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QuickBooks Software is designed with lots of interesting features and functionalities that provide ease in Accounting. It is among the lists of best accounting software across the world. In order to successfully run your business, You need to maintain a proper track of the cash flow in your business. the invoice generating feature in the Quickbooks Software makes it easier for the user to keep a track of all transactions in the business. it provides ease in managing the accounts receivable in your business. the Quickbooks Software is equipped with this feature that allows the users to generate invoices for the customers and can be sent to the clients through the quickbooks Software only. Hence, you need to know how to create an invoice in Quickbooks.

Create invoice in Quickbooks

If you are wondering about the benefits and method to generate invoices in Quickbooks then you are in right place. In this article, we will discuss in detail the advantages of generating invoices and some simple steps to create an invoice in Quickbooks Desktop.

Why should you use Quickbooks to Create an invoice?

Quickbooks provides a user-friendly interface that allows its user to create invoice easily. below we have mentioned some benefits of creating an invoice in Quickbooks Desktop.

  • Quickbooks can save you a lot of time as it allows the user to send the invoice directly from the software itself.
  • It is automated software, hence once you will generate and send the invoice to the customer the financial data will be updated automatically.

Every business needs to send invoices to the customers to receive payments. 

What are the Benefits of Generating an Invoice?

An invoice is one of the important documents in business to manage it properly. Below listed are some of the advantages of generating an invoice in business.

Sales Tracking: An invoice can be very useful in maintaining a proper record of the sales. In any case, it can be used as a legal record of the sale.

Tracking of Payment: Invoice offers ease in payment tracking. the seller and the buyer can easily track the status of the payment.

Legal Proof: In case of any disputes, an invoice can be used as legal proof between the seller and the buyer.

Taxations: Keeping a record of all the invoices can assure this that you haven’t paid any extra amount.

Useful Data: Maintaining invoices can result in creating business data that can be used to understand the sales pattern of the customer, Buying dates, etc.

Once you are aware of these benefits than its time to learn the simple ways to create an invoice in Quickbooks Software. Quickbooks is an advanced software, Hence, it is going to save you a lot of time and effort with its premium features.

Simple Steps to Create an Invoice in Quickbooks

Quickbooks Software is enriched with some advanced features that allow the user to generate invoices for different purposes. With Quickbooks, You can create an invoice for a sales order, estimate, etc.

Steps to Generate an Invoice in Quickbooks

Quickbooks Invoice

  • Open the Quickbooks Software from the desktop and then click on the invoices option.
  • Now click on the create invoices and then select a customer or customer from the drop-down list by clicking on Customer: job.
  • If you need to create a new customer or customer job then click on Add new option.
  • after this, enter all the required information like bill Invoice date, Bill to/sold to, terms, etc.
  • After this, select the items from the list.
  • Follow these steps to create a discount item in the invoice.
    • Click on the list-menu and then choose the item lists option from the menu bar.
    • Now right-click on the screen and choose the “New” option from the list.
    • Click on the drop-down list of the type of list and then choose the discount list option.
    • now provide the item name/number in the name field and then enter a description of the product.
    • Now enter the discount amount or percentage in the field. If the final amount doesn’t match then you can directly add this to the sales form.
    • Now choose the account that manages all the transactions and then for the item select the right tax code.
    • Click on Ok to save the discount list.
  • . Now click on Save and close to complete the process.

Steps to Create an Invoice for Sales Order

In Case, You have created a sales order then you will be required to create an invoice. There are two ways through which you can generate an invoice for sales order in Quickbooks. 

Use the Sales Order Window

  • Open the Quickbooks Software and go to the sales order window and then click on the invoice button.
  • A message will be visible on the screen and you need to perform the following.
    • Click on the Create invoice button to choose the items from the sales order.
    • Now click on click on the button that says create an invoice for the selected items. 
  • Enter the required information and makes possible changes in the invoice.
  • click on save and then close to complete the process.

Use the Invoice Window

  • Go to the Quickbooks Software and then click on create invoices option.
  • Now select a customer or customer job from the drop-down menu. the sales order window will open on the screen.
  • Choose the sales order that have the selected items you want to include.
  • Make the required changes in the invoice and click on the save and close option.

How to Create an Invoice For Estimate?

create invoice in quickbooks

Now, if your estimate has been accepted and the customer is paying the dues then you can create an invoice for the estimate with the following steps.

Using Estimate Window

  • Start Quickbooks and then open the specific Estimate of the client.
  • Click on the Create invoice option and then if the progress invoice will be enabled then you will be asked to select the item and the quantities that you want to include in the invoice.
  • Make the required changes and then click on the save and close button.

Using Invoice Window

  • Click on the create invoice option from the home screen of Quickbooks Software.
  • Now click on the drop-down menu of Customer: job and then select a customer job or customer. the estimate window will be open on the screen.
  • Quickbooks allows you to choose one estimate per invoice. So you can select the estimate you want to include in the invoice and then click on Save and Close button.

So, If you want to create an invoice in Quickbooks then you can follow these methods to create an invoice for sales order and estimate. If while working on Quickbooks, if you have encountered Quickbooks error 12007 then you can use the Quickbooks Diagnostic tool to troubleshoot this error.

We have a team of experts who are highly qualified to resolve any kind of error. If you need some assistance to successfully create an invoice in Quickbooks then you can contact them.