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While using QuickBooks software, there are several errors that can cause your data damage or data loss. However, Intuit has a backup for you that is the Quickbooks Auto Data recovery tool. The auto data recovery tool is designed specifically to repair or troubleshoot the damaged or lost Quickbooks Files. the tool will offer the users to create a replica of the Quickbooks company file (.QBW). Quickbooks transaction log file(.QBW.tlg) and some other premium auto-recovery features. In this blog, we will discuss the usage of the Quickbooks Auto Data recovery tool along with how you can use this tool to resolve the loss and damage data issues in Quickbooks.

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

However, if you are trying to send emails using outlook application in the Quickbooks software and you are getting an error message that says Quickbooks is unable to send email to the outlookError then you can try troubleshooting this error by performing a clean install of the Quickbooks software. this error generally occurs due to the miss-configuration of the Quickbooks Desktop or your computer email settings. If you have tried and unable to sort this error then you can ask for assistance from the experts. There can be different error present Quickbooks Error 12031 is a payroll update error that comes while updating the software.

Here are the two ways to use Quickbooks Auto data recovery tool for recovering process:

  • Use the copy or current and old transaction log files.
  • Using the transaction log file and company file copy, recreate the last transactions.

Keep these things in Mind While using the Tool

  • You can use the Quickbooks Auto data recovery tool for Windows only and for Quickbooks Pro, premier, and enterprise version only.
  • the auto-recovery features are not available in the accountant’s parts.
  • If you have a file with a size greater then 1.5 GB then you cannot use this tool to repair that particular file.
  • make sure to update the Quickbooks software to the latest release.

Steps to Use the Quickbooks Recovery Tool

Method: 1 Authentic.TLG file

Quickbooks Auto data recovery tool

In order to recover, the recent transaction use the Transaction Log file with the auto-recovery tool. Below listed are the methods that you can use to recover the transactions.

  • Create a folder on the Desktop named “QB Test”.
  • Now go to the folder.
  • Right-click on the “corresponding.tlg” and copy it.
  • Paste the file into the QB test folder on the desktop.

Show File Extensions

  • Open the file explorer windows.
  • Click on the organize and then click on the folder and go to the search options.
  • if you have windows 10 or later then click on view and select the “filename extension” option.
  • Now mark the “hide extensions” option and click on Apply to save it.
  • after this, go to the Quickbooks recovery folder and copy the “.adr file”.
  • paste this file into the QB test folder on the desktop.
  • Now the QB test folder will have.QBW.adr and .tlg file.
  • Now open the QB test folder and right-click on.QBW.adr file to rename the file.
  • Rename the file by removing the.ADR from the end and save the file.
  • Now go to the Quickbooks software and run the company file and ensure the correction in the transactions.
  • after this go to the tools menu and choose the “verify” option to check the integrity of the file.
  • if you have checked the company file and you are completely satisfied then you can change the location of the damaged file.
  • now move the Recovered company file from the QBtest folder to the folder.

Method: 2 ADR Version.QBW and .tlf files

if you want to recover the transactions of the last 12 hours then you can use the ADR version of .TLG and.QBW files. Follow these steps to complete the process.

  • Close all the running programs and create a folder on the desktop and name it as “Quickbooks”.
  • Now open the Quickbooks recovery folder and copy the .QBW.adr and .tlg.adr files and then paste them into the QBtest folder.

Reflect File Extensions

  • Press and hold the Windows+E key.
  • Choose the organize option then click on the folder option and click on the search option.

ADR Version.QBW and .tlf files

  • for windows 10 and later and then click on view and click on “File Name Extension”.
  • Now select the file that has the know extension types.Press the apply button.
  • Now go to the QB test folder and rename the .QBW.adr and .tlg.adr files by removing the .adr from the end of the file name to get .QBW and .tlg file.
  • after this, Open the Quickbooks software and run the company file to check the file is restored or not.
  • Ensure that you have all the transactions from the last 12 hours.
  • after this move the damaged Quickbooks company file to a separate folder.
  • Now copy the recovered company file from the QB test folder to the original destination of the Quickbooks company file.

So if you have lost Quickbooks  file due to an error in Quickbooks software then you can follow these steps to use the Quickbooks  data recovery tool to restore the lost company files in Quickbooks. however, if you need assistance in order to use the auto data recovery tool then you can ask for assistance from experts at Quickbooks. they have professionals who can provide you a cost-efficient solution to fix the issue in no time.