Quickbooks Advanced Inventory

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The Quickbooks software introduced by Intuit is one of the leading accounting software that is used by various leading businesses all across the world. the intuition features of Quickbooks software helps to manage the accounting issues in the business in a very easy way. Quickbooks features include synching of the bank with Quickbooks account to track the transactions and to keep a sorted record of all the financial transactions of your business. For Windows users, Quickbooks has three variants that are pro, premier, and enterprise. However, the most advanced features of Quickbooks comes with the enterprise version only.

Quickbooks Advanced Inventory

One more feature of Quickbooks is the Quickbooks Memorized transactions that allow you to sort and store the financial transactions of your business in an efficient way.

The Quickbooks Enterprise comes with the most advanced features from all the three versions of the Intuit family. the advanced inventory system in the Quickbooks enterprise solved all the inventory issues. it has its own inventory system that resolves and operates all the inventory process in the Quickbooks itself. the advanced inventory system in the enterprise edition allows dealing with a process like an account management, job costing reports, inventory reports, etc.

One of the key features of this advanced inventory system is that it allows you to create a barcode scanner. you need to simply scan the barcode scanner and the Quickbooks will put all the information directly at the correct place.

Features of Quickbooks Advanced InventoryQuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory 

Barcode Scanning Inventory System

The primary advantage of this feature is that it speeds up the picking process. Along with this, it allows us to track the inventory through the wireless media by scanning the inventory. it has its own handheld device to give instructions to the workers.

Inventory Tracking System

The tracking of the inventory system is not limited to one warehouse in the Quickbooks advanced inventory system. It allows you to track multiple warehouses with a single device and it will remind you about the item in your inventory that requires restocking.

Create Customized Inventory Reports

With the advanced inventory system, you can create customized reports for your business. these customized reports will include the insights of your business that will help you to take precise action. Reports such as inventory stock by item, Inventory Valuation summary, and assembly shortage by items can be created.

Bin Location

The bin location tracking feature will allow tracking the inventory from the Bin location level. you will be able to track inventory from multiple warehouses and you will get to see actual locations and numbers while filling the form. the feature will enhance the shipping process.

Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner feature will ease the data entry process. you need to just scan the scanner and Quickbooks will automatically update all the information. even if you don’t have a barcode for your business then you can create it with Quickbooks.

FIFO Inventory

You will get two costing methods with the Quickbooks Advanced inventory system. you will get to switch between FIFO(First In First Out) method and average costing method.

Serial Number or Lot Number Tracking

Adding serial or Lot numbers to the item while selling or purchasing will enhance the tracking system. you can easily track the defective inventory items with the serial and lot numbers.

Inventory transfer

Quickbooks Inventory System

with the Quickbooks advanced inventory system, you can easily manage stock in the warehouse. if you have a requirement of items in one inventory then it will help you to transfer stock from one inventory to another in an easy way by managing all the information.

Set Different Locations

To enhance the tracking system of the inventory, you can add multiple locations such as on water or service track. you can track the inventory in a more specific way.

One Place Dashboard

the integration of the Quickbooks inventory system allows you to track all your accounting details in one place. All your data, invoices, orders, sales will be tracked in one place.

These are some of the features of the Quickbooks Advanced inventory system. if you are seeking any kind of assistance regarding the Quickbooks software then you can connect with any of the professionals from Quickbooks team of Experts.