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Quickbooks comes with a user-friendly interface that can be used and accessed with some basic knowledge about the accounting software. but while installing the Quickbooks software into your device, you may encounter some Quickbooks errors like Quickbooks Error 1935, 1904, 1402, 1602, etc. hence it is must troubleshoot these Errors ASAP as they can ruin your Quickbooks experience. In that case, you can use the free tools provided by the intuit to troubleshoot these errors by yourself. you can download and install these tools in your device and it will automatically detect and troubleshoot the error.  the Quickbooks component repair tool is available for free. you can install this tool in Quickbooks using in-built Microsoft components like Microsoft MSXML, Framework, Microsoft C++, and Microsoft.Net.

Quickbooks component repair tool

Quickbooks comes in three different versions for windows. the Quickbooks enterprise edition comes with an advanced inventory management system to track the inventory of your business in a more advanced way. you can track multiple warehouses from one place.

Troubleshoot Windows Installation Errors

  • Follow the steps to use the Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool.
  • Go to the official website of Intuit and Download the tool for free.
  • After downloading the file, Quickbooks install a diagnostic file after closing all the running programs.
  • after completing the process, restart your computer and try installing the Quickbooks software again.

Update Windows for Quickbooks Installations

If you are trying to install the Quickbooks software on your device with an outdated Windows version, then it will show an error. As the required Components to install the software like Windows MSXML, Visuall C++, and .Net framework needs to be updated in order to install Quickbooks.

Hence, To install the Quickbooks software you need to update your windows. you can update your windows by pressing the start button and then enter windows update. After updating the windows, make sure to restart your computer and then try installing the Quickbook software again.

Troubleshoot Quickbooks Errors with Quickbooks Component Repair Tool

QUickbooks tool

If you have tried troubleshooting the Quickbooks installation error using the Quickbooks Diagnostic too, but the error still persists then you need to follow these steps in order to fix this error.

  • .Net Framework Rebuild
  • Reconstruct the MSXML component
  • Take assistance from the Professionals at Quickbooks to troubleshoot this error.

Step: 1 Rebuild .Net Framework

The .Net Framework is one of the components of Microsoft that is used by Quickbooks to connect applications with the web.  the issue in the .Net Framework can cause several errors like Quickbooks 1904, 1903, 1603, etc. Hence you will be required to rebuild the .Net framework in order to troubleshoot this error.

Follow these steps to fix .Net Framework issues
  • Go to the Intuit Website and download the installation file of the tool.
  • Now provide the location when asked to save the file.
  • after this, Close all the running programs on the computer and then double-click on the QBinstall_tool_v2.exe file.
  • Now, wait until the diagnosis process completes and then restart your computer.
  • If you are still getting the error even after repairing the Microsoft .Net Framework component then upon the windows update window.
  • Press the Windows key and then enter Windows update.
  • Now check whether the update is processed completely or not.

Step: 2 Reconstruct The MSXML File

  • If you try to install the Quickbooks software with a damaged MSXML component then it will not work. You have to repair the MSXML component in order to install the Quickbooks software into your computer.
  • Register the MSXML DLL files into your computer.
  • you have to uninstall the MSXML 6.0 and then reinstall it again.
  • Now download the MSXML 6.0 SP1 and then install it.
  • After this follow this to fix MSXML 6.0.

QuickBooks Component tool

Steps to Download Quickbooks Component Repair Tool

Follow these steps to download the tool into your computer.

  • Go to the official website and download the QBinstall_tool_v2.exe file and then save it into a local device.
  • Shut all the running program and run the .EXE file to install the tool into your device.
  • Now follow all the prompted instructions to install the software.
  • after completing the installation process restart your computer and then try installing the Quickbooks software again.

this way you can download and install the QB component repair tool into your device. if you are getting installation errors then you can use this tool to troubleshoot the errors. If you need any kind of assistance regarding Quickbooks installation then feel free to contact the Quickbooks team of experts.