basic features of accounting then you can pick from the three basic plan that comes in $8/month for early, $12/month for the essential plan and the plus plan. In the early plan will avail your features like tracking of the on-going transactions in your business, 1099 contractors, Sales and Sales tax Management, and create and send estimates to the customers. the essential plans also help to manage 1099 contractors along with invoicing, tax deductions, and accept payments and with the plus plan, the software can be managed among 5 users with features like inventory tracking, Track project profitability, etc.


Xero, Accounting software comes with three exciting plans that will cost $9, $30, $60 for early, growing, and established plans. the early plan will come with some basic features that will allow you to send invoices and Quotes to 5 customers along with services to create up to 5 bills and reconciliation of 20 bank transactions. while the growing plan allows you to send invoices and quotes to the customers along with features like reconciliation, adding bills, etc. the established plan will provide some advanced features to create bills and invoices along with reconciliation features.

Accounting Software Features

When it comes to features, Quickbooks Online comes with more advanced features than Xero. Features like project management and invoice management come handier in Quickbooks then Xero. while features like contact management come more precisely in Xero. Quickbooks Online comes with a more precise and advanced invoicing feature with multiple templates while Xero offers one template that needs to be downloaded or imported to the software. Moreover, Quickbooks And Xero are both Online Cloud software that allows users to manage the business from multiple devices online. they are known for their advanced services and features.


In terms of Usability, Quickbooks is far better than Xero when you are setting up your Quickbooks account. It allows you to import excel files to set up your company file while Xero only allows to add anything using the excel template. However, Xero offers a user-friendly interface to download your required data. But when it comes to customer assistance and support both the software needs to be improved.

1099 Reporting

With all the plans of Xero, you can view the 1099 report along with tracking the payments that have been made to the customers or contractors. Along with this, it allows you to send the 1099 reports and forms through mail and snail-mail.

Income And Expense Forecasting

The Budgeting and Forecasting features are only available in the top-tier plans of the Quickbooks online as compared to Xero. this feature is not available in all the three plans of Xero. It allows you to forecast your budget and expenses of the business.

Third-Party Apps Integration

Quickbooks Online software allows integration of around 600 apps while Xero software can be integrated with around 700 apps. you can add several third-party apps with this accounting software.


Quickbooks is way better than Xero when it comes to creating customized reports. it allows you to access around 80 reports in some clicks. Along with this, it provides customized functions in reports to create invoices with memos and statements, while Xero comes with minimal features to create basic reports.

Inventory Tracking

Both the software allows you to track the items in your inventory. but the inventory tracking features come in the top plans of both the software that includes Online Plus, Xero Premier, and Growing edition. the inventory tracking features come with multiple functionalities to manage the items properly.Xero vs Quickbooks

so this was all about both the Accounting software. It was a detailed comparison of Quickbooks vs Xero to understand which is the best accounting software based on your business requirements. If you are looking for some basic features then you can get Xero while if you are looking for advanced accounting features then you should go for Quickbooks Online. In case, You want some guidance about the software get in touch with professionals.

Quickbooks Online Bill Pay Service – Introduction and Usage

Quickbooks is en-riched with various features that allow users to manage the operations of the business with Ease. Intuit has introduced its first-ever integration service in Collaboration with the that will offer to manage the cash flow in the business. this service has been introduced to track all the incoming and outgoing payments in the business in one place. the single dashboard screen will offer the user to keep an eye on the complete cash flow in the business for proper analysis. Quickbooks Online Bill pay service

The Integrated feature in Quickbooks Online version will provide a new way to track the financial operations of the business in a more convenient way. however, it has been launched as a Beta version to understand the services and usage of the feature. the main purpose behind introducing this feature is to provide a more convenient way for the users to pay and manage online bills.

If you have been using Quickbooks For Mac and need to transfer it to windows, then make sure to keep a backup of the company file before transferring Quickbooks for Mac to windows to avoid any kind of data loss. You need to simply restore the backup of the Company file in the Windows desktop to perform a successful transfer.

Quickbooks Online pay Service WorkingOnline Bill Pay in QuickBooks Desktop

The Quickbooks Online Pay service works on ACH and Master Card RPS Network to process transactions electronically with the bank and the customer. the transactions will be processed based on your specified date. However, if the receiver is not able to process the money electronically then he will be sent check via email. This feature will allow you to keep a record of the transaction on both the side. On the receiver end, the user can check the transaction history at the check payment records window. whenever a payment will be made the records will be updated accordingly. Hence, the User is not required to wait for payment recording.

