Fix Quickbooks Java Error Code 1601

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QuickBooks Java error code 1601 occurs when installation which performed earlier, is not updated, and this Java install error code message usually comes while you are using this application.Java Error Code 1601

Leading causes of java install error code 1601

  • This particular java error code 1601 windows 7 occurs when windows operating system got infected by local associative software packages
  • This issue is caused due to downloading a QuickBooks corrupt file
  • Microsoft window installer is corrupt
  • This error flash when you do not have access to the QuickBooks system or windows operating system.
  • Java install error code 1601 occurs when all the files are encrypted
  • Some time QuickBooks applications might get infected with a virus or Malware.

Several ways to fix Java Error Code 1601 to help installation QuickBooks

There are several solutions to fix java install error code 1601. out of them, several ploughs are there. you can use the intuit certified tools to resolve these errors. the Quickbooks Error code 6177 can also be resolved by using the Quickbooks File doctor tool.


  • First tap on the window button and type services.msc in the search boxjava install error code 1601
  • Choose service option(Local) and right-click on the window installer and choose the properties option
  • Once the properties open, click on the startup type drop-down list. if it has set on disable option, select it for the manual option.quickbooks error
  • Now click on the service status and choose to start to enable the window if it is disabled.


  • Click on the window key and type cmd in the appropriate search box to open Command prompt window
  • At the Command prompt, type “msiexec/unregister” and press enterJava Error Code 1601
  • If you see another prompts appear at the screen, click on OK
  • Reboot your computer and install the QuickBooks application
  • On rebooting the Computer check the issue status whether it has fixed or not. If the issue persists, move on to another solution.


  • Click on the window key on the keyboard and type cmd in the search box to open the Command prompt window
  • Type “exe/unreg” in Command in the command prompt and tap on OK
  • If confirmation dialogue box shows to confirm, choose the OK button to confirm.
  • Now press Window +R button simultaneously on the keyboard
  • Write “exe/regserver” in the search box and click OKquickbooks error
  • Once you got the confirmation page, click on OK to confirm
  • Start QuickBooks installation process again.

Confirm that still, you have the error code 1601 java update. If it is solved, download the window installer latest version and if the error persists, jump on the next solution.


First install the diagnostic tools that are used to resolve the issue that creates third party software like C++, .NET framework and MSXML.

  • Start your computer system in administrator mode
  • Download the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool using the internet and save it on local drive or desktop.Quickbooks install the diagnostic tools
  • To install the diagnostic tools, click on the QBinstall_Tool_v2.exe, which is an executable file.
  • Now, this tool scans the complete system and if found any system error or issue, repair all the issues.

All the mentioned plough used to fix QuickBooks java install error code 1601, and I hope you will find this information useful. If you are looking for more ways to resolve this error code 1601 java update issue or looking to know more details about it, take help from QuickBooks Certified Team.