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Quickbooks is a multi-user access tool that can be used by multiple people simultaneously. the multi-user mode in Quickbooks provides to share the accounting software with multiple people to reduce the workload. However, it also increases the chances of error as multiple people work on the same file and if any one of them has made any mistake then it becomes really difficult to find the lost transactions. the Quickbooks audit trail tool is a great tool when it comes to resolving these kinds of errors. it helps you to evaluate the transactions in the Quickbooks software to find the lost transactions.

Quickbooks Audit trail Report

The Quickbooks Audit trail tool helps you to monitor the changes and the modification that has been made by other users in the Quickbooks software. Hence this way, you can find the lost transactions from the Quickbooks data files. One easier way to store the data file in the cloud service. it will help you to prevent your data from any kind of loss. if you have Quicken Id, then a Quicken cloud account will be created automatically. you can even delete quicken cloud data file if you don’t want to sync any of the files with the quicken software.

To make it easier for you to understand, we will explain some basic information about the Quickbooks audit trail along with how you can enable this feature in the Quickbooks software and create customized audit trail reports.

Requirement of Quickbooks Audit Trail Report

  •  one of the main advantages that you will get with the Quicken audit trail report is that you will get the authority of all the transactions updated in the Quickbooks software. you will get access to all the transactions and data of the QB company file, you may require to resolve any kind of discrepancies with the linked bank account in quickbooks.
  • this tool will help you to make the best use of the Quickbooks software. Training your employees to use the Quickbooks software will help them to learn the functionality of the Quickbooks software in a better way. this will prevent any kind of issue in the future.

Steps to Generate Quickbooks Audit Trail Report

If you want to enable the Quickbooks audit trail report feature then you need to follow these steps.

  • Double-click on the Quickbook icon and then choose the edit option.
  • Now click on the preferences option and then the preference window will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now provide the changes you want to make in the “accounting preferences”.
  • Now go to the left icon bar and click the “Accounting set of preferences” option.
  • now go to the company preferences tab option.
  • after this, you will be required to contact the Quickbooks and let them know that you want to use the audit feature.
  • Now mark the audit trail checkbox and now choose the Ok option to save the changes and then call QB to use the audit trail feature.
  • after completing these steps, the Quickbooks software will start keeping the data of the changes made by the users.

How to Customize Audit Trail Reports


the Quickbooks Audit trail report window will have the display option. Under the display option, you will get multiple options to customize the report. the days entered/ last modified or Date range filter will allow you to filter the transactions as per your requirement. you can see the deleted transaction by providing the date when the transaction was edited or modified.

FIlterQuickbooks Audit trail report

this feature allows you to filter the transaction to simplify your search results.  you can filter the list of transactions in form of name, job, customer, vendor, etc.  In order to enable the filter option, choose the option as per your requirement and then provide the required details, and then click on filter option. if you want to remove the filter from search result then you need to highlight the filter and then click on remove filter option.

Header/FooterQuickbooks Audit trail tool

The header/footer option allows you to change the content of the header and footer of the report. you need to simply change the content of the header and footer as required and then click on Ok to save the changes.

Fonts and Numbers

the fonts and numbers option will allow you to change the format of the report. it will help you to customize the look of the report. if you want to the default format then you need to go to the preferred option in the edit menu. Now choose the reports and graphs option and then company preferences and click on Format.

This is all about the Quickbooks audit trail report. In this blog, we have explained to you how you can create and customize the Quickbooks audit trail report along with the benefits that you will get with this Quickbooks tool. If you want to use the Quickbooks audit trail tool but need some assistance then feel free to contact the Quickbooks team of experts.