Introduction of Quickbooks Pay Bill Application

In order to make the best use of it, you must know about some of the features of this application.

  •  Updating the Records for Payment Processing
  • Sending Reminders or Invitation to the Vendors for Payment

Different Modes of Payment

The payment method is based on how much time it will take to deliver. Here we will have a look at the types of payments and their description.

Automated Clearing House(ACH)

For the first 5 payment of $5000 or less, it will take around 4 days to deliver the payment. after processing the first 5 payment, you will be able to receive the payments in span of 2 days. you can check the status of the payment using arrive by button.


In this method, Vendors will receive a Paper check through the postal services. this method is used when the receiver is not able to accept the payment electronically. you can check the estimated time using the estimated time button on the app. If due to any reasons, the postal service is taking more time then estimated then intuit won’t interfere.

In case the Amount is more than $5000, it will take one extra day from the estimated time. The intuit policy allows users to schedule their payments themselves and an extra surcharge will be added based on the policies of the user’s bank. Hence, users must know about the policies of their banks.

Charges Applied By Quickbooks Bill Pay Service

while making payments using the Quickbooks bill pay service, some regular charges will be levied on the transaction like monthly subscription charges depending upon the method of the payment type. If you are using the ACH payment method then charges will be levied based on the transaction amount. If you wish to know about these charges then you can go through the credit/debit card records to know about the levied charges on a particular payment. Quickbooks Bill Pay Service

Existing Account

If you have an existing account then you will be required to create a new account in order to access the Quickbooks Online bill pay service. If you have an old account on and it is synced with Quickbooks then you can deactivate or Dlink that account. you can deactivate or Dlink your account by logging into

so this was all about the Quickbooks bill pay service. the integration of this feature with Quickbooks will offer a more precise and accurate way to process payments online in Quickbooks. you can create a account and then sync it with Quickbooks account to access this feature. If you have been getting issues while using this Quickbooks feature then you can get assistance from the experts at Quickbooks.

Method To Transfer Quickbooks For Mac To Windows Version

Quickbooks is one of the finest accounting tool that help you to manage your business in an easier way. It is enriched with various features and functionalities to make it easier to track the growth rate of your business. It allows you to connect the software with your bank account to easily track the cash flow in your business. you can use features like invoicing, direct deposit, reports, tracking, etc to handle the operations of your business with care. Hence, for powerful software like this, it is required to perform well on all the platforms. so if you have a Quickbooks mac file, then you can use the round-tripping method to convert it into windows version.Transfer Quickbooks for mac to WIndows

If you are getting an issue while using the Quickbooks Condense file method then you can troubleshoot the condense error using the Quickbooks Condense repair tool. You need to follow the given method to troubleshoot the error in no time.

Let’s have a look at how you can convert Quickbooks mac file to Windows.

Reasons To Move Quickbooks Mac File to Windows

With the latest release, Intuit has decided to quit the Quickbooks Mac Version. Hence it is advisable to convert Quickbooks for Mac to Windows or you can use the Quickbooks Online Version. However, For Quickbooks 2016 version, it will still provide the updates from May 31, 2019.

Reasons to Choose Quickbooks Desktop Over Online

  • If you opt for the Quickbooks Online version then you will be required to pay a monthly fee while with Quickbooks Desktop, you will be required to pay the One-time installation fee.
  • In terms of Features, the Quickbooks Desktop version comes with two methods to manage your inventory, which is average cost and FIFO while Quickbooks Online is based on FIFO.
  • You can perform Batch-invoicing in Quickbooks Dekstop if you have multiple clients with the same type of bill. You will not get this feature in Quickbooks Online.
  • The Quickbooks Online version is designed for general use while the Quickbooks Desktop is designed based on the type of industry. You can avail of multiple different features for contractors, Manufacturers and wholesale, retailers, etc.

