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Quickbooks Desktop is one of the best accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. it comes with great features that allow you to manage and track the growth of your business in the most efficient way. In order to access and control the growth of your business in the most efficient way, you can use the Quickbooks Desktop version.

Quickbooks Desktop and Its Features

There are multiple benefits of Quickbooks Desktop accounting software. the accounting software is specially designed to handle the financial operations of the business along with handling customers, vendors, and bank accounts in the best way. Quickbooks desktop software will make it easier to track the growth of your business. Hence, there are multiple reasons that make Quickbooks Desktop as one of the widely used accounting software around the globe. So if you are looking for a cost-efficient Accounting software to manage your business then Quickbooks Desktop is the best choice. For now, the Quickbooks Desktop software comes in 4 variants that are:

Quickbooks Desktop Review

  • Quickbooks Premier
  • Quickbooks Accountant
  • Quickbooks Pro
  • Quickbook Accountant

Apart from Quickbooks Accountant, all three Softwares are enriched with features and functionalities to manage your business. while the Quickbooks accountant is specially designed for people who deal in the accounting business to connect with the quickbooks Desktop application customers. So if you wish to pick an accounting software to manage or track the transactions and financial operations of your business then you can pick from the first three, while if you are looking for accounting related feature then you can get the Quickbooks Accountant version.

Usage of Quickbooks Desktop 

the Quickbooks Desktop was initially designed for small-businesses but many of the Small-businesses have reported issues with the quickbooks desktop version. but now with the quickbooks Enterprise version, small-businesses can make use of this Quickbooks desktop edition, which allows us to connect up to 30 users simultaneously. But it doesn’t mean that there is no way that small businesses can grow using the quickbooks Desktop, it just means that it takes time.

Feature Of Quickbooks Desktop Edition

QuickBooks Desktop

The Quickbooks Desktop version comes with great features that offer to process various operations in quickbooks. In the latest release of the quickbooks Desktop version, here are some of the features that are introduced to perform new operations.

  • System Navigation feature.
  • More service in help Menu.
  • Customers will get automatic payment reminders for past due payments.
  • allows us to develop multiple invoices in email.

Apart from this, here is the list of the features that are common in all the versions of Quickbooks desktop.


the Quickbooks Desktop software allows users to create invoices for customers and vendors in the most efficient way. the Invoice feature in quickbooks Desktop allows the users to create invoices for customers with multiple templates. with the premier edition, you will get multiple Invoice templates to choose from.  the list of templates will be divided into three categories which include professional, product, and service. Also, you can set up sales tax in Quickbooks Online to add/edit tax rate and agency in Quickbooks.

Along with this, you can use the quickbooks Payment method while sending invoices to the customer to add a “pay now ” button at the invoice to create an easy payment method.


The inventory management feature in quickbooks online comes with multiple benefits. it allows you to keep a track of your inventory which provides the power to track the sales and storage of goods and products in the inventory along with features to change inventory adjustments. while with the premier edition, you will get some premium features that will include Low stock alerts or tracking of product using the part number. along with all this, there are some additional features that allow you to add information about the products in the inventory. you will also get the feature to add product cost and to set reorder points in quickbooks Desktop premier edition.

Bills And Accounts Payable

In order to manage the details of your vendors, you can make use of the vender center option. it will allow you to manage the details and information of all the vendors in your list along with this it will allow you to add or remove new vendors in quickbooks desktop. if you want then you can add notes to particular vendors and you can and primary and secondary Contacts to the vendor list.

In order to track all the information about the product, you can check the bill Tracker information. it contains all the details about the open bills, overdue bills, purchase orders, recently paid bills, etc.

In the quickbooks Desktop, it allows you to create and pay a bill in the easiest way. Simply go to the pay bill option, when you are looking forward to paying the bill and then select the bill and Select the option through which you want to pay the bill with the check or with ACH transfer.

