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For accounting professionals and organizations, QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software that handles every task in a precise manner. But, there are times, when you might get stuck to the sudden errors and technical glitches. One of the most common errors of QB is QuickBooks Com error that occurs when you’re trying to email the invoices or sending any form on QuickBooks. When the user gets this error, a crash error will get flashed on his/her screen. Without knowing the solution to this error, it would be difficult to perform any financial or accounts tasks on QB.

QuickBooks Com error

Possible causes that let QuickBooks Com Error to happen

There are different situations because of which this QB com error occurs. These include:

  • If you’re trying to open the check register then this error might occur.
  • When the user is trying to open the invoices.
  • This error also causes hard times for you if you’re trying opening a report.
  • During attachment of anything, the user might encounter this error.
  • It can also appear when you’re saving something.

Crashing of QB is a result of too big data, damaged data file and too long company name. Installation of antivirus can also be a reason for crashed QuickBooks whereas, partial or unsuccessful installation of QuickBooks software can lead to quickbooks update error 15311.

Here’s a list of some solutions that can be considered in case of the occurrence of this crashing error. Let’s have a look at each of these in a discreet manner to know more about it:

Solution for troubleshooting the QB com error

Ensure to check the email settings

One can try out these instructions in order to toggle the setting of emails:

  • Reach the Control panel in order to click on the “User Account”. Now, choose the “mail” option and then all that you need to do is to select the “Microsoft Outlook”.

Mail setup outlook

  • After that, in the profile section, choose the “Show Profile” and then go for the Outlook option.
  • If you want to make use of the selected profile forever then select the box of “Always” use this profile. Tap on Apply and then click OK.

Adding email to the Microsoft Outlook

The following solution is recommended to the users in case of the occurrence of QuickBooks com error.

  • First of all, you have to go to the ‘File’ option in Microsoft Outlook and then choose “info”. Now, you can start the set up of add account.
  • In the next step, there’s a need for adding the email address followed by clicking on ‘Next’.

com error quickbooks - auto account set up

  • For a few minutes, just wait for the Microsoft Server in order to choose the server.
  • After clicking on ‘connect’, users have to mention the password for start making use of the email address. Your set up will be considered complete after selecting “OK”.

In case, QB couldn’t find the Microsoft Outlook then alternative that you can follow includes:

  • At first, open the QuickBooks and then go to “edit” and then select “preferences”. 
  • Go for selecting forms and then ‘my preferences’.

After these steps, you need to reboot the system in order to repair your QuickBooks.

There are chances that you might not get the proper solution or get confused with these steps. If this happens then you can also try updating the Microsoft Outlook. For this, make sure to go to the Microsoft Outlook and then choose the option of “File”. After entering the “Office Account” menu, look for the “Update Options”. Make sure to click “Select” and “Update Now”.

How can you create a new email profile on Microsoft Outlook?

According to the QB, the addition of a new email profile on your Microsoft Outlook will also help in fixing the crashing error. How to add a new profile? This is a common question that has been asked by many users of QuickBooks. If you’re having the same problem then here’s the answer to your question:

Check that “Microsoft Outlook” is not in use. Close it when performing this solution. Now, it’s the time to go to the Control Panel and choose a User Account from the menu tab. Click on “mail” and select “Show Profiles” from the menu. This option is present in the page of “Mail Setup”. Mention your name in the space of the profile name. After this, choose “OK” and then follow all the instructions that you’ll see on the screen.

QuickBooks Com error

These above-mentioned solutions will help the users in the rectification of the QuickBooks com error. Apart from this, the user can also try updating QuickBooks. You need to go for the latest release of QuickBooks in order to ensure flawless functioning of QuickBooks. Adding windows admin user is also a beneficial solution that one can try. This can be done by signing in as the new user to the Windows. Then, reopen the QuickBooks.