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Quicken is one of the finest accounting software to handle your personal transactions. it comes with various great features that help you to access your accounting details from your mobile. the Quicken cloud helps you in transferring the financial data to the quicken mobile from the desktop. the Quicken cloud will be created automatically when you will create the quicken ID. However, the quicken cloud won’t allow you to access the information from anywhere. you can access the quicken cloud data from your desktop or from Mobile.  We have explained below, how you can modify the quicken cloud or how you can remove or edit quicken cloud data files from your Mac And Windows.

Edit Quicken Data files

In the latest update of the Quicken cloud Service, Now you can access multiple files and it allows you to edit the names of the files too. If you don’t want any file to sync with the quicken cloud then you can simply remove the file.

while installing the Quicken software into your computer, if you have encountered any error then you might need to uninstall Quicken software in order to troubleshoot the error. You can use the QCleanUI tool to completely remove the Quicken software from your device. it will perform a clean install of the Quicken software into your device. after running the QCleanUI tool try running the installation process again to check whether the error has been resolved or not.

Delete Quicken Cloud Data In Simple Steps

If you want to edit or modify the Quicken Cloud data files then you can follow these steps. Make sure to follow these steps carefully in order to avoid any errors.

  • Open the Quicken Software from the Desktop by double-clicking on the Icon.
  • now click on the Edit option and then choose preferences.
  • Now click on the cloud account option and then you have to change the name of the cloud account.

Delete Quicken Cloud Data

  • after this, make the required changes and then click on the “OK” option.
  • Now, if you want to delete a file from the Quicken cloud then you have to Choose the Cloud account that is synced with the Quicken ID.
  • After this choose the name of the file and then click on the delete option.

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Steps to Delete or Edit Cloud Files in Mac

If you have Mac OS and you want to delete Cloud file from Quicken then you need to follow these steps.

  • Open the Quicken software and then choose the Preferences.
  • After this, click on the Associated services tab and then click on the See all cloud accounts option.
  • Now choose the edit option from the data manager and then edit the file.

Cloud Files in Mac

  • If you want to remove the file from the cloud then click on this “-” icon.
  • Now click on the Confirm option to save the changes.

We have explained above how you can edit or remove quicken data files from Windows and Mac OS. You can follow these steps if you want to edit the Account name of the Quicken cloud. One more thing that you have to understand here is that you can only access the quicken cloud files from the registered quicken products only. So if you are trying to access the quicken software from any other device then it will show an error. While following these steps if you have encountered any error then you can contact the experts at Quicken. they will provide the best possible solution that will help you to resolve this issue in no time.