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Quickbooks is one of the finest accounting tools that is equipped with intuitive features to make it easier for you to regulate the operations in your business effectively. the merging vendors feature in Quickbooks software offers you to update the transactions and information in your accounts as needed. with this tool, you will be able to monitor all the transactions in Quickbooks in one place. hence, it is very important to merge vendors in Quickbooks.

vendors in Quickbooks

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In this blog, we have explained below the method to merge vendors in Quickbooks software.

Things to do before merging Vendors in Quickbooks

if you are going to merge vendors list in Quickbooks desktop then here are the things that you have to consider before continuing this process.

  • make sure to have a backup of the company file before adding vendors.
  • Update all the changes required in the accounts.
  • name the file as Single user mode.
  • Don’t use the QBA file in the merging process.
  • Turn-off the multi-currency feature.

Make sure to check the list of the vendors that they do not belong from the following categories

  • Authorities or Tax-exempt
  • Vendors who are paid using direct deposit method or online banking.

Steps to Merge vendors in Quickbooks 2019

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to merge the vendor’s list in Quickbooks.

  • Double-click on the Quickbooks icon on the desktop to open it.
  • Now if you have Quickbooks accountant edition then open the accountant menu.
  • Now choose the client date review option and then click on merge vendors.
  • and if you are using Quickbooks desktop enterprise edition then open the company menu and you need to choose the accounting tools.
  • after this click on the merge vendors option.
  • after this, you have to select the vendors whom you want to merge in the Quickbooks 2019.
  • now you have to select one vendor whom you want to make the master vendor.


Quickbooks Merge vendor

  • after this click on Yes and then click on OK to complete the process.

Merge Vendors in Quickbooks 2018 and Earlier Version

If you have Quickbooks 2018 and older versions then you need to follow these methods.

  • Open the Quickbooks software and click on the vendor’s option.
  • now go to the vendors center and then select the vendor.
  • now right-click on the vendor’s name and click on the edit option.
  • Now you need to copy the name of the vendor and then return to the vendor center window.

Merge Vendors In QuickBooks

  • after this select the vendor whom you want to merge and right-click on it.
  • now choose the edit option and then paste the name you have copied.
  • after this click on Ok and then yes to complete the process.

We have explained the complete process through which you can merge vendors in Quickbooks 2019, 2018, and earlier versions. if you have encountered any issue while processing the merging process, then feel free to get in touch with the Quickbooks assistance team.