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QuickBooks Software comprises of various premium features that make it one of the best accounting software. Many businesses across the world are using Quickbooks Software and making effective growth in their business. Intuit introduced the Quickbooks Software with some basic features that can manage basic accounting solutions and keep on providing updates to enhance the user experience. However, there are still some issues that can hinder your workflow while working on Quickbooks. there are some cases, Where you might get Quickbooks Error 1303. you might get this error because of Limited permission or privilege to access the Directory to the installer in the Quickbooks Software.

Quickbooks Error 1303

This blog will discuss some Quick methods that can be used in order to solve this Quickbooks Error along with the causes that lead to this Quickbooks Error. The Quickbooks Error 1303 generally occurs when you try to update or Install the Quickbooks Software in your device. As mentioned above, the error can occur due to limited permission but there are some other reasons as well that can lead to this Quickbooks Error. hence, Before leading to the troubleshooting steps, Let us first have a look at the causes of this Quickbooks Error to better understand the error. 

Causes of Quickbooks Error 1303

the Quickbooks Error 1303 generally triggers when you try to install the Quickbooks Software on your device. While installing the Quickbooks Software, the installer needs to access the Quickbooks Installation file and other components to complete the installation process. Hence, limited privileges to access the path to the directory leads to the Quickbooks Error 1303. However, there are some Quick ways available that can be used in Case you have encountered this Quickbooks Error. You can also use the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic tool to resolve this error. this tool is designed specifically to troubleshoot the installation error in Quickbooks. it will automatically detect and diagnose the Quickbooks Error. However, if this doesn’t work then you can manually troubleshoot this Quickbooks Error. If the registry is damaged or corrupted, there might be a chance to get this QuickBooks 2019 error in 1712, this will show up a message on the screen.

Quick Ways for Troubleshooting of Quickbooks Error 1303

QB Error Code 1303

After researching thoroughly for this Quickbooks Error, Our team of experts has listed three solutions to troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 1303. these methods are listed based on the causes of the Quickbooks Error. You can follow these methods to fix this error but make sure to follow these methods in order to get effective results at the end.

Method: 1 Use Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

The Quickbooks Install Diagnostic tool is an internal tool that is provided by the Quickbooks software to check the reasons behind the Quickbooks Error 1303. This tool will determine the causes of the Quickbooks Error by running a scan of the Quickbooks Folder. this tool will automatically diagnose the error. Somettimes the message shows up “quickbooks won’t open” this is some other error. Follow these steps to Download and install the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic tool.

  • Go to the official Website of Intuit and Open the Download page of Quickbooks Install Diagnostic tool.
  • Click on the download now option and then save the download file on the local drive.
  • Open the folder where the installation file is stored and then double-click on it to start the installation process.
  • Click On Next and then follow the given instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Now, wait, until the install, diagnostic tool window will appear on the screen automatically. If it doesn’t open then click on the icon to open the tool.
  • after this, Choose the option that says “Having issue while installing Quickbooks” and then click on the Ok option.
  • Now, wait until the tool automatically detects and diagnoses the Quickbooks Error 1303.

Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Once the process completes, Restart your device and try installing the Quickbooks Software. If the error continues then proceed to the next step.

Method: 2 Configure Permissions to Access Quickbooks Directory

You can also troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error 1303 by manually configuring the permission to the system and the group. It will avail full control to access the Quickbooks Path directory and it will eventually fix this error. However, this process is quite complex. Hence, make sure to follow these steps properly.

Step: 1 Change the Permission for System User and Group

  • Close all the running programs and shut down the Quickbooks Software.
  • Now start the Run program by Pressing and holding the Windows Key +R.
  • Now Enter C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES\ in the box and hit the run button.
  • Now from the opened window, click on the organize option.
  • This will open the properties and then click on Security Option.
  • after this, click on the advanced tab and choose the edit option.
  • Now, go through all the permission and double-click on the “System User” to choose the full control option.
  • Now to avail the same configuration for group access repeat the same step as above.
  • After completing this, Mark the option that says “Replace all the existing permissions” and then click on the ok option to save the changes.
  • After this re-install the Quickbooks Software again.

Step:2 Turn-Off Simple File Sharing

  • Open the Run Program again and then enter this in the box RunDll32.exe shell32.dll, Options_RunDLL 0, and press ok.
  • Now click on the View Tab and then go down under the advanced settings option.
  • Now unmark the option that says “Simple File Sharing” and then click on Ok option to complete the process.
  • Now perform the installation process again to check whether the error has been resolved or not.

Solution: 3 Utility Window

this feature will allow users to set all the permission to default Windows settings.

  • download and save PermissionsFix.bat File on your device.
  • run the file by double-clicking on it and press y when the dos screen appears.
  • Run the file and then close the dos window.
  • Install Quickbooks Now.

So in these ways, you can troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error 1303. However, you can also use the Quickbooks Tool hub if you have got Quickbooks Error 6143. In Case, You are not getting effective results then you can contact the experts. At Quickbooks, these experts can help you in troubleshooting these errors Quickly. You need to simply report your issue and you will get effective results Quickly.