Quickbooks 2020 Desktop

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Quickbooks has announced the Quickbooks 2020 desktop version that comes with multiple advanced features and functionalities. we have described below all the advanced features and functionalities that will help you to better understand it. if you have recently started using the Quickbooks software then you can learn how to use Quickbooks to make the best use of it.

the new advanced versions come with various new features that will help you to grow your business and can enhance and improve your business performance eventually. users will get payment reminders from the Quickbooks software which makes it more convenient. however, there were some great features in the Quickbooks 2019 version like bug fixing, fulling customer demand, etc. but the Quickbooks 2020 desktop version comes with great features that will solve all the accounting issues of the business.

Quickbooks 2020 Desktop

Quickbooks 2020 Desktop Features

Here is the list of Quickbooks 2020 Desktop features. This list of features will be the same in all the Quickbooks 2020 desktop version that includes Pro, premier, and accountant.

Quickbooks 2020 Desktop


  • Adds Customer PO: With the latest version of Quickbooks 2020, now the user will not be required to add the Customer PO to invoice emails manually.  the new feature will automatically Add Customer PO to Invoice Emails and also allow them to modify the email template to add the Customer PO Number.
  • Combining Emails: The latest Quickbooks Version will combine all the emails from the same customer in a single mail. it will help you to track all the invoices of the customer accurately.
  • Remind Payment: With the new Quickbooks 2020 Desktop, you can manage the scheduling, reviewing and payment reminders operations to the customers can be operated easily. it will automatically send reminders to your customers.
  • Password reset: You can easily reset your admin password by simply selecting an email from the drop-down list. you will receive a token value that you will have to submit in order to reset your password. hence you won’t need to provide a list of information to prove your identity anymore.
  • Assistance/Help: This latest feature in the Quickbooks 2020 desktop version will enhance your user experience with the software. this will help you to the user the Quickbooks software easily by improving the search experience.
  • Payroll Status: Now the users will not be required to call again and again the Quickbooks team to know about the payroll status. the Qb user will get the payroll status directly.
  • Accessibility: The Quickbooks 2020 desktop versions have improvised its various features to improve user accessibility. the latest feature will enhance the user experience by providing a clear vision. while preparing bills, invoices, etc, it offers great accessibility.
  • Collapse Columns: While creating the report, the collapse columns feature will help to build the report in a more synchronized and it will help you to cover all the information easily.

Advanced Quickbooks Enterprise 20.0 Features

If you have been thinking about getting the Quickbooks 2020 Desktop then you should learn about these advanced Quickbooks Enterprise 20.0 solutions. these are the improvised Quickbooks Features.

  • Landed Price: this new option in the Quickbooks version will cover all the transportation costs including the duties, freight, insurance, etc. the cost of the amount starting from the production to the shipping will be added in the form of landed price. it will help you to get the worth of your service.
  • Express Pick-Pack: This feature has been introducing to enhance delivery operations. with this feature, it will be easier to manage all the picking and packing related operations accurately. hence it will help to complete the process.
  • Alternate Vendor: This feature in the Quickbook Enterprise version will help you to select the best vendor will buying anything. it will suggest you the best vendor from the list.

Quickbooks 2020 DesktopHence these were some of the advanced features of Quickbooks 2020 Desktop. if you got any kind of doubts about issues then you can connect with the Quickbooks Expert team.