Steps to Prepare Mac File For Conversion

  • In order to process the conversion process smoothly, update your Quickbooks For Mac to the latest release.
  • Now look for any kind of special character in the name of your file or Company name in Quickbooks. If found then rename the file by removing the special character.
  • after this go to the reports menu and open the custom transaction detail report.
  • a window will open on the screen. Click on the drop-down menu of dates and select all.
  • Go to the memos and click on Ok. the report will start running.
  • Now look and remove the memo transactions that are of more than 50 characters or have any special character.
  • after this, you will be required to delete all the memorized reports and transactions.
  • now re-sort the list again and then repair the damaged with verify and rebuild data utility.Move Quickbooks for Mac to Windows version

Steps To Convert Quickbooks For Mac To Windows

  • To process the conversion, Open the Quickbooks company file on Mac.
  • Now go to the File menu and create a copy of the Quickbooks Company file for windows version.Transfer Quickbooks to Windows
  • Edit the file by renaming it to avoid any kind of issue of overwriting while updating the file.
  • Now transfer this copy of the company file to the Windows computer. You can use any of the ways available like USB, CD, Hard Drive, etc. to perform the transfer.
  • Now open the Quickbooks software on Windows to restore the company file.
  • Open the File menu and then click on the open and restore the Company option.
  • Now choose the restore a Backup (.qbb) and click on the Next option.
  • Now select the location where you have saved the backup of the Quickbooks Company file on the local drive.
  • Now click on OK when asked to update the Quickbooks Company file.

while processing the conversion process, you might face some Quickbooks error like C=116. you can try troubleshooting the issue by resorting to the list or by repairing the damaged file using Quickbooks Verify and rebuild data utility. If you are unable to troubleshoot it on your own then you can ask for assistance from Quickbooks Experts.

How to use the Quickbooks Condense Repair Tool

Quickbooks is enriched with various features and tools that make it one of the prominent accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. while accessing the Quickbooks company file you may encounter several errors that might block you from condensing the “data file” in Quickbooks. In that case, you are required to take proper measures to troubleshoot this error. The Quickbooks Condense repair tool is one of the best ways to troubleshoot this error. it will provide the facility to optimize and utilize the Quickbooks company file in the best way.

While using the Quickbooks, if you are getting any issue while accessing the Quickbooks company file then you can troubleshoot this issue by changing the location of the Company file or by renaming the folder in Quickbooks. Quickbooks Condense Repair tool

In this blog, we will discuss what are the ways through which you can troubleshoot these errors using the Quickbooks Condense repair tool.

Introduction of Quickbooks Condense Repair Tool

Quickbooks Condense repair tool is one of the unique tools in Quickbooks that helps to troubleshoot issues that will allow you to reduce the size of the company file by removing the audit trail report but it will not make any changes to the detailed transaction data. avoid using the traditional file condense feature that delete the transaction data of the file.

 If you have been trying to open a file but it’s taking too long then it might be because of the file size, you can use the Quickbooks Condense repair tool to minimize the size of the company file without any data damage or loss. you will get a better user experience in the latest version. Follow these steps to use the Quickbooks Condese repair tool.

  • Open the Quickbooks software and go to the File menu.
  • now click on the utilities option and then choose the Condense Data option.
  • Now from the window, select the first option and then choose Next.Quickbooks Condense Data
  • After this, you will get a message on the screen that will say “Working on your file”. Wait until the process completes, you will get a message on the screen with all the information about the reduction in the company file.

Functionalities of Quickbooks Condense Repair Tool

In order to make the best use of the Quickbooks Condense repair tool, you must know about the functionalities of the tool because when you try to condense a file in this tool then you will get various sections. Hence, In order to get the desired results, you have to know about the features of this Quickbooks tool.Quickbooks tool

  • Non-Reversible: Before condensing the company file, ensure that this is the best option for you ras the condensing process is non-reversible. Hence, make sure to check the other options available before starting the condensing process. The following are some of the reasons which can be considered to use the Quickbooks Condense repair tool.
    • Recently Updated Quickbooks Accounting software.
    • Large Company file in Quickbooks.
    • You have tried all the alternative methods and this remains your last choice.
    • the list limit is ending.
  • Doesn’t Reduce File Size: While condensing the inventory files, the inventory items will not be reduced, however, some transactions may get condensed without affecting the file. One more thing that open transactions can’t be condensed without any deduction in the size of the file.
  • Not Fix the Error: You might get this issue while using the Quickbooks Condese repair tool to troubleshoot a damaged company file. You might be able to repair a damaged company file. hence, you can use the Restore company file or create a new company file option to fix the error.
  • Specific Reports: The Quickbooks Condense repair tool provides different results based on the type of reports. the condense feature in the Quickbooks Software operates differently on different types of files. for example, the reports that hold the account and item-related information will not face many changes while job costing and sales and purchase reports will be gone completely.

