How To Resolve Quickbooks Error 4

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QuickBooks is an authentic accounting software across the world. Though it is quite reliable software like other software applications, you may face an error that can interrupt your work. QuickBooks error 4 is one of error.

This error might also cause the Quickbooks Backup not working error. you may require to troubleshoot this in order to have the Quickbooks backup service.

QuickBooks Error 4

Main reasons QuickBooks error 4

The main reason for QuickBooks error 4 is the issue with .Net framework 4.0 SP1 in the Microsoft operating system. There are several other reasons for QuickBooks error 4.

  • If QuickBooks file damaged 
  • The virus has infected the computer system
  • QuickBooks is not installed properly
  • Any error in the window registry
  • Any program has deleted QuickBooks files.

How did you know that QuickBooks error 4 has occurred?

  • QuickBooks freezes
  • Window operating system crashed
  • Getting error message popup on the screen
  • QuickBooks and window operating system is working slowly

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 4?

To solve the error, follow step by step guide given below.

  • First log in your personal computer in administrative mode
  • Press window button + R keys to open run command
  • Type control in run command search box
  • Once click on OK, system control panel open
  • Open add/remove program window, or you can open it directly by typing appwiz.cpl in the Run box and press OK button
  • Choose Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 in the installed program list
  • Hover over Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 or highlight itquickbooks error solution
  • Choose uninstall option
  • Now Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 will be uninstalled completely, reboot your computer
  • Once your PC has started, open run command by pressing Window+R key together
  • Type control panel in the run box
  • The control panel will open On clicking the OK button
  • Open Program Features / Add remove program window
  • Look at the left side for add remove window feature
  • Now tap on add remove window feature to see window feature screen.
  • You will see .Net Framework 3.5 in the window feature screen on expanding it.
  • Put the tick marks against to first and second option both.
  • Once you click on OK button, .Net framework start getting install on your computer
  • When .Net Framework 3.5 installations have completed, tap on finish button
  • Restart your computer

Still facing QuickBooks error 4, follow the below steps:Quickbooks Error 4

  • You need to update QuickBooks with an updated version. If QuickBooks crashes during login time, download the update from intuit’s QuickBooks website.
  • Download QuickBooks install the diagnostic tool on visiting intuit website
  • Run this diagnostic tool but before running, close all active programs
  • Reboot/ Restart your computer
  • Check QuickBooks error 4 status; if it solved, congrats else freshly reinstall QuickBooks software. First, ensure that you have installation CD and license number to install QuickBooks again and before uninstalling it. Do not forget to take a backup company file before uninstalling it.

I hope this article has valuable information to resolve QuickBooks error 4. If the above-explained solutions do not work, get in touch with QuickBooks experts.