Quickbooks Balance Sheet Out Of Balance Error

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The total asset column in the Quickbooks balance sheet should be always equal to the sum of the total equities and liabilities.  However, Sometimes you may encounter that the balance sheet is out of balance and that means the value of the total asset is not equal to the sum of liabilities and requisites. this error can occur due to incorrect transactions in Quickbooks account. we have explained below the methods to troubleshoot this Quickbook balance sheet out of balance error.

quickbooks balance sheet out of balance

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Cause Of Quickbooks Balance Sheet Out Of Balance Error

  • Due to corrupted or damaged company file data, this error can occur.
  • The transactions you have updated in the Quickbooks account are incorrect.
  • You have a multi-currency feature enabled in your Quickbooks.
  • update the total balance with the year and then check whether the issue has been resolved or not.
  • Close the quickbooks software and then log in again into your Quickbooks company file to check the balance sheet is resolved or not.
  • Make sure to create a backup of the Quickbooks company file before following any of the troubleshooting methods to fix this error.
  • If you are using the quickbooks software in multi-user mode then you need to use the computer where the Quickbooks is hosted.
  • Ensure to check the QBWIN log before processing the troubleshooting methods.

Methods to Troubleshoot Quickbooks Balance Issue

Quickbooks Balance sheet error

Sol: 1 Resolve Basic Data Damage

  • Use the troubleshooting option to resolve the data damage issue.
  • Review the qbwin.log file and troubleshoot all the errors.
  • Now open the balance sheet again and verify the change in the amount now.
  • Now go to the time window to determine the time when this error has occurred.

Sol: 2 Determine the Transactions that causes Quickbooks Out of Balance error

step: 1 Track the Date when the Quickbooks Sheet shows Out of Balance
  • Open the Quickbooks software by double-clicking on the Quickbooks icon and then go to the reports.
  • now choose the company financial and then click on the balance sheet summary.
  • choose the customize report option and select the display tab.
  • after this arrange the report basis based on cash and accrual.
  • Now select the date when the Quickbooks balance sheet goes out of balance year.

Filter by year

  • Go to the date drop-down menu and then select the year.
  • Click on Ok to continue and then validate the total assets with the sum of liabilities and equities.

Filter by Month

  • Enter the year in which the balance sheet error occurs.
  • now select the month and then click on the Ok option.

Filter by week

  • provides the details of the week when the balance goes out.
  • select the week and then click on Ok to compare the liabilities and assets.

Filter By day

  • enters the week when balance sheet error occurred.
  • select the day and then click on Ok option.
Step: 2 Find the transaction

quickbooks Error

  • After evaluating the date when this Quickbooks balance sheet out of balance error occurred, now you will be required to create a customer transaction report to identify the transaction that causes this error.
  • If you have tried the above method and you are still not able to determine the transaction that causes this quickbooks error then you can use the following reports for the same day.
    • Vendor Report
    • Customer Report
    • Journal Report
    • Another Transactional report

these kinds of errors mostly occur when you have entered incorrect transactions in the Quickbooks account.  If you have been trying to troubleshoot this error and need some assistance then feel free to connect with a team of experts at Quickbooks.