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Know about the configuration of Firewall setting in QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is undoubtedly useful accounting software that simplifies the workload of accounts professionals. With this software, bookkeeping can be done like a pro without any hassle. But, there are some technical difficulties that can pop up anytime to give a pause to your important accounting works. QuickBooks 2020 firewall ports related issue is one such problem that can happen anytime in QuickBooks Desktop. It usually happens when working on multi-user mode. If the Windows firewall blocks the internet access for any particular file of QB then you’ll get to see some error message on the screen.Quickbooks 2020 Firewall Ports

If the windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks 2018, you’ll have to configure the firewall settings of the system in a manual way. By updating the firewall, you can also fix this issue. quickbooks software is mode for both mac and windows but The Quickbooks for mac discontinued and if you do not migrate From mac then you might need to face some issues.

Go for the setting of the firewall or antivirus programs

One solution that you can go for fixing the issue of firewalls is the setting of the firewall programs or antivirus. In this, you must check that QuickBooks is getting the general permissions from the programs. Make sure that QB is not blocked by any of the programs. There can be different steps for set up for different programs, thus, you must look at specific programs for set up instructions. while if you have encountered the Quickbooks error 4 then you have to follow some specific methods to troubleshoot this error.

Configuration of firewall ports automatically

To start with this, you need to download and make use of QuickBooks File Doctor. This will result in the opening of the firewall ports and configuration of the Windows firewall automatically. windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks 2018

  • First, close your QuickBooks software before downloading the file doctor.
  • After downloading, just save the file on the desktop or from where you can access it easily.
  • Start making use of it by open the file downloaded file and follow the on-screen instruction. Say yes to the terms and conditions in order to open the QB file doctor and automatically configuring the firewall.

In case, you’re not getting any result of error QuickBooks firewall ports 2019 from this above-mentioned solution, then you must go configuring the firewall manually. If you don’t about the steps then read further:

Configuration of Firewall manually

Firewall configuration is manually done by adding firewall port and creating firewall exceptions for QuickBooks. Let’s have a look at both these solutions in a discreet manner:

How to add firewall port exception?

You can follow these given instructions for all the versions of QuickBooks. 

  • In the computer system, tap on the Windows Start menu. Then, open the search option and find the “Windows Firewall” in it.
  • Go to the Advanced Settings and then make a right-click on the Inbound Rules. Choose the “New Rule” followed by selecting the port. Also, you must choose the TCP.add firewall port exception
  • While following these instructions, you’ll get the option of entering specific ports for the different QuickBooks year version.

Once you’re done with mentioning the specific port number of the version, just make a click on the option of Next. The next step is selecting the “Allow the Connection” and then Next for completing the process. You also need to mark all profiles on the screen.

How to create firewall exceptions for each file of QuickBooks? QuickBooks firewall ports

Let’s start this process by open the Windows Start menu and then typing “Windows Firewall” in the search bar. Again, choose the option of “Advanced Settings” in order to make the right click on the Inbound Rules. After that, you must choose New Rule followed by “Program” and Next. 

Now, what you need to do is to choose “This Program Path” and then go browsing. Make sure to search and choose one of the executable files from the chart that is available to you. Go for selecting “Allow the Connection”. After this, select Next and then go for creating a rule.