Track Expenses and Income

The Quickbooks Desktop edition allows you to keep a track of all your expenses and transaction in the most efficient way. you can add your bank accounts and credit cards in the quickbooks desktop version and track your business expenses easily. this will also provide an ease in the reconciliation process to verify your transactions with your bank account and credit card statements.


Depending upon the quickbooks desktop edition you are using you will get more than 150 expense reports. if you have quickbooks pro edition that you will be able to generate up to 100 standard reports while with the enterprise and premier edition you will get around 150 industry-specific reports. If you have the enterprise plan then you will get some additional features too.

In the Quickbooks Desktop, you will also get the features to create custom reports. there are multiple report templates available that will allows you to create a report depending upon your needs. you can send these created reports to the recipients directly or you can print them or view them on screen. after creating the report if you want to make any further changes then you will also get the feature to export the report in MS-excel form to make any changes.

there are some more features that you will get with quickbooks Enterprise and premier version.

  • Industry-Specific Editions: this feature can be useful for small-retailers who deal in different-different industries. manufacturers and non-profit organisation can also make use of this feature.
  • Forecasting: This feature is available in quickbooks enterprise and premier addition that allows us to create forecasts about your business from scratch. this feature will help you to take smart actions to grow your business. however, this feature is not available in small accounting software, but with quickbooks Desktop edition, you will get this feature.

Along with all this, there are some more features that you will get with Quickbooks enterprise edition which includes a barcode scanning feature and a more advanced pick, pack, and ship option to manage the tracking of your order.

User-friendly Interface of Quickbooks Desktop

Quickbooks Desktop Edition

the user interface of Quickbooks Desktop is very easy to use. even a new user can easily operate the accounting software without any error. the navigation centers in quickbooks desktop allow the user to go to a specific operation. Quickbooks Desktop edition uses section to divide the screen in the navigation center, which offers a specific flow chart of the features. it helps users to easily navigate through the services.

If you want to have a look at the new features in quickbooks desktop then you can click on the yellow tab. the quickbooks Desktop edition provides horizontal and vertical navigation options where the top option contains a menu with drop-down features and the left pane contains the system feature.

In quickbooks desktop, you can also create my shortcuts to access the most-used features and services. hence, the quickbooks desktop edition is the most convenient and easy to use accounting interface.

Pricing of Quickbooks Desktop Edition

the pricing of the quickbooks Desktop edition varies based on the version you want to pick. the quickbooks Desktop edition comes in three versions which are quickbooks Pro, premier and enterprise.

Quickbooks Pro: The price for quickbooks Pro plan is $299.95 annually. it allows you to connect up to 3 users and this package is good for small businesses that need accounting and bookkeeping services.

Quickbooks Premier: If you are looking for an industry-specific accounting tool then quickbooks Premier is the best choice. the annual plan for Quickbooks premier comes in $499.95. it allows you to connect upto 5 desktops and best for non-profit organizations, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc.

Quickbooks Enterprise: this plan will be available at $849.10 annually and best suited for business with a large work-force. Along with additional customization, it allows us to connect around 30 Quickbooks Desktop users simultaneously.

Quickbooks Desktop review

Support for Quickbooks Desktop

You will get the option to get support and help from the team of experts at Quickbooks Desktop. you will get the following help and support options in the quickbooks Desktop.

  • Quick assistance from experts.
  • Chat with experts at Quickbooks.
  • Product tutorials.
  • webinars
  • users community
  • Training videos
  • training classes
  • education articles

Quickbooks Desktop Benefits

there are multiple benefits of Quickbooks Desktop. It is one of the affordable Quickbooks Desktop edition along with multiple interesting features that make it one of the best accounting software from businesses.  the Quickbooks desktop comes in multiple editions that suit industry-specific businesses like professional services, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc.

hence, if you are looking for affordable and useful accounting software for small business then Quickbooks Desktop is a perfect choice. the user-friendly interface and multiple useful features make it the best choice. If you still want some assistance regarding the Quickbooks Desktop product then you can connect with the experts at Quickbooks Customer Service.