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QuickBooks provide various great features that help you to keep your data secure from any kind of error as the Quickbooks Company files contain some crucial data and if there is any kind of loss then it can affect your business. hence, it is advisable to always have the backup of your data. If you are using the Quickbooks software on a daily basis, then you must have the backup of your company file. this will help you to restore your data if there is any kind of data loss or something.

Quickbooks Automatic Backup

In Quickbooks software, you can either create the backup of your company file manually or automatically. you can either select the automatic backup option or you can schedule a time for the backup according to your convenience. it is always great to have all the information safe and secure. we have explained below how you can backup Quickbooks File automatically or by scheduling a backup.

Method for Quickbooks Automatic Backup

you may get this error sometimes on your windows screen that says “Quickbooks Automatic Backup Not Working”. In that case, you need to follow these steps to set up Quickbooks Automatic backup.

  • Double-click on the Quickbooks Icon on the screen and open the Quickbooks software.
  • Now open the file menu and then click on the “Save Copy or Backup” option from the list.
  • after this click on the option to set the location where you would like to save the Quickbooks file backup on your computer. after setting backup defaults click on next.
  • after this click on the save option and select to schedule future backup and click on the button.
  • after this click on save backup automatically after every time, I close the company file and then click on next.
  • after this, you will be prompted to enter a number, enter that number and select the finish button to complete the process.

How to Schedule Backups on Quickbooks?

  • Open the Quickbooks software and go to the File menu and select the save copy or backup option.

Schedule Backups on Quickbooks


  • after this click on the copy, you want to backup and then select next.
  • Click on the default options to provide the location where you want to save the backup file.
  • now select the only schedule future backup option and then click on the next.
  • now open the backup on a scheduled window and click on it.
  • provide all the information required for the backup and then look for the folder where you want to save the backup file.
  • now enter a number in the number of the backup copies checkbox.

Schedule Backups on Quickbooks


  • now you have to provide the windows login details by clicking on the store password and then click on the store windows password.
  • here you have to provide the time, day, and the number of back-ups you want to schedule.
  • Click on Finish to complete the process.

Steps to set Quickbooks Backup Reminders

there might be some cases where you can forget to perform the Quickbooks backup. In that case, you can set a reminder on Quickbooks to remind you about the backup of your company file. you can easily schedule these backups reminders by providing the required information about when you want to create the backup of your company file. enter the date and time you want to get reminded about the backup and you will be notified at the exact date and time. follow these simple steps to Schedule Quickbooks backup reminders.

  • Open the Quickbooks software by double-clicking on the icon and then click on the file menu.
  • now choose to save copy or backup from the option and then select the backup copy
  • after this click on the option.
  • After this search through all the directories and select where you want to save the backup of your company file and enter it in tell us where you want to save your backup file field.
  • now select the option to remind you about the backup after every time you are closing the data. you have to enter a number.
  • now click on add date and time of the backup box and then click on Ok.

this way you can set up the backup of your Quickbooks file automatically. this is one of the convenient ways to keep your data secure from any kind of data loss. you can have the complete data stored in your device and you can easily restore the data if you have lost it due to any reason. Quickbooks always seeks to provide the best accounting solutions to its user. So if you want to keep a copy of your original data all the time then you can schedule the automatic Quickbooks backup of the company file on your desktop. it is advisable to schedule a backup of your data once in a week to avoid any kind of loss. if you want to use the Quickbooks software remotely then you can learn about Quickbooks remote access feature. It allows accessing the Quickbooks software from remote desktop.

if while scheduling the Quickbooks backup, if you have encountered any Quickbooks error then you can contact Quickbooks team of experts. they will provide the best possible solution.