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QuickBooks is a feature enriched software that offer its users to manage their business in the most convenient way. However, Flaws and errors are part of any Software and Quickbooks is no different. “The file you specified cannot be open” is one such Quickbooks error that can create hindrance in your work while accessing the Quickbooks software. this error can occur due to various reasons and it will not let you access the Quickbooks company file. However, there is nothing that needs to worry about this as there are some quick ways available that can be used to troubleshoot this Quickbooks Error.

Quickbooks Error

We will discuss below the causes of this error and what are some quick ways that can be used to resolve this error easily. If we discuss about Quickbooks web connector has stopped working then this can be because of error qbwc1085. Hence, If you have encountered file not opening error then read this blog till the end to fix this error as soon as possible.

What Causes this Quickbooks Error Statement?

Before leading to the troubleshooting steps, make sure to have a look at the causes mentioned below to understand the reasons that lead to this Statement “the file you specified cannot be open”.

  • the error can occur due to damaged or corrupt Quickbooks company file.
  • The file is opened simultaneously on other servers.
  • Due to any malware or virus attack on the server.
  • You are not logged in as an administrator.
  • installation issue in the Quickbooks software can also lead to this error.
  • Outdated Quickbooks and Windows can cause this Statement to occur.
  • Limited permissions to access the folder can cause this Quickbooks Error.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Quickbooks Statement -“The file you specified cannot be open”

The solution to fix this issue depends upon the causes. In case, you have encountered this Quickbooks error then you need to follow the methods mentioned below to troubleshoot his error. this error generally occurs because of damaged or corrupt Quickbooks company file, hence, it is advisable to create a backup of the Quickbooks company file to avoid any kind of data loss due to an error.

Method: 1 General Solution

Before leading to advanced solutions, you can try these general solutions in order to troubleshoot this error quickly.

  • make sure to check the other server if the file is opened somewhere.
  • Repair the damaged Quickbooks Company file using the file doctor tool.
  • Use anti-malware or Security software to scan your computer to remove any malicious program or file.
  • Make sure to login as an administrator.

Quickbooks Error

  • Update the Quickbooks software and Windows to the latest release.

Solution: 2 Use Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

You can use this Advanced troubleshooting process to fix the Quickbooks error. the Quickbooks file doctor tool can be used to repair the corrupted or damaged Quickbooks company file. You need to simply download and run this tool and the tool will automatically detect and diagnose the error in the meantime. Follow these steps to use the Quickbooks file doctor tool.

QB error

  • Start your browser and open the intuit Website.
  • download the QB file doctor tool and save it in your local drive.
  • Open the folder where you have saved the QB file doctor installation file and double-click on it to run the installation file.
  • Choose the next option and follow the given instruction to complete the installation process.
  • after this, browse the files that are causing this error and click on the scan option.
  • wait until the process completes, it can take time depending upon the size of the folder.
  • Once, the process completes it will ask you to open the file in which version if you are using Multi-user access in Quickbooks.
  • Now open the Quickbooks software and try accessing the Quickbooks company file to check whether the error has been resolved or not.

If even after using the Quickbooks error, if you are still getting this error then you can proceed to the next step.

Solution: 3 Create a Sample File

if you are still getting this error then you need to create a sample file to check if the “the file you specified cannot be open” statement occurs in the sample file also.

Create a sample company file in the Quickbooks software and open it to check if the error still persist or not. If you have tried the above methods and still getting error then move to the next step.

Solution: 4 Perform Clean Install of Quickbooks

If you have used all the methods and still not able to troubleshoot the error then you are required to perform a clean install of the Quickbooks software. You can use the Quickbooks Clean install tool to remove the Quickbooks software completely. Once you have removed the Quickbooks software then you need to go to the Official Website of Intuit and download the latest release of the Quickbooks software. After installing the Quickbooks software, set up your Quickbooks Account and then try accessing the Quickbooks company file to check whether the error has been resolved or not.

So these are some of the Quickbooks Ways that can be used to resolve this Quickbooks error. Quickbooks Error 6000 77 is also one such error that can cause issues while opening the Quickbooks company file. You can use the QB file doctor tool to troubleshoot this error as well.

So we have explained to you how you can fix this error but In Case, you need any kind of assistance to troubleshoot this error then feel free to contact the professionals at Quickbooks. they will help you in troubleshooting the error quickly.