How To Fix Quickbooks Error 15106

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Quickbooks is one of the leading business software that provides quick and efficient accounting solutions to manage a small and medium-sized business effectively. however, some technical glitches are a part of any software hence there are some cases where you may encounter Quickbooks Error 15106 while using the accounting software. this error generally occurs when you try to update the Quickbooks software.  while updating the software if there is any kind of damage in the program then you will get this error message. this Quickbooks error 15106 can occur when you try updating the Quickbooks Payroll System.

Quickbooks error 15106

Quickbooks Error 15106

many users have reported this issue while updating the Quickbooks Payroll. Quickbooks offers some amazing features and specifications that are quite useful to manage the business efficiently. however, there are some limitations in Quickbooks that has to be taken care of unless you will get these kinds of Quickbooks Error. When there are any changes made to company files software asks to abort the files that error is Quickbooks abort error.

Reasons that lead to Quickbooks Error 15106

The Quickbooks Update program error message can occur on your screen due to the reasons mentioned below. In order to troubleshoot this error, you need to know about the reasons first. user is getting an error message which says the “the update program cannot be opened” and the reasons mentions below are the causes behind it.

  • presence of the spy sweeper program In the security software can be one of the reasons.
  • the user might now have the admin rights hence he/she is not able to create or modify the company file in the Quickbooks. this can be also one of the reasons.

The solution of Quickbooks Error 15106

if you are getting the Quickbooks Error 15106 then you can follow the following methods to fix it.

  • if you have been using the Quickbooks software without logging in as an administrator then first you have to restart your device and log in as an administrator and try to open the file again. if the error still persists then go for the next method mentioned below.
  • as mentioned in the reasons for Quickbooks Error 15106, Spy sweeper can also cause this error. hence you can locate its presence in your device by using the Windows task manager. open the task manager and go to processes and look for the Spyweeper.exe.

Solution of Quickbooks Error 15106

    • if you have found the Spysweeper program then you have to either disable it or delete it from the add/remove program in the windows. this will troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error 15106.
    • however, if you are unable to locate the Spysweeper.exe file then you will have to go the C: drive on your computer. now you have to go to the Quickbooks Folder and click on the components folder. now you have to rename the download to downloadqb in order to troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error 15106.
  • If you have tried the methods mentioned above and still you are unable to resolve the Quickbooks Error 15106 then you will be required to temporarily disable the user account control depending upon your Windows.
  • you can use the Quickbooks Clean install tool if the error still persists. this tool will completely remove the Quickbooks software from your device and re-install a fresh software in your device.

QuickBooks Clean Install Utility

With the steps and methods mentioned above, you will be able to resolve this QuickBooks error easily. however, if you are not much comfortable with the technical terms then you can take some assistance from the experts.