Troubleshoot Methods For Quickbooks Error 6000

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Methods To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error Code 6000

With the utilization of QuickBooks, bookkeeping and accounting have become swift and quick. QB has assisted a lot in handling all the financial tasks of the medium-sized organizations. But, some technical errors are there that make the functioning of this software suite difficult. One such glitch is QuickBooks Error Code 6000 that can suddenly get flashed to your screen.  It usually happens whenever a user tries to open the company file. In the series of 6000, you might get different technical error codes.

QuickBooks Error Code 6000

Know about the causes of the error

QuickBooks Error 6000 is the limitation of the accounting software owing to which the user can’t access the company file. By the way, there are different reasons for it. All possible causes of error are identified based on the status code. 

Status Codes with the QuickBooks

6000 Series Error CodesPotential Causes
QuickBooks Error -6176 ,0 Firewall blocks connection with PC
Code -6000, -107.TLG file corrupts
Error Code 6000, -1076Corrupted installation of quickbooks
QuickBooks Error -6010, -100When the main server is not hosting the company file
-6012, -1061Configuration of the network is not correct
-6129, -101Server management of database has flaws
-6190, 816Accounting software is in single mode, and more than one user logins the company file
6190, -85.qbw and .tlg files are not matching with company file and transaction
QuickBooks Error -6000, -832Hosting open, or file with .ND extension is not working carefully.
-6000, -305Company File damages or network setup is not correctly configured.
-6073, -816

The file is hosted by more than on PC’s

The connection is blocked by firewall


-File with .ND extension has no accurate path with the company file.

– The user account of the data manager is corrupted

-6120, 08019 port of firewall is blocked

Important Point to Remember:

If you are about to fix Quickbooks error 6000, you should ensure that your quickbooks is up to date. Also, we install the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, in order to get cause behind the error and get suitable fixes. you can also use this Quickbooks tool to resolve the Quickbooks Java Error Code 1601. this tool will automatically detect the error and resolve it.

What Else When Updating QuickBooks Does not Work?

After updating QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version, the error is still found, then you will have to take steps depending upon the conditions.

Situation 1: At a time When you Locally Open File

Step 1:

 .TLG and.ND extension files are specialized for configuration of quickbooks that allow quickbooks in order to access company files in multi-user mode.

Step 2:

When you open a company file in multi-user mode, and there is still an issue with the company file, then the possibility is that there is an issue with quickbooks application or company file.  After returning an error, if the sample company file does not open, then it is the direct indication that the installation of quickbooks is damaged.

Step 3: Copy quickbooks files on the desktop

Step 4: Restore backup

QuickBooks Error 6000

Solution 5:  Restore a backup using ADR

Situation 2  When you open file on a network

Step 1: Check every workstation whether hosting is switched on. If any workstation has switched on hosting, then switch it off.

Step 2: Rename.ND & .tlg extension files. After that

QuickBooks Error Code 6000

Step 3: Do not open the company file on the workstation. Open it on a local PC.

Step 4: Truncate all active processes of QuickBooks, and check folder permission manually. Then configure antivirus software and ports of the firewall.

Hope, your doubt regarding QuickBooks Error 6000 is clear. If you have any doubts, then you can connect with intuit certified experts.