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The QuickBooks printing feature is one of the amazing features. while keeping all the benefits of this feature aside you may get the Quickbooks Printing error sometime due to some missing Quickbooks component or due to any kind of hardware issues. this Quickbooks error can stick your work in-between. hence you need to troubleshoot this error with the best possible solution.

We have listed here some of the causes that can help you in understanding the causes behind this Quickbooks Printing error. it will also help you to troubleshoot the error. you will get to know about the reasons and the troubleshooting solution of the Quickbooks error

The Reason behind “Quickbooks Won’t Print” Issue

Quickbooks Won't Open


Quickbooks software is used worldwide by various businesses to keep a good track of their business. the printing feature in the Quickbook software can be used several times. hence the reasons mentioned below are somehow the most valuable reasons. however, there are some technical reasons which require an expert to be resolved. Let us have a look at some of the common reasons behind the Quickbooks won’t print error.

  • Quickbooks Software is not connected with the printer or showing any kind of error.
  • the Microsoft XPS document writer maybe not is a connection with the QB.
  • there is any loss of components of Quickbooks which is not allowing to save the form file as .pdf.
  • Due to any synchronization issue, Quickbooks might be freezing.
  • The XPS port connection may be lost.
  • driver required to connect the Printer and Quickbooks is not installed.
  • the print command is not working properly and going to NULL. Quickbooks Print Command stopped working
  • Due to the XPS writer, Quickbooks is unable to convert the file into.PDF.
  • the connection between the devices is lost which is not allowing the Quickbooks and Printer to communicate.
  • Due to file readability issue, the Quickbooks Unrecoverable error is causing the Quickbooks Won’t print Error.
  • QB error 14982 50172 causing this Quickbooks Error.
  • Quickbooks Error -20 -30 can be the reason behind the occurrence of Quickbooks error.
  • While installing the Quickbooks software, the Quickbooks error 1722/1802 has been ignored.
  • Quickbooks Unrecoverable error 15064 06798.
  • the company file is not opening.

Quickbooks Won't open


  • QuickBooks Components required for printing are missing or need repairing.
  • Due to fewer components, the Quickbooks Printing action is unable to complete.
  • the Quickbooks Print driver is not installed properly.
  • activation error of Quickbooks PDF converter can be one of the prime reasons behind this error.
  • the Quickbooks software is unable to connect with the PDF converter directly to print.

Hardware reasons behind Quickbooks Won’t Print Error

  • devices are switched off.
  • the paper tray of the printer is empty or not aligned properly.
  • Not logged in as an administrator.
  • Quickbooks driver for printing is set to null.

Ways to troubleshoot Quickbooks Printing Error

If you have got the Quickbooks Printing error then follow the steps given below in order to troubleshoot the error. you have to follow the steps in the order it has been represented. and make sure to restart your device and the printer and then follow the steps mentioned to fix this Quickbooks Error.

Step- 1 Printing with Other Software

  • Open any of the Document software either word or notepad.
  • Now write something here to print.
  • Now press the print command and select the printer from the drop-down list.
  • If it’s working fine then it ensures that there is no issue with the printer driver.

Step-2 Printer Issues

  • First of all, turn off your printer and your device.
  • Verify all the connections of the printers. tighten them properly to ensure proper connection.
  • ensure that you have placed the paper properly in the printer tray to avoid any kind of jamming.
  • Now restart your device and the printer again.
  • Now go to the start menu and open the control panel.
  • Select the printer and right-click on it and click on use Online Printer.
  • Double-click on the printer and remove all the printing requests in the queue.
  • Now print a test page to ensure that the error has been resolved.

If you are still getting the Quickbooks print error you need to install the Printer driver into another computer and then connect your printer to another computer and try to print a test page. if at the other computer you are still getting the error you need to contact the printer manufacturer to troubleshoot this Quickbooks Error.

While if its working fine on the other computer then you need to follow step 3.

Step- 3 Quickbooks Print And Repair Tool

Quickbooks Tool Hub


You need to download and install the Quickbooks Print and repair tool and then you can simply run this program to fix the common printing issues in QuickBooks. after running this tool, try to print a test page at QuickBooks to ensure the error has been fixed.

If you want to troubleshoot this QuickBooks Won’t print error on your Own then you need to follow these steps. if you are not able to fix this Quickbooks error then you can get assistance from the expert team at QuickBooks.