“QBDBMGRN” Is Not Working

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QuickBooks is a Multi-user accounting software that can be used from multiple devices simultaneously. hence multiple users can operate the software from different devices at one time. it helps to reduce the workload. Quickbooks database server manager tool is used to operate these multiple accounts in a perfect manner. if a user is getting “qbdbmgrn is not working on this computer” then it may be because of any kind of restrictions. While using the multi-user mode it can arise due to these kinds of reasons. however, the QBDBMGRN not working can be the cause behind various multi-user issues.

Quickbooks Error

We have triggered some of the best troubleshooting solutions that can fix this Quickbooks error. you can also learn about the causes behind it. we have listed here the reasons that can cause QBDBMGRn is not Working on this Computer error.

Reasons Behind qbdbmgrn is not working on this computer

this Quickbooks error occurs when you try to update the Quickbooks accounting software to the latest version but you haven’t updated your firewall settings. hence it won’t allow the Quickbooks software to access the internet connection. when you try to troubleshoot this error using the Quickbooks file doctor to repair the company file then you get the error message which says “qbdbmgrn is not working on this computer” which means you are required to ensure the network connectivity in your device before accessing the company file. 

The Quickbooks file doctor has access limited to the Quickbooks software hence it cannot resolve the issue with the firewall of your computer. you are required to update your firewall settings manually in order to troubleshoot this error. 

Solutions of “qbdbmgrn not running on this computer” error

if you are getting this Quickbooks error then try restarting your device. it has seemed multiple times that restarting the device can resolve the qbdbmgrn not working on this computer error. however, if this doesn’t resolve your error then you can try out the methods mentioned below to troubleshoot this Quickbooks error. 

Sol -1 Quickbooks Installed on Host

Open the server and Locate Quickbooks

  • Click on “Open”
  • Now go to “Open a”
  • Click on Next.
  • now select the company file.
  • Click on “open file in multi-user mode”.
  • Click on OK to log in to the company file with username and password.
  • select the file and click on “company file on the”.

Sol -2 QBDBMGRN is Installed on Computer Only

  • open the control panel window from the start menu.
  • open the administrative tools and go to the services.
  • Click on the correct database and restart your device.
  • once this process is completed the repeat the above steps based on the installation.

If this method doesn’t resolve your issue then follow the next method.

Sol -3 Quickbooks Repair tools

follow the methods mentioned below to repair the Quickbooks software.

  • First of all close all the security software and programs that can cause the issue in the Quickbooks and restart your device.
  • Now take a backup of the company file.
  • Now open the Control panel setting from the Windows button.
  • Click on the Program and features option.
  • Now click on the Program and then click on Uninstall/modify and then on Continue.

qbdbmgrn not running


  • now click on repair and wait until the process completed.
  • after completion of the process click on Finish and restart your device.
  • After this Update to the Latest release of Quickbooks Accounting software.

Sol- 4 File In Use Already Error

While using the Quickbooks software if you are getting the “File in use” error message on your screen then follow the methods mentioned below to troubleshoot it.

  • If you are getting an Option to reboot your system then you are required to ignore it.
  • keep click clicking on the Ignore Option until you are done to repair the error.
  • Once it stops coming to the click on next.
  • after completing the repair process then you can restart your device.

Sol- 5 Use the Quickbooks Clean Install Tool

You can use the Quickbooks Clean Install tool to completely remove the Quickbooks software from your device and then you can re-install the Quickbook again. 

Firstly you will be required to install the latest version of Quickbooks Clean Install too.

step-1 Uninstall Quickbooks software

  • Open the control panel settings from windows.
  • Now go to the “program and features” options.
  • Now select “Uninstall a” and select the program from the list.
  • now click on “Quickbooks” and select “uninstall/change”.
  • follow the process to complete it.
Use the Quickbooks Clean Install Tool
  • download the Quickbooks Clean Install tool and save it.
  • Click on “Quickbooks_clean_install_utility.exe” and click on “I accept”.
  • Now select the Quickbooks Desktop version and when you get “Quickbooks Clean is installed” then click on Ok.

Now you need to rename all the Quickbooks folder on your desktop. use the Windows Explorer option to look for all the Quickbooks file and then rename it. after completing this your error will be resolved. if you have encountered Quickbooks error 15215 then you need to update your Quickbooks to the latest release.

However, if you are still getting this Quickbooks error then you need to contact an expert in order to sort this for you.