How to Use Quickbooks Condense Repair tool?

Quickbooks 2018 and Earlier Versions

Now as you know about all the functionalities and features of the Quickbooks Component repair tool then the next thing is about the usage of the tool. Follow these steps in order to condense the Quickbooks Company file in the best way.

Look For Non-Condensable Transactions: If you have Quickbooks Enterprise or Desktop edition, then you can run any of the Quickbooks reports to browse and locate the transactions that are not condensed. you can watch the unique link to open the transaction on your screen.

Run the Report: Follow the given steps to run the report in Quickbooks software.

    • Open Quickbooks and click on the file menu and choose the “Utilities” option.
    • now choose the condense data option and then update the date in the “transaction before specific date” field.
    • now mark the option that says “Create a report reflecting transactions which can’t be removed.
    • Now choose the next option and then click on the summarized inventory transactions option.
    • now provide the type, how you want to condense the company file in Quickbooks, and then Choose Next option.
    • After this, select the transactions that need to be deleted and then press the Next button.
    • Now click on the “begin Condense” option and the selected transactions will not be condensed.

Prepare Quickbooks Company file

Follow these steps for Company File Preparation:

  • In order to condense the Quickbooks Company file, you need to remove the closing date as it won’t allow you to condense the file for any periods after the closing date.
    • Open Quickbooks software and click on Edit >> preferences.
    • Click on accounting and go to the Company Preferences tab.
    • now click on the set/date password option and then delete the closing date.
    • after this click on Ok to complete the process.
  • Check all the transactions before condensing the file in Balance sheet and Profit&Loss report. If there will be an issue in the transaction date then you won’t be allowed to make changes after condensing the file.
  • after this arrange the list by sorting it.
  • after this check, if there is any damage in the file by running verify and build data utility.
  • now create a copy and backup of the company file, then save these files in a safe location.

Save the Report

after performing the condensing on Quickbooks company, you might lose some of your data forever. Hence, these comparison files can be used for the future to compare the files after using the Quickbooks condense tool. you can save or print these files for the future.

  • Reports of Profit & Loss for all the dates.
  • Balance sheet report for all the dates.
  • Cash Flow.
  • A/R and A/P details
  • All Other Required Reports

Use Quickbooks Condense Repair Tool

after performing all the above steps now we can use the Quickbooks Condense Repair Tool.

  • Open the Quickbooks software and go to the File menu.
  • go to the utility window and open the condense data option.
  • Now select the items from the list of transactions.Quickbooks Condense Data Error
  • after selecting, choose the “Condense Now” option.

Create Period Copy

If you have Quickbooks premier of Quickbooks enterprise edition then you can create the period copy in Quickbooks. it’s actually a condensed file that holds the data of transactions of a fixed period of time.

Compare Files

After performing the condensing of Quickbooks company file, now compare the files to check whether data reports are perfect or not.

In order to compare the files performing the following things.

Run the reports and files mentioned below and create a print copy of the files.

  • Profit and Loss reports
  • Balance Sheet reports
  • Cash Flow

Now check both the reports of the file that are identical or not. As we have the “Accrual- based” reports, you need to ensure both the files are identical. If there is any kind of discrepancies then look for the following things.

  • Look for the transactions that are affecting the transactions.
  • After this, follow the restoration process of the backup file.
  • Run the rebuild to repair the damaged company file and perform the condense operation again.
  • Use the restored backup or build a New company file without condensing.

Here, We have explained the All about Quickbooks Condense tool along with its functionalities and usage. Ensure all the things mentioned above before condensing the Quickbooks company file to avoid any kind of error. If you have any doubts regarding this Quickbooks tool then get assistance from experts at Quickbooks.

Troubleshoot Company File Issues In Quickbooks Desktop

Quickbooks stands among the leading accounting software that assists users in maintaining business with the best features and functionalities. it comes with some amazing features that provide efficient accounting solutions to run your business effectively. however, there are some errors in Quickbooks software that can cause issues while using the Quickbooks software. Hence, you need to take proper measures to troubleshoot these issues. We will let you know about some of the common errors that are reported by Quickbooks users along with the method to troubleshoot these errors. this will save a lot of your time. Quickbooks Company file Issues

Apart from these errors, there are multiple useful features in Quickbooks software that can be used to keep track of your business.  you can use the Quickbooks time-tracking feature to evaluate the working hours of the employee to create payrolls based on the daily timesheet.

