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Quickbooks is an accounting software developed and made by Intuit. One of the best things about Quickbooks is that it has an offline version as well as a cloud version that provides functions like business payments, manage and pay bills and payroll functions.  The codebase of Quickbook was built on the Quicken base and which did not even have the accounting functionalities like Double Entry. The Windows and Mac version of the software was based on another codebase that was acquired by Intuit. By 2000, Quickbooks had a basic and pro version of the software which was used by 74% in the year 2005. By 2008 Quickbooks had reached more than 94% of the business accounting category, which means Quickbooks was widely successful and was used all over the world. 

Intuit has developed market-specific Quickbooks software for many countries which include Canada, UK, India, Australia, etc. When there are so many users using a particular piece of software its normal that people are gonna face issues with it. One of the very popular errors that users face while using Quickbooks is: Quickbook cannot connect to the server. Quickbooks can support up to 30 concurrent users and handle a large amount of data and transactions simultaneously. Now normally you are not going to see this error so much but then again there is no guarantee for software and hardware as they can break at any point in time. You will see an error like this:

qb connect

There are many reasons for Quickbooks to be not able to connect to the server. Some of the primary reasons are:

  • Maybe the Quickbook server is not configured properly
  • Maybe the Quickbook software is not updated to the latest version
  • Maybe we have installed a third-party firewall and which is blocking the access to the Quickbook software. Intuit the maker of the software has already a pre-requisite that they do not support any third firewall or third party anti-virus software
  • When the Quickbook Database server manager is not working on the server. Quickbook Database manager comes in handy when we are working on files of the different company at one point in time Database Manager creates Network data files for each of them.

How to update to the latest version of Quickbooks?

  • We need to first click on the help menu
  • From there we can choose to update Quickbooks desktop
  • Then we can click on options and select the mark all option
  • And then click the update now will update our Quickbook software to the latest version
  • We can also select the automatic software updates which can install the latest updates to the software the moment it is released from Intuit.
  • After the software is updated we need to restart the computer

Make sure ND (Network Data) files is created for each data file

At this point, Quickbook Database Server Manager (QDBSM) comes into the picture. For every company file that we have made we have to make sure that the network data file (ND) exists for each of the company. QDBSM is installed by default when we install Quickbooks.  Here is how we make the network data file for each of the company:

  • Hit the start button
  • Search for Quickbook database manager
  • If we don’t find the database manager then we need to reinstall Quickbooks again
  • Then we need to browse and go to the folder that contains the company files and add them in the Quickbook database manager
  • After scanning the folder you will see Quickbooks company files and now we have to make sure that there are ND files for each of these company files.

Resetting Internet Explorer to default settingsQuickbooks Cannot Connect to Server

  • In the above picture click on the tools option that is highlighted in yellow
  • You will see the internet options, and you need to click on that
  • On the internet option you need to click on the advance tab
  • And there you will see the reset optionQB Connect

We have highlighted the option in the above image and click on the reset option is gonna reset the internet explorer settings.

Correct Webmail Preferences

  • There is an edit menu in the Quickbook menu options
  • From the edit option, we need to choose the preferences option.
  • Click send forms and then we will have the option to select or update our email account and the SMTP settings that are provided to us by the email account that we are using.
  • The SMTP settings generally include the server name and the [port that is provided by the email provider to us.
  • After filling in the details we need to update and save it and that is it

These are some of the ways through which we can resolve the issues on Quickbooks. We have shared the most common ones that are faced day in and day out by the daily users of the Quickbook platform. I hope this guide helped you to resolve the query as we know how it feels when you are doing something that is of paramount importance but then we get stuck and we don’t have any solution for it.