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Quickbooks For MAC Discontinued

Quickbooks software comes with different variant versions offering different features and functionalities. It offers accounting solutions to manage your business effectively. The Intuit Quickbooks is available for both Windows and Mac Version. You will get different features in both the Mac and Windows versions. There are various features that are not available in the Mac like the Quickbooks sync manager and Web Connector option is not available in the Mac. The Quickbooks Sync manager tools allow you to sync with the other software to transfer information with the Quickbooks software. Intuit provides essential updates for Quickbooks Online. When you will start using the Quickbooks In Mac, then you will experience that various features that are available in Quickbooks Desktop to manage the financial operations of your business are not available in the Mac.

quickbooks desktop for mac

The Quickbooks version for Mac has been removed from the Intuit Community. However, If someone Wants to use the Quickbooks Desktop version of Mac then they are required to perform some specific steps. In order to switch from Quickbooks Windows to Mac versions then you can use the parallels software. it allows operating the Quickbooks Desktop version into the mac. you can also update Quickbooks to the latest version if you want to use the latest released features of Quickbooks desktop.

The Parallels software operates by creating a virtual machine that allows you to use Windows on Mac. It’s a Mac application that allows you to use Windows application on the Mac. In easy words, you can understand it like using one computer into another. After the creation of the virtual machine, you can install any application that can be used on Windows. this software will allow you to operate a windows application. Quickbooks Desktop can be used in the Mac with the Quickbooks parallel. Below we have mentioned the ways through which you can install the Quickbooks Desktop version on Mac.

Steps to Install Quickbooks Desktop on Mac using Parallels software

In order to install the Quickbooks Desktop version on Mac, you have to first create the virtual machine using the Parallels software.

  • Open the parallels software from the desktop and then click on the file menu.
  • now click on New to install a new OS.

Parallels software

  • Now install the OS you want to install on the Mac using a DVD or an image and then click on Continue to complete the process.
  • After that, you have to select the installation media that you are going to use to install the operating system on your device. In the parallels software, you can use a DVD or .iso image file to install the OS. One more thing that you have to keep in mind here is that you cannot use a .exe extension image file to install the windows. these files will not work for the installation of the windows, it can be only used when you have already installed windows and you only need to update it.
  • After selecting the installation media click on Continue to process the installation process. after this, a window will appear where you have to enter the Windows product key. you can find out the key to express the installation key. click on continue to proceed to the next step.
  • After entering the key, you have to determine the purpose of installing the window that whether you want to use it for any productivity work or just for the game.
  • the final step of the installation is to enter the name of the virtual machine you have created and select the location where you want to install it.

After installing the windows into the Mac now you can use any of the Windows applications on the virtual machine. you can simply install in on the virtual machine.

However, the real purpose of installing the parallels software is to use the Quickbooks software on Mac. since now you have the windows operating system on your Mac then you can use Quickbooks just like in Windows.

QuickBooks for Mac Best Options

Hence you can simply download and install the Quickbooks software from the Intuit server and then you can set up the company file just like windows. this way you can use all the features and functionalities of the QuickBooks Deksopt in Mac Just like Windows.

While installing the Quickbooks software if you have encountered any Quickbooks Error then you get assistance from the experts at the Quickbooks.