Points to Remember while solving Company File Issues in Quickbooks 

  • if you have got an issue with the Quickbooks Company file but not with the software then make sure to update Quickbooks to the latest release.
  • Open the Quickbooks software by double-click on the Quickbooks icon while holding the CTRL-key.
  • If the Quickbooks software doesn’t open-up then you can try some alternative methods to open the software.
  • Make sure to disable the multi-hosting feature in Quickbooks before leading to the troubleshooting process. follow these steps to stop multiple hosting in Quickbooks.
    • Open the Quickbooks software and go to the File menu.
    • Now click on the “utilities” option and then choose the stop multi-hosting option.
    •  After stoping the multi-user access mode, follow the troubleshooting methods.
    • In case, if you are getting an error while opening a sample Quickbooks file then you might have corrupted files. you can use the install diagnostic tool to troubleshoot this issue.

Methods To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Company Files

Solution: 1 Open Company File Using Quickbook Desktop

If you are getting a folder permission problem while opening the company file in Quickbooks software, then moving it to the windows desktop will be the best way to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Open the Quickbooks software and go to the File menu.
  • Now choose the open or restore company file option.
  • choose the type of the file based on the radio button and then Choose the location.
  • Now click on Ok to open the company file.

Solution: 2 Disable Opening of Quickbooks Deksopt Windows Automatically

If you are trying to open the company files and multiple windows open, then you can prevent these files to open automatically. Follow the steps to disable these files to open automatically.

  • Open the Quickbooks software and click on No Company option window and then select the company file.QuickBooks Company files issues
  • Now press the Alt Key and then click on Open.

If you haven’t got any error message on the screen, still multiple files are opening on the screen then follow these steps:

  • Open the Quickbooks software and go to Edit Option.
  • Now choose on the preferences and then open the desktop view window.
  • Now choose the don’t dave desktop and then click on Ok to complete the process.

Solution: 3 Rename Quickbooks Company Files

If you have damaged .TLG and .ND files then you can simply rename these files with a prefix old and then you can build new files to troubleshoot the issue. Follow these steps to rename the .TLG and .ND files on your computer.

  • Open the C: drive on your computer and then go to the folder where the Quickbooks company files are stored.
  • Now locate the Transaction log file and then right-click on it to rename the file.
  • Rename the file to old.qbw.tlg and click on Ok.
  • Now go to the Quickbooks software and open the company file to automatically create new .TLG and .ND files.

Note: Deleting the .ND files will not really help you to resolve these issues as these files are used to recover the lost data. However, you can create a copy of the .TLG and company files to avoid any kind of data loss due to an error.

Solution: 4 Change Company files Location

You can try troubleshooting the issue by changing the location of the file. If your Quickbooks company file is located on any network or cloud, then you can save it to the local drive. If you have got any issue while this then you can use the Quickbooks file Doctor tool to troubleshoot the issue.Quickbooks File Issues

  • Open the C: Drive and then create a new folder “.” and then open it.
  • Press the CTRL key and hold and then choose the .TLG file and the respective Company file and then right-click.
  • Choose the copy option and then open the newly created folder.
  • now paste the file here.

Follow these methods to troubleshoot the Quickbooks Company files issues instantly. If you have performed the above methods and you are still getting the Company file error then you must contact Quickbooks professionals to troubleshoot the issue.

Usage of Time-Tracking Feature in Quickbooks Desktop

Quickbooks is enriched with various features and tools that make it one of the best accounting software to effectively manage your business. the Time-Tracking feature in Quickbooks Desktop allows you to track the working hours of the employee by setting up the employee hours and to add to the invoices, etc. Quickbooks time tracking

One More Quickbooks feature is the Quickbooks Verify data Utility feature. if you are getting errors because of Damaged company files in Quickbooks software then you can use the Quickbooks Verify Data feature to rebuild the damaged data files to troubleshoot the error. this even secures your data in the error too by creating a backup of the files.

In this blog, we will explain to you how you can use the time tracking feature in Quickbooks and its setup.

Steps to Set Up Time-Tracking in Quickbooks

If you want to use the time-tracking feature in Quickbooks Desktop, then follow these given steps to set up time-tracking in Quickbooks. you need to make sure to follow these steps in order to complete the setup process successfully.

