How To Resolve Quickbooks Error 15101

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There are many accounting software out there in the world. Some are new and others are old and each of them has their set of strengths and weaknesses. But the one with the majority of the market share in the accounting software niche is Intuit with their Quickbook software. They have been playing in this field since the heydays and they were the ones to lay the groundwork for the accounting software market. Every application in the market has its pros and cons. When the application is working fine we are able to do our work without any delays but when errors start occurring frequently then our workflow and productivity could be disrupted which is going to affect our work and our performance. One such error is the Quickbook error 15101. The things with errors are they occur randomly and we don’t pay much attention to them. The best we would do is to close the app and then reopen them. But that is not taking care of the problem, is it? It might be possible that someday closing and opening the application does not do anything and now we are stuck with a dead software.Quickbooks Error 15101

What exactly is the error 15101 and why does it occur?

This error happens when we are updating the payroll update or after we are done with the payroll update. The issue with this particular error is even if you want to close the application you won’t be able to do it. The error prompt will free whatever you are doing and until and unless you get rid of the issue, it will remain in that state. Sometime an error comes Quickbooks error 6000 82 this error occurs when you are not able to open Quickbooks company files. 

There is a number of reasons that trigger Quickbooks error 15101. We will list them below

  • Lack of digital signature
  • Internet settings are not configured properly on the computer
  • Issue with QBWebConnector.exe

You must be thinking about what is a digital signature and what does it have to do with Quickbooks. Digital signatures are used by companies in order to make sure the files or the application is to be trusted and it is signed. So, in this case, Intuit must have signed its Quickbooks software to make sure that it is to be trusted by operating systems, services and other system components. If you are not digitally signed and don’t have a digital signature, the operating system might think of you as malware or something that is malicious and wants to gain access to the computer.

The other issue that we talked about is our internet settings. The internet settings on any computer should not be messed with and leave to the default settings that the system comes with. But then there are users who use proxies and tweak their settings for various reasons. The changing of the internet settings could also be one of the reasons for error 15101. however there are some reasons that can sometimes trigger Quickbooks unexpected error 5. hence it is advisable to always keep your QuickBooks software updated.

Let’s discuss how to tackle these issues one by one.

Configuring Internet SettingsQuickbooks Error Solution

  • To access these settings  we have to open internet explorer.
  • On the menu bar, there will be a tools option.
  • Click on the tools option, you will see the list open.
  • From the list find internet options and then click on it.
  • In the above image, you will see the connection tab.
  • Click on the connection and there you will see LAN settings.
  • Clicking on the LAN settings, we are gonna see something like this.Quickbooks
  • We have to make sure that “Automatically Detect Settings” are selected.
  • Click on okay after this.
  • Also in the advanced tab, we have to make sure that we have selected the SSL 2.0 and unchecked the TLS settings. TLS is a legacy technology that is not being used anymore and is not even supported anymore.
  • These are some of the ways through which you can configure your internet settings.

Issue with QBConnector.exe

Whenever we have any issues with QBConnector, we always try to close that particular exe. This is how we do it:

  • Right-click on the Taskbar (Taskbar is the same where we have our start buttons and data/time reside)
  • We will have a list and from that list, we have to find the option “Start Task Manager”
  • Once the Task Manager is running, you will be able to see all the applications that are running right now on your computer
  • From there we have to dig QBConnector and right-click on itQuickbooks Error Solution
  • Right-clicking on any option will give us many options In the list
  • From those options, we have to choose end process

Let’s talk a little about QBConnector and what it does. QBConnector is a connection that is being used by Intuit so that the updates that are being downloaded are safe and secure. You could say it almost acts like a shield to the updates that are downloaded and if the QBConnector is running with issues we might see the error 15101 triggered by it.

Steps to install Digital Signature Certificate

  • In order to install the digital certificate for any program or application we have to find locate the installation folder of the application.
  • Hit the start button and search for QBW32.exe.  Right click on the QBW32.exe and you will a list of options
  • Click on properties and the property window pops us
  • From that window we have to click on “open file location”install Digital Signature Certificate
  • And then we will have the exact location where we wanna go
  • From there click on the QBW32.exe and right-click on it
  • Click on properties again and we will have the digital signatures tab
  • Click on it and then we have to select “Intuit Inc” from it
  • Then we select details and click on view certificate
  • Then we install the certificate
  • Then we finish the installation and try to restart Qucikbooks and check if its updating now


These steps are definitely going to get rid of the error 15101 for you. If you have followed these exact steps I can’t see why you would not be able to resolve this error without anyones help.