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Quickbooks consists of various tools that help you to operate your business in the most convenient way. the Quickbooks Conversion tool allows you to convert a Quickbooks company file from different programs. the conversion tool performs the process without any loss of data and it can be used to convert the quicken 2017 company file to Quickbooks Desktop Premier or Pro 2018. It is one of the important tools of Quickbooks.

if you are working on Quickbooks software and want to export a chart of accounts in Quickbooks then you can follow the given process to transfer chart of accounts in Quickbooks. it will allow you to track your business in a more precise way.

In this blog, we will explain the benefits of Quickbooks conversion tool along with what are the ways to use the Quickbooks tool to make the best out of it.QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Pros of Using Quickbooks Conversion Tool

  • the Quickbooks conversion tool is useful in the installation process to convert the files from different programs in the setup process.
  • You can use this conversion tool to convert the data from the new company file.
  • Even after performing the conversion process, the existing file will remain the same.
  • the conversion is processed with complete security, so there is no chance of any kind of data loss.
  • this tool helps you to determine the current status of your business.
  • this tool allows you to import lists in the Quickbooks software. you can use the list option to store old transactions.
  • the conversion process will be stored in a log file for future records.

Cons of Quickbooks Conversion Tool

here is the list of the things where QuickBooks conversion tool is unable to process the conversion process.

  • Transactions
  • Business Data
  • Account Balances

Along with this individual employee wage, payroll, paycheck, estimates, purchase orders, etc. are included in this list too where you cannot use the Quickbooks conversion tool. While, if you want to use this Quickbooks tool to convert the Employee list information then it can convert the social security number or the payroll general ledger A/c balance information.

Requirement of System to Install Quickbooks Conversion tool

here is the list of the system requirement that is needed in order to install the Quickbooks tool. Before installing this software on your computer make sure you meet the requirements.

  • If you have Quickbooks pro or premier Or Enterprise solution then it is must to complete the installation and registration process before installing the conversion tool.
  • You must have the Microsoft accounting 2008 Microsoft SBA 2006 or Peachtree successfully installed on your computer.
  • the operating system in your computer should be Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10.
  • Make sure to install the. NET 2.0 framework before starting the installation process.

Steps To Use Quickbooks Conversion Tool

Before start using the Quickbooks conversion tool, ensure that you have properly installed and registered the Quickbooks software and also ensure that the Peachtree or Microsoft accounting 2008 software has been properly installed on the computer.

Conversion tool Quickbooks

Follow the process to use the conversion tool

  • Open the Quickbooks conversation tool by double-clicking on the icon on desktop.
  • Now choose from the two available options: “My Own Company” or “My client Company”.
  •  after this, you will be required to select the accounting software from the drop-down list.
  • Click Next and then select the company file and then choose the next option.
  • Now choose from the type of Quickbooks product and then provide the location of the company file and then click on Continue.
  • after this choose the conversion level from list or list and transactions and then click on next.
  • Now choose the accounting preferences and then click on next.
  • after this review all the information you have provided to check any errors and then click on start.
  • after this, you have to wait until the process completes and then click on the finish option.

Steps to Convert Quicken file to Quickbooks

  • if you are trying to convert Quicken 2012 to Quickbooks enterprise 18.0 or Quickbooks Desktop 2018 then you can use the conversion tool.
  • If you are using this Quickbooks conversion tool to convert Quicken 2018 to Quickbooks Desktop 2018 then you can use this tool in the Quickbooks itself.

Before starting the conversion process, make sure to update the Quicken company file to the latest release to complete the process successfully.

Convert Sage 50 to Quickbooks

QUickbooks Tool

In case, you want to convert the Sage 50 to Quickbooks then you can follow these steps in order to perform the conversion process

  • Open the Sage software and go to the company file access folder.
  • Now you have to open the Peachtree source company file section.
  • after this process, the conversion process and then verifies the results.

Hence, these are the simple way through which you can use the Quickbooks conversion tool to convert the company file in Quickbooks from different programs. In this blog, we have explained to you the advantages and disadvantages of Quickbooks conversion tool along with how you can make use of this tool to convert quicken to Quickbooks.

While performing or using the Quickbooks tool if you have got any error or issue then you can connect with the expert team at Quickbooks. they will examine the issue and resolve your issue in no time.