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Your number one choice for bookkeeping professionals, QuickBooks with its multiple sorts of facilities gives you a solid reason to keep it relying on to accomplish your business goals. Like any other software programs, the phases of errors are common. In our series of informative blogs, we keep updating you about some important errors, with the suitable causes and fixes. Here, we’re briefing about QuickBooks Abort Error. So give your valuable one minute of time, and make the worth of it.QuickBooks Abort Error

 Let’s Know QuickBooks Abort Error in short


Connection with company file lost. Closing of Quickbooks quickly required, and no any unsaved data will re-enter. If the Quickbooks company files have hosting issues then it can be Quickbooks error 6000 832.


QuickBooks might not be customized on the network as usual as it should be. To make it work again, install software only on that pc where the company file originally placed. Also, a one-time configuration of QuickBooks is needed.

The second confirmation that needed is that hosting PC having company file access should not be off, or disconnected with the network.

Other Instruction

Another potential reason can be due to certain damaged files in QuickBooks. 

Reasons Why You QuickBooks Abort Error Pesters you? 

In a simple and straightforward manner, here we are mentioning all possible reasons for QuickBooks Abort Error:

  • When QBWUSER.INI files are not found, or corrupt within QuickBooks
  • One network having more than one PC, where all PC’s are configured for hosting QuickBooks
  • Multi-user mode and more than one QuickBooks version
  • Damaged hard drive
  • Certain software updates are pending from the accounting software
  • Certain clashes between accounting software and antivirus software
  • Accounting software itself gets damaged
  • The folder holding QuickBooks requires more authentications

Popular Affects of That QuickBooks Abort Error Impacts on YouQUickbooks Error

Here are a few negative impacts that directly affect and stop you to work efficiently with Quickbooks:

  • Automatic shut down of Accounting software
  • Message displays with QuickBooks unrecoverable error
  • Frequently crashes of system figure out
  • Chances of damaging QuickBooks without any display message 

Let’s Come to the Effective Solutions For QuickBooks Abort Error

It’s mandatory for the desktop version of QuickBooks Accounting software to have regular connections with the data files through the server. The best suggestion for you is checking QuickBooks hosting status on your pc when it is not in a single-user environment.

Three Steps To Fix Issues

  • Choose File Option
  • Choose Utilities
  • Select option that asks for stoping QuickBooks

Along with different steps, the configuration of the firewall for windows is also necessary. It gives a standard pace to QuickBooks Desktop software, also puts an end to the chances of firewall blocking the access of some programs or files of QuickBooks.  The configuration of the firewall is a must for both hosts and servers. it will also help you to prevent the Quickbooks error 15243.

Well! You’re free from firewall blockage issues. Now move to the second step in the continuation. Then, Open company file in multi-user mode and then check whether the box nearby open file in multi-user mode is marked.

Take Care of This Point

1-Update to latest

The latest release of accounting software is said as the best efficient to let you work optimally, productively and error-free. So, ensure that the desktop version of QuickBooks has the latest update.  

2- Location Settings of Windows

Check and confirm regional settings are configured only to the United States locale. Correct location setting is mandatory for the flawless working of software

What if devising all the above-mentioned suggestions does not work? It simply means you have to move further. So what next you can so let’s have a look. 

Take Help Of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Download the tool, and run it in order to check & repair all components of windows. 

Reboot Your PC

Sometimes due to multiple programs or functions running on pc create trouble in fress execution of software tasks. Rebooting PC gives your software a fresh start.


Antivirus detects some files or programs of QuickBooks as malicious or unauthorized, this way it blocks them. As a result, it may halt the process, resulting in QuickBooks Abort Error.

Change the name of QBWUSER.INI File

  • The name changing of the .ini extension file need to be done manually.
  • Enable hidden files & folders where the file with this extension is located.
  • Change the name of this file by clicking right. 
  • Give it the name of .old extension in the last.
  • After that rename entitleddatastore.ecml file
  • Doing both renames, you can now open any other file except the company file.
  • You should copy that file to different files at a different location of the network and then open it. 
  • It will work now.

What Else You Can Do?

Well! renaming isn’t working, it means your company file damages, and you have to restore it from backups. Also, create a new admin user for your windows.

I hope, these solutions are helping you in fixing QuickBooks Abort Error. If you get issues in Quickbooks payroll update error that error will be Quickbooks error 15270. Keep in touch to get such important information on QuickBooks.

Have a good day!!