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Quickbooks Desktop is among the most used accounting software across the world. The Accounting software helps small and medium-sized businesses to keep track of their financial transactions in a more precise way. However, it can be really complex to choose the payroll option in the Quickbooks Desktop Version. it offers three desktop variants and based on its features it can be quite complicated to choose one payroll service that can suit your business requirements. It is an integrated service in the Quickbooks software that needs to be subscribed.

the payroll features in Quickbooks allows you to manage your payroll and taxes. you can create paychecks and calculate payroll taxes using this feature. In this blog, we will explain to you in detail all the three variants of Quickbooks Desktop payroll to make it easier for you to choose the best payroll service according to your business.

Quickbooks Desktop payroll

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Payroll Version for Quickbooks Desktop

There are three available versions of Payroll in Quickbooks Desktop. the Quickbooks payroll service is subscription-based service. Hence, the user will be required to subscribe to enjoy the services. the Quickbooks payroll service feature will enable users to manage and handle the payroll taxes along with features to create paychecks, payroll taxes, etc to be completely ready when it comes to paying taxes.  the three payroll version of Quickbooks Desktop are:

  • Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Basic
  • Quickbooks Desktop Enhanced.
  • Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise Full

Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Features

  • Paycheck Services for Contractors: the Quickbooks Desktop payroll features allows you to pay your vendors and employees directly from your Quickbooks Account with printed checks. You won’t be required to wait for your check anymore. the Desktop payroll features make it really easy for you to make payments.
  • Tax Calculations: Quickbooks Desktop payroll features keep a record of all your transactions and expenses. Hence, during the Tax season, the tool will automatically calculate the Tax for your account. the payroll feature will save you the time to calculate tax.
  • Tax Deadlines and Upcoming Payday Reminders: The feature sort all your bills according to the due dates and it will remind you periodically about the due dates and tax deadlines so you won’t miss anything. with this tool, you will never miss a single bill.
  • Free Direct Deposit: The Quickbooks Desktop payroll feature enables the direct deposit feature that allows the business owners to pay directly into their employee’s bank account.
  • Data Transfer: the Quickbooks Desktop payroll file can be shared with any of the Quickbooks versions. You need to simply download the file and convert it into excel format and you are good to go.
  • Generate Reports and Calculations: Human-generated reports and calculations are prone to error eventually. hence, Quickbooks Desktop payroll makes it easier by generating error-free reports and calculations.
  • 24*7 Live Support from Quickbooks Payroll Experts.
  • You can access the Quickbooks payroll Version from devices like Ipad, Iphone, and Androids.
  • Automatic tax Filling:  The tool will assist you in filing your taxes and if you forget to fill your taxes then the Quickbooks Desktop payroll feature will submit tax on your behalf. It will take care of the due dates and submit them on time.

Quickbooks Desktop Basic Payroll Version

Quickbooks Desktop Basic Payroll

the basic payroll version from Quickbooks Avail the users to process payroll or to pay the employees using paychecks or direct deposit feature. the Quickbooks Desktop basic payroll version will cost 429/month and + $2/per employee. however, there are other various features that you can avail with the Quickbooks Desktop payroll version. here is the list of the features that you will get with this version of payroll

  • Print Paychecks.
  • Pay W-2 Employees
  • Pay 1099 Employees
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Support from payroll Experts

Quickbooks Desktop Enhanced PayrollQuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll

The Enhanced payroll version is the advanced version that allows you to customize your account based on your needs. You can process your payroll, file taxes directly, pay with direct deposit, etc. The Quickbooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll version will cost $45/Month + $2/Per Employee. here is the list of the features that you can avail with the Enhanced Payroll Version.

  • Instant Paychecks
  • Pay Directly to W-2 Employees
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • E-Filling for W-2
  • Free Tax Forms Download

Quickbooks Desktop Full Service PayrollQuickBooks Full Service Payroll

The Full-service payroll service is also referred to as Quickbooks Assisted Payroll service that will automatically submit your payroll taxes. this is the most advanced version of payroll in Quickbooks Desktop which will cost $109/month and $2/per employee. Look at the features you will get with this version of Quickbooks Desktop Payroll.

  • You can create Instant paychecks
  • Allows you to pay Directly to W-2 Employees
  • Avail Free Direct Deposit Feature
  • Donwload Free Tax Forms
  • Automatic tax Filling service from Quickbooks
  • Payroll Setup
  • Free Year-End Forms
  • Instant Payroll Support
  • No Score for Tax Penalties

So this was all about the Quickbooks Desktop payroll Versions. So now you can choose between these three payroll versions depending upon the needs of your business. it is an integrated service of Quickbooks Software but you will be required to subscribe to avail the benefits of this service. We have explained above the features of all these three versions of Quickbooks Desktop payroll in detail to help you in picking the best one for your business. However, In Case you need some guidance about the Quickbooks Desktop payroll Features and services then feel free to contact Professionals at Quickbooks. they will guide you to choose the Quality Payroll Service for your business.