Comparison of Quickbooks Payroll basic, Assisted Service and Enhanced

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Quickbooks Software is the best accounting tool to manage your business. with the Quickbooks Desktop version, you will get payroll management packages in three different versions of Quickbooks Desktop that are pro, Premier, and Enterprise. you have to subscribe for these services in order to use the Intuit payroll packages. the payroll packages for the Quickbooks Desktop versions are payroll basic, Enhanced, and Assisted.

Quickbooks basic Payroll

With the payroll services, you can perform various operations like making tax payments or auto-populate the tax-forms, etc. hence there are a lot of features that can help you to manage your business efficiently. Hence it can be really difficult to pick the best payroll package for you. we have made a comparison below between these three payroll packages to make you better understand it.

Comparison of Quickbooks payroll packagesQUickbooks Enhanced payroll

Quickbooks Basic Payroll Service

this Quickbooks Payroll package is designed for the Quickbooks Desktop version which is an entry-level payroll package.

  • the cost of this payroll management package is $25 per month and an additional $2 cost for every employee.
  • this Quickbooks payroll package comes with some basic functionalities of payroll.
  • With this package, you can make payments directly to your employee’s bank at a very low fee.
  • Quickbooks basic payroll service comes with some basic features only hence it won’t offer features to fill the tax-forms and payments and you will be required to create the w-2 forms manually for your employee. If you have the CPA in payroll the Quickbooks basic payroll is the best choice you can have.
  • you can calculate the payroll taxes with this package.
  • it comes with very few functionalities. One of the prominent functionality this package misses is that it is not able to pay the 1099 employee.

Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll Service

For the Quickbooks Desktop, the Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll Service packaged comes with some sort of features and functionalities. it can be considered as an intermediate in the payroll payment management packages.

  • this payroll package will cost you $39/ every month and $2 for every employee every month.
  • with this, you can create the W-2 forms for your employees.
  • this Quickbooks payroll management package offer you to pay 1099 employees.
  • you can pay to the employees directly into their bank accounts online with the Quickbooks enhanced payroll service.
  • the tax-forms will auto-populate and you will be just needed to review the forms.
  • you can manage the federal and state taxes with this Quickbooks payroll package.
  • you can make e-file and payments while using the Quickbooks software.

Quickbooks Assisted Payroll Service

Among all the packages in the Quickbooks Desktop version, this is the advanced level payroll management packages.

  • this is one of the best payroll management package. if you subscribe to this package then you will get all the premium features that are missing in the basic and enhanced payroll packages.
  • To subscribe for this payroll package you will be required to pay $99 every month and depending upon the number of employees you have. however, this value can vary as intuit offers customized pricing.
  • One of the major differences of this package is that the complete payroll management of your business will be the sole responsibility of the Intuit.
  • With this packaged, you will get tax forms, year-end forms, etc. to makes sure you won’t pay any kind of fine.
  • you will not be required to review the form or a professional payroll manager. the whole process will be independent.

quickbooks payroll assisted

Based on the comparison between the Quickbooks payroll packaged for the desktop version, you can pick the package based on your requirement and your budget, you can learn about the advantages of theses packages with the help of difference between these payroll packages. Along with this, you can also use the intuit merchant services to manage the small and medium-sized business effectively. if you want any kind of help then you can contact the expert team at Quickbooks.