  • Open the Quickbooks software and log in as an Administrator. make sure to access the Quickbooks software in single-user mode.
  • Now choose the edit option and open preferences.
  • Click on the time and expenses option and then open the company preferences tab.
  • now choose the “Yes” option when as do you track time?
  • Now set the day and time when you want to track time Quickbooks software from the drop-down list. Once you will choose the day, it will affect all the timesheets.
  • now click on Ok to save the changes.

Create Timesheets in QuickbooksQuickbooks time tracking

In order to create Employee payrolls in Quickbooks software, you can use the Quickbooks timesheet data for accuracy.

  • Click
  • provide the time.
  • Provide the terms to track single activity or work hours.

Enter a Weekly Timesheet In Quickbooks

Follow the steps to create a weekly timesheet to track the daily work hours of the employees.

  • Choose the employee and then select the customer.
  • If the working hours are billable then choose either job or service item.
  • mark the billable column and then select the payroll item.
  • Now add a class and WC code based on the preferences.
  • Now click on the day column and enter the working hours.
  • repeat these steps for each hour worked in the week.
  • now click on the save and close option.

Method to Create Time-Data Report in Quickbooks

Create the time data report to track the working hours and daily target of your employees. you can create a time date report by name that will contain the employee name, customer name, working hours and you can use the customized report feature to display the date as well.Tracking Time in QuickBooks

  • Open Quickbooks and go to reports.
  • Click on Jobs and select the time and mileage option.
  • Choose time by name option and click on customize reports.
  • Now select the items or names that you want to include in your time-data report.
  • Choose the multiple name option from the drop-down list to display multiple items of names.
  • Click on the Ok option to save the changes.

Steps to Set Up Employees for Time-Tracking

  •  open the employee center window and select the employee by double-clicking on it.
  • open the payroll info tab and then mark “Use time data” while creating payroll.
  • Click on Ok to save the changes.

Change Day in Timesheet

  • Click on the edit option and then choose the preferences option.
  • Click on the “time and expense” option and then open the company preferences tab.
  • Select the day from the drop-down list and then click on Ok to save the changes.

This way you can configure the time-tracking feature in Quickbooks Desktop. this feature will help you to create payroll of the employees in a more accurate way by tracking the working hours of the employee. Simply create a timesheet for your employees by choosing the day and the working hours to track the performance of all your employees. If you are unable to set up Quickbooks time-tracking feature then you can get assistance from the experts at Quickbooks. they will make sure to provide you the best guidance.

Usage of Quickbooks Rebuild Data Utility in Quickbooks

The Quickbooks Desktop is among the list of top accounting software that is used across the world to manage small and medium-sized businesses effectively. the introduction of the accounting software has completely changed the way of accounting and bookkeeping in a business. With the advent of the accounting software, now all the operations are managed and tracked through the software. however, there are still some glitches and issues that you may encounter while using the Quickbooks software. But you don’t need to worry about any loss of data or anything as these errors aren’t much serious. this won’t interrupt your work in any way. the Quickbooks repair codes can be used to verify and rebuild the damaged data files. Quickbooks Rebuild Data

If you have installed Quickbooks Desktop in your computer then you will be required to register Quickbooks account in order to access the services of the Quickbooks software. In case, you have an existing Intuit account then you can use it to log in to link existing account information. you need to simply provide the login credentials of the Intuit account to activate Quickbooks Desktop.

We have explained the method to verify and repair the Damaged Quickbooks Files on your Own. the Quickbooks Repair Codes makes the software flexible so that even users can fix the issues by themselves. Hence, you won’t require to take any assistance from professionals and it will help you to better understand the functioning of the software.

 Issues that can Cause Error in Quickbooks

Quickbooks consists of multiple-features which makes it prone to various kind of errors and issues. One of the main reasons that can cause these kinds of issues can be Malware or viruses in your system. these malicious files and software can affect the setup files of your software and can damage the files. this will lead to several other issues in the Quickbooks software. here are some of the issues that can cause these errors.

  • while operating the software, the computer stops responding or start freezing.
  • the processing time of the commands from mouse and keyboards become slow.
  • Getting issues while staring the Windows.
  • You will get an error message on the screen with a message that will indicate the Rebuilding and verifying of the files.
  • the Quickbooks software will start crashing frequently and show login errors.

