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The intuit community is providing various solutions to ensure user-friendly and efficient services to manage your business. The Intuit Field Service Management software is one the best that keeps your back-office, service, and Quickbooks Connected. eventually, these features will increase the productivity of your business by managing all the jobs perfectly.Intuit Field Service Management

This tool is designed specifically to keep your focus on your payments and transactions like costs, sales, cash flow, personals, customers, etc. it will eventually make it easier to handle your business with fewer responsibilities by synching your fieldwork and financial work together in a perfect manner. you can also activate the Quickbooks direct deposit feature to transfer payment or wages to your workers account directly.

Quickbooks Intuit Field Service Management Benefits

this tool comes with various benefits that can help you to keep track of your progress in the business. you will receive a report on the development and progress in your business that will include the following things.

  • Invoicing
  • Progress status updates.
  • Job Management.

However, these are not the only benefits of the Intuit Field Service management. Here is the list of updates you will receive with this tool.

Intuit Field Service Management

Schedule Shuffling

This amazing tool comes with various features that provide some valuable information about the employees working out there. you will be able to track the work order, location, and status of each of the technicians. hence if there any issue or an employee got late then you can simply drag and drop the work order to assign the task to a new worker. it will be really easier with this tool.

Report of Business Progress

The Intuit Field Service management tool will provide you with a report of all the technician who is working for you with all of their details about their arrival time, working hours, travel time, etc. with this data you will be able to track the efficiently of your employees. you can simply edit the information of your employees and can make changes in their job details.

Improvised Fix Rate

this will mean a lot for your organization as it will save your time, money, and reputation as well. the Intuit Service management software allows the technician to have the history of the equipment before leaving for the field. the software will keep all the information about your customers and the equipment which will help the technician to improve the fixing rate.

Manage Wireless Orders 

With the integration of Quickbooks software with the Intuit field service management software, you will be able to make orders online to your employees. you can access the Quickbooks field service management tool into your iPhones or Android devices and use this information. you will have all the data about the technician schedules, orders, status, etc. and you can easily reschedule the task easily. it will help you to make smart and quick decisions.

  GPS Tracker

this feature of the intuit field service management tool will help you to save the traveling time to increase the productivity of your services. with the google tracker feature, you will be able to locate your customer and your technician. hence, you can make shuffling of order to the technology that can reach more sooner.

Quickbooks Integration Benefits

Merchant Services

The merchant service is the best way to save your time to process your payments in your business. you can integrate the Quickbooks Intuit field service management tool with the Quickbooks merchant services to operate all the transactions of your business. it will eventually help you in saving your time and money.

Merchant Services

whenever you will make a payment with the Quickbooks merchant services, the payment will be automatically updated in the Quickbooks with an invoice.

Advanced Inventory

Quickbooks Enterprise Feature, the advanced inventory management will offer you to keep the track of your warehouses and your trucks. it will manage all the operation of the truck inventory to keep a complete track of the items in your inventory. it will automatically add and remove the items in your inventory based on the invoices.

Advanced Inventory

Hence these were some of the advantages of pairing your Quickbooks software with the intuit field service management software. We have explained above the features and benefits of the intuit field service management tool. you can enjoy several benefits of it by syncing your financial and filed work data together. it will provide you more time to work efficiently to increase productivity.

While activating the Intuit field service management software if you have got any kind of Quickbooks Error then you can contact the Quickbooks Expert team.