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QuickBooks Software provides some advanced accounting features that make it easier for the user to manage company files in Quickbooks. One such feature is the combined report feature in Quickbooks that allows users to merge two QuickBooks files together. with this feature, you can merge multiple files together so that you can handle all the data easily. You can merge Balance sheet files, Transaction files, profit and loss files, etc. This feature makes it very convenient to access all the data together. In Case, You need to create business reports and need all this data together then you can make use of this feature. 

In this article, We will discuss the method through which you can merge files in Quickbooks and what are some pre-requisites of merging two files in Quickbooks. Along with this, we will also discuss some of the file types that cannot be merged together in Quickbooks Software. At any point, if you need some help in order to merge Quickbooks Files then you can send your query to the Quickbooks experts. They will respond to you with effective solutions.

merge quickbooks files

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Quickbooks Combined Report Feature

To Successfully Merge two files in Quickbooks software, You have to make sure that you meet these requirements.

  • In order to create an easy to read merge files, you need to create identical Chart of Accounts in Different company files.
  • You can only Merge accounts with the Same Type, name, and Gradable Level.
  • If you don’t meet these requirements as follows then the files will not be merged.
    • Different levels of account cannot be merged with each other. For example, You cannot merge a Sub-Account with a parent account in Quickbooks.
    • Accounts with different spellings cannot be merged together as well.
    • If you have accounts with Different account numbers then you can not merge them together.
  • In order to move the combination files freely over the network, you need to enable the multi-User mode in Quickbooks Software.

So these are some of the things that you have to remember before merging two files in Quickbooks Software. it can be really easy to merge two files together but as we have discussed above, there are some files that you cannot merge together. So have a look at the type of the Quickbooks files that can’t be merged.

List of File Types that Cannot be Merged Together

  • In Quickbooks software, you cannot display the Payroll Checks in Payroll reports as they are already combined with the form of the regular check.
  • It won’t allow transferring the memorized transaction in Quickbooks software from the Secondary files.
  • In Quickbooks Software, It won’t allow you to merge bank reconciliation files.
  • The Quickbooks files with assembly build and negative inventory can be hard to merge in Quickbooks Software.
  • The Quickbooks data files that get updated automatically like sales tax items or groups cannot be merged together.
  • you cannot merge the customer Notes and To-Do lists in Quickbooks.
  • It won’t allow you to merge the customer fields in the Quickbooks Transaction files.

So these are some of the file types in Quickbooks software that are hard to merge. In case, You need data from these files then you need to manually access these files to export the data. Now move forward to the steps that can be used to merge Quickbooks files.

Simple Steps To Merge Quickbooks Company Files

Combined Quickbooks Files

The process to merge two Company files in Quickbooks Software is quite complex. Hence, you need to follow these methods properly to merge Quickbooks Company files. In Case, you have got an issue while performing this then immediately contact the experts at Quickbooks. As it involves the transferring of data and any mistake can lead to data loss. In fact, Before merging these files Make sure to create a backup of the Quickbooks Company file to avoid any kind of data loss in Quickbooks Software. You may also face the issue of Quickbooks frozen on desktop that is when you are working smoothly and you see that quickbooks is keeps freezing then you need to solve this error immediately by how to unfreeze quickbooks software.

Solution: 1 Use Quickbooks Combined Report Feature

Follow these steps to use the In-built feature of the Quickbooks Software to merge two company files in Quickbooks Software. In the Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise, you can use the Quickbooks Combined report feature to merge two different company files together. here is the list of the files that you can merge together with this feature.

  • Balance Sheet summary
  • Balance Sheet standard
  • Profit & Loss Standard
  • Profit & Loss by Class
  • Trial Balance
  • Statement of Cash Flows

So these are the files that can be merged together in Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise. Now you can follow these steps to Combined Files in Quickbooks Desktop.

  • Open the Quickbooks software from the desktop.
  • Now click on the reports option from the menu bar and choose combined reports from the Multiple Companies option.
  • Now click on the Add files option and then open the other company file by clicking on open.

Merge Quickbooks Files

  • Follow these steps for other company files.
  • Now you need to select the reports that you want to merge from the “select Reports for Combining” section.
  • After this enter the date to mention the range of the report you want to Merge. Enter from and to date in the field.
  • Now select the excel report as the report basis to get an excel sheet with all the information merged together.

Method:2 For Quickbooks Pro and Premier Use External Tools

If you are using Quickbooks Pro and Premier, then there are various software available in the market that can be used to merge two different files in Quickbooks. You need to simply install this software in your device and then you can use these third-party tools to combine multiple company files in Quickbooks.

Method:3 Merge Quickbooks Files Manually

if you don’t want to use third-party softwares then you can merge Quickbooks File manually by exporting the reports one by one in excel sheets and then you can merge these files together. Follow these steps to export report manually in Quickbooks.

  • Open the Quickbooks Software and generate the report that you need to export.
  • Now click on the export button and then export it in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Now Generate the report for the second company file as well and export it in another excel worksheet.
  • Save these both files and then open Excel on your computer.
  • Create a New Worksheet and then merge those two files manually in this worksheet.
  • Click on save and close to complete the process.

So this way you can manually merge two Different company files in Quickbooks Software. We have explained to your the different ways that you can use to merge files in Quickbooks using the In-built Combined report feature or with the third-party software. In Case, While registering Quickbooks POS service, If you have encountered Quickbooks error 176109 then simply perform a clean install of the Quickbooks Software to troubleshoot this error Quickly.

If you have any queries related to the Quickbooks Software then you can report your issue to the Quickbooks Experts.