Steps to Rebuild Quickbooks File

This feature of Quickbooks software is the best way to sort all kinds of errors in Quickbooks. the Rebuilding and verifying of the Quickbooks company file is a part of the Quickbooks Module. You need to just follow some steps to complete the process. It will validate your software and check the ability of the software to rebuild the file. Eventually, it will solve many of your Quickbooks issues and you will not lose any of your data. As the Quickbooks software is designed in such a way that even while facing issues it creates the backup of the file. You just need to go through these steps in order and your error will be resolved in no time.

  • You need to access the Quickbooks Utility software to begin the process.
  • Now click on the file menu and choose the Utility option and then click on “Rebuild Data”.Rebuild a QuickBooks File
  • A window will open on the screen.
  • Now click on the OK option once the window pop-up on the screen and then the instruction that you need to follow will be visible on the screen. You can also follow the steps to save the data of the company file.
  • after executing the above step, the screen of your desktop will become inactive. In that case, ensure that the cursor of your mouse is still moving. this means that the Rebuild data process is still running.
  • after completing all these steps, click on “Ok” to complete the process.

Need for Quickbooks Rebuild DataQuickbooks Verify data utility

  • Missing transaction in Quickbooks software.
  • Unable to open the business file.
  • Facing issues and errors while using Quickbooks software.
  • Missing names from the list of clients.
  • Missing accounts from the balance sheet.
  • Unable to save a file in the Quickbooks Desktop.

Steps to Run Quickbooks Verify Data Utility

  • open the Quickbooks software and click on the file menu.
  • Now choose the Utility option and select the verify data option.
  • after this follow all the prompted information and then save the backup of the files.
  • after completing the verification process, you can process the existing task.

This way you can use the Quickbooks rebuild data feature to diagnose damaged company and data files in Quickbooks software. In Case, you are unable to fix this on your own then you can contact Quickbooks experts to fix the issue. they will provide you the best possible solution.

Steps To Register And Activate Quickbooks Desktop

The Quickbooks Installation process is quite easy but when it comes to the activation process, you might need to consider various things to activate your Quickbooks Desktop perfectly. After downloading and installing the Quickbooks software on the computer, you need to register a New Quickbooks Account or Activate your existing account to access the accounting services of the software. you will get a message on the screen to sync your intuit account while activating the Quickbooks software. With the Intuit Account, you can sync information from the existing Quickbooks Account. if you have Quickbooks Desktop installed in more than one computer then you will be required to register and Activate Quickbooks software individually on all the computers.Activate QuickBooks

Intuit has also introduced Quicken accounting software to manage the personal finances of a person. If you trying to update Quicken account then you may encounter the Quicken error CC-503. this generally occurs due to the wrong login credentials of your linked bank account. troubleshoot this issue by updating your bank account credentials.

If you are a beginner then follow the steps given below in order to register and activate the Quickbooks Desktop account.

Steps To Register Quickbooks 2016 and Later VersionRegister Quickbooks

  • Double-click on the Quickbooks Icon to open it and then press the F2 key.
  • A window will open on the screen. Now go to the product information page and look for the registration status on the left of the license number.
    • If the registration status says “activated” then you can use the Quickbooks software.
    • In case, the registration status is set to “Not activated” then follow these steps properly.
      • Click on “Ok” to close the product information window first.
      • now go to the dashboard and click on the help menu and then choose the “Activate QuickBooks” option from the list to activate the Quickbooks software.
      • if you have Quickbooks 2016 version then it will be Register Quickbooks instead of Activate Quickbooks.
  • Now follow the prompted instructions to complete the activation process.Register Quickbooks Desktop

Registration Method for Quickbooks Older Version

With the latest release of the Quickbooks software, it requires the latest windows components to install the Quickbooks software. hence, the activation for the first time can’t be processed. However, if you have are re-installing an older Quickbooks version then you can re-register it again by following the steps given above. You need to install the Quickbooks software and then activate it from the Quickbooks Tool itself.

Steps to Link Existing Account Information by Activating Quickbooks with Intuit Account

The best way to activate your Quickbooks account is with the existing Intuit Account to sync the existing Quickbooks information. when you install and activate the Quickbooks software, you will get an option whether you want to activate Quickbooks with an existing Intuit account or you want to create a new one. While, if you are a newbie and you don’t have an existing Intuit account then you will be required to fill all the required information and complete the activation process. Ensure to check the Phone number and Zip Code field get filled automatically on the registration page on the basis of the opened company file.

