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While using the Quickbooks accounting software if you have encountered any error associated with the company file or any kind of common error then the Quickbooks Connection diagnostic tool can be used to troubleshoot these kinds of issues. this tool helps to resolve countless issues that can create a hindrance while connecting the Quickbooks software, company files, and the Database Manager. while opening a company file over the network these tools helps to resolve the most common H and 6000-series error.

Introduction of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool is one of the finest tools that can be considered as a feature of the Quickbooks software that manages to fix any kind of error that you can receive while running the company file over the network when multiple uses are accessing the same file simultaneously. while running the company file in the multi-user mode, you can encounter errors that can be resolved with this tool.

In order to fix the Quickbooks H-series and Quickbooks error 6000 series, the tool provides complete troubleshooting solutions amongst the Quickbooks software, company file, and database manager. hence if you want to use the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool then make sure you have Windows 7, Vista, XP, or Quickbooks 2008 version or the latest. Even if you want to host the Quickbooks software on multiple devices then you will be required to install the Quickbooks database server manager tool on all the devices individually.

While installing the Quickbooks software if you have encountered Quickbooks Error then you can download and install the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool to fix it. these tools are also referred to as NetDiagTool.exe or QBServerutilityMgr.exe as these are also office tools. However, you can get the latest version of this software that is Software 4.o which has a built-in anti-virus program along with a download system.

Working of Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool

In order to effectively run the QuickBooks software, there are multiple core components of Microsoft are required. Hence in any case, if any of the Microsoft components stopped working then it can cause an error in Quickbooks desktop. here the Quickbooks Diagnostic tool can be used to sort a list of errors.  However, you need to keep some things in mind while using the Quickbooks Diagnostic tool.

  • After installing the Quickbooks diagnostic tool on the computer, make sure to close all the other programs from the computer.
  • In most of the cases, the tool will automatically detect the Quickbooks error and resolve it. but in some case, you might be required to reboot your computer system.
  • If after installing the Quickbooks diagnostic tool, if you are getting a message that says “No error was detected” then it doesn’t mean that the error has been resolved.

Fixes of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • Not able to Access the Quickbooks Database.
  • Issues in the configuration of Windows Firewall.
  • Not able to find the Vendor list in the software.
  • Empty Customer Lists.
  • Data of your employees gone missing.
  • any corrupted file or damaged file available in the system.
  • the company file got corrupted or missing.

Installation of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

quickbooks connection diagnostic tool setup

  • Before installing the QB tool make sure you have removed the existing one completely.
  • Now you can go to the official website and download the tool.
  • Now follow all the process to complete the installation process.
  • Ensure to configure the .Net Framework if you have the Windows 10 OS.
  • once the installation process will be completed the app will be open.
  • if it doesn’t then you can click on the Quickbooks Icon.

Usage of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Open the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic tool by clicking on the icon. after this follow the below instruction to troubleshoot the issues.

Connection tab

You can configure the Company file to ensure that it can be used on a single-user or multi-user mode. it will check for all the permission required, any issues with the firewall settings or ports. this tool will check and troubleshoot all the errors.


In order to examine and ensure that all the workstations are connected properly.

Follow steps to check the Connectivity
  • Click on the button near the company file folder to check it.
  • if you have the Network setup an alternate mode then you can mark the “Change Hosting server” in the Linux system.
  • one more thing you need to verify before starting the checking process that all the statuses have been set to “not applicable.”

Once the test will be complete, you will receive the status in either the green or red color.

  • Click on the Network Connectivity tab.
  • If the status of the file is shown in red color which means the test has been failed. now you have to click on What does this mean?
  • after fixing all the mentioned issues now you will be required to run the tool again to check if any issues are left.
  • after this when you will try to open the file it will successfully open. hence follow the above steps for all the workstations in the network to resolve this issue.
  • make sure to not interrupt the process of the tool in between because the tool will take time to diagnose and fix the issue. hence, you will be required to have patience.

Issues resolved using the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Quickboooks connection diagnostic tool

  • C++
  • .NET framework

Sol- 1: QB connection tool can be used to troubleshoot the issues with the components like C++, MSXML, .NET framework, etc.

Sol- 2: Update your windows to install the missing components of the .NET framework, C++, MSXML.

Sol-3: You can solve all the Microsoft Components manually.

Sol-4: Install the Quickbooks software in the Selective startup mode.

the 4.0 version is one of the finest tools that can help you to resolve the connection error in the Quickbooks. however, after some time the Quickbooks community has introduced the Quickbooks File doctor with some more advanced features and functionality.

If you need any kind of assistance or help regarding the Quickbooks error then you can contact the Quickbooks team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: How to repair Quickbooks Desktop Error?

Ans: While using the Quickbooks software, you may encounter multiple errors. you can get installation errors, H series errors, 6000 series errors, or company file related errors. In order to troubleshoot this error, there are separate methods for each one. there are chances that you may encounter an error while installing the Quickbooks software in your device.

In that case, you can use the Quickbooks install Diagnostic tool. this tool can automatically detect the installation error and can resolve it no time. you need to simply download the diagnostic tool from its official website and then run the installation file. after this, the tool will automatically start functioning and will resolve the Quickbooks installation error.

Que: How to troubleshoot the installation error in Quickbooks Desktop?

Ans: here is the list of the Quickbooks installation error that you might encounter while installing the accounting software.

Here are the steps that you have to follow in order to troubleshoot these installations error using the Quickbooks Diagnostic tool.

  • To begin the process, go to the start menu and click on the Quickbooks Tool Hub.

  • Now click on the installation issues.

  • after this choose the Quickbooks diagnostic tool

  • Now, wait until the process completes and then restart your computer.

Que: How can we download the Quickbooks diagnostic tool for free?

Ans: The Quickbooks diagnostic tool is specifically designed to resolve the Quickbooks installations error. with the help of this tool, you will be able to troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 1935, 1603, 1402, 1904, etc. In order to download the tool for free, you need to go to the official website of the Quickbooks and then you can download the tool from there.

After downloading the installation file, you need to run the file in order to configure the tool.

Que: What are the steps to troubleshoot Quickbooks 1601, 1642, and 1603 error?

Ans: While updating the quickbooks software to the latest release or while installing the software on your computer,  you may encounter these errors. here is the list of the reasons that cause this quickbooks error.

  • Any issue in the Windows Installer

  • The corrupted Damaged Installation file

  • Corrupted Windows Installer

  • malware or Virus in the Computer

almost all these errors in quickbooks software are because of the corrupted or damaged installation file. these installations errors can be easily troubleshooter with the Quickbooks Diagnostic tool. Hence, if you are getting any error while installing the Quickbooks software in your device then you can use the Diagnostic tool of Quickbooks to troubleshoot it.

Que: What are the way to install Quickbooks Desktop?

Ans: Quickbooks is one of the finest accounting software that is destined with a great feature to enhance the accounting experience. you can follow these steps if you want to download and install the quickbooks Desktop.

  • Go to the official website of Quickbooks and then you can need to download the installation file.

  • Now at the download and update page, you have to provide information that includes version, Country, and the product.

  • after this click on the download and wait until the process completes.