Quickbooks Backup Not Working

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You may have stored important files in QuickBooks. However, unpredictable factors can cause a loss of those files at any time. We know that one of the best ways of saving these files is to have a backup. Now, what would you do when you do not get time to back up your data? The smartest option to you is to prefer QuickBooks scheduled backup.

QuickBooks backup automatically is one of the data backup systems, enabling you to back up your important files regularly. By using this functionality, you may create a schedule for the backup. QuickBooks software will automatically start backing up your data. Thus, to ensure the safety of the QB data, you can choose QuickBook’s scheduled backup. unless if you are getting Quickbooks error 15101,  you can follow some specific troubleshooting methods to resolve this error.

QuickBooks scheduled backup

QuickBooks Backup Not Working

Some users have complained that their QuickBooks scheduled backup feature is not working. There are different reasons, for which you can face the problem- QuickBooks backup not working windows 10.

  • Your Windows OS version does not comply with your QB. For instance, you have configured your computer for Windows Server 2003, and your present system has Windows 10.
  • Improper QuickBooks scheduled backup setup
  • Damage to your QB company files is causing errors to the automatic backups.
  • An outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop 

Method 1: Run Compatibility Mode of QB software for the chosen Windows version

  • Right-click on the QB icon and choose Properties.
  • Find the Compatibility tab. Go to the option- Run this program in compatibility mode. Then, you can checkmark it.QuickBooks backup not working windows 10
  • From a drop-down list, you can choose the Windows OS version
  • Then, click on the button Apply and OK

These steps would solve your issue- QuickBooks 2018 scheduled backup not working. For knowing your Windows version, you have to press the key combinations- Windows +R. The popup window displays you that version.

Method 2: Choose the in-built tool for the solution

Quickbooks Error

  • QB Verify and Rebuild Data Utility- This is one of the integrated tools of the software for checking the QuickBooks file integrity. After identifying the damage, the software resolves it automatically.
  • Open your QB Desktop, and go to utility section 
  • Choose the option Verify Data
  • Now, QuickBooks start scanning the file to find corruption and errors.
  • In some cases, you can find a message on the loss of integrity of your data. Close this message to hit the File section.
  • Choose Rebuild Data from the Utilities 
  • Find a popup window and click on the OK button.
  • Then, the tool starts repairing the damaged file
  • You can find a message that the rebuilding process is over. Then, you may turn on the automatic feature of QuickBook’s scheduled backup log.

You can try out these methods for

QuickBooks 2018 scheduled backup not working.

Some users have a question on the storage capacity option for QuickBook’s scheduled backup log. The 5GB storage scheme will help you to secure the company files with QuickBooks backup automatically. However, we think that 25 GB to 75 GB is the best storage scheme for backing up other files of your computer. Thus, choose the storage level and activate the scheduled backup system.