In case, you want to link with an existing Intuit account then enter your login credentials of the Intuit account to start the activation process. if you have forgotten your Intuit password then you need to follow these steps in order to retrieve your password.

  • Open the Intuit official website and then click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Now provide the required information to get the reset password link on your mobile number, email, etc.
  • after this, you will get a code on your number.
  • after this enter the code when prompted on the screen and then reset the password.
  • Now go to the Intuit page and login with your new credentials.

You can follow the methods mentioned above to register and activate Quickbooks Desktop in No time. If you have been trying to activate Quickbooks account with the existing Intuit account and you are getting any Quickbooks error then you can contact Professionals at Quickbooks. they will provide you a cost-effective solution to troubleshoot the issue.

Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve Quicken Error CC-503

Quicken is one of the best personal accounting software that can be used to manage your expenses and earnings in the most efficient way. the Quicken software comes with great features and functionalities that make it one of the prominent choice. If you are trying to update the Quicken software to the latest release then you are most likely to encounter the Quicken Error CC-503. this error mostly occurs during updating the Quicken software or you have updated wrong bank information. Hence it is required to troubleshoot this issue by taking proper measures. this error can be troubleshot by updating your bank account credentials.Quicken Error CC-503

Quicken and Quickbooks are two different types of accounting software. one helps to manage personal accounting while the manages the financial operations and accounting of businesses. however, there are some errors in Quickbooks too that you may encounter. the Quickbooks PDF converter tool is missing or disable can be one such error that needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid any issues in the future. you can try re-installing the Quickbooks PDF converter tool in order to fix the error.

We have explained below the safety measures and troubleshooting tips that you have to take in order to troubleshoot the Quicken error cc-503. but before leading to the solutions, let us have a look at the causes that leads to this quicken error. this will help you to troubleshoot the quicken error cc-503.

Reasons that lead to Quicken Error CC-503Quicken Error Code Cc 503

  • One of the prime reasons behind this error is incorrect login credentials.
  • you might have an outdated Quicken version installed on your computer.
  • You can get this error if you have entered the wrong vault password.
  • any kind of installation issue can cause this quicken error.
  • Corrupted or damaged windows registry files.
  • any kind of malicious or virus in the computer can lead to this error.
  • any missing or deleted quicken file can cause quicken error cc-503

Quicken Error CC-503 Effects

  • You will get an error message on the screen displays the Quicken Error CC-503 and the software crashes.
  • your system will start crashing often.
  • you will get multiple messages of Quicken CC-503 on the screen.
  • the system will start processing slowly.

Troubleshooting methods for Quicken CC-503

Solution: 1 Check Login Credentials of Bank

Initially, make sure you have the correct login credentials of the bank.

  • Enter your password and save it in Notepad or Ms-word file.
  • Now open the Quicken credential page and then copy the password from the file and paste it here.
  • If you getting an issue while logging into Quicken software, then try logging into your bank account with these credentials.
  • if it’s still showing the wrong password, then you need to change your password.
  • go to the bank website and change your password there.

Solution: 2 Update Password

  • If you are still not able to recover the password then try updating your password by following these methods.
  • Open the Quicken software by double-clicking on the icon from the desktop.
  • Now go to the Tools menu and then choose the password vault option.
  • now select the add/edit password option and then select the account for which you want to update the password.
  • Now provide the password and click on save.
  • after this, choose the update now option to complete the process.

Solution: 3 Reactivate Quicken Account

In order to deactivate and reactivate the quicken account, you need to follow these steps.

  • Open the quicken software and go to the tools menu.
  • now choose the account list option to open the list of the account.Quicken Error CC-503
  • after this, select the account that is showing the Quicken error CC-503 and click on the edit option.
  • Open the online services tab and then click on Deactivate option and then choose yes to confirm.
  • Now follow the above steps for all the accounts that are showing the Quicken Error CC-503.
  • this will deactivate all the account that is showing the Quicken error CC-503.
  • Now follow these steps in order to reactivate the accounts again.
  • go to the tools menu and click on the account list option.
  • choose the account that you want to reactivate and then click on the edit option.
  • go to the online services tab and then choose the Setup now option.
  •  Now provide the credentials to activate the account again.

There are several other ways through which you can troubleshoot the quicken error cc-503. you can use these methods to troubleshoot the issue manually. If you are unable to fix this issue on your own then try contacting a professional at Quickbooks to troubleshoot this error.