How To Resolve Quickbooks Error 6150

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QuickBooks is an accounting software like excel. Though it is software and there might be a chance to face error during its operation. Some time user sees the QuickBooks error 6150 messages on their screen when they are trying to open “company data file.”

When there is company file connection lost present that might be Quickbooks abort error. To resolve this issue, first, need to understand the exact causes behind to generate this error and different type of resolution keys to fixing.

QuickBooks error 6150

Major Causes behind to get QuickBooks error 6150

We have listed a few reasons responsible for the existence of QuickBooks error 6150

  • QuickBooks file is corrupt which you are trying to open
  • QuickBooks installation got corrupted
  • Perhaps you have not to seek to open the portable file on QuickBooks 
  • The extension is changing for QuickBooks data file
  • Maybe you are attempting to save QuickBooks MAC file on QuickBooks on window
  • virus-infected the files

Ways to fix this QuickBooks error 6150 code

  • In most cases, this particular error code is coming out due to the company data file extension. it would help if you tried to change the company data file-extension, save the file with right extension in your computer
  • Need to make sure “QuickBooks company data file” has been open up different computer
  • If the data is not updated, uninstall the QuickBooks older version and install a fresh one. 
  • Save the QB file for MAC in MAC System not in window system and vice versa
  • if antivirus is outdated or not installed on the machine, upgrade it with latest and good antivirus before open “company data file

aloft mentioned points are capable of removing error code, in spite of, error code is still there, try some more plow below to rectify the issue.

Solution 1: Restoration of “Company data file” from backup

aloft mention solutions were fruitless in fixing QuickBooks error code 6150, so to fix the issue, perform recovery of “company data file” from existing fresh backup. How to do this process, let us see

  • first, look ahead towards QuickBooks
  • Tap on the file
  • Next, pick the option “open or restore company and later pick to restore a backup copy” and tap.”
  • Opt “local backup” option and tap

Backup Company File

  • Now opt “company data file backup” locale through “Look in ” drop-down list
  • Tap on backup and backup should be in .qbb file extension

quickbook error 6150

  • Press on “open” and tap.
  • Now move to save in drop-down window and search the path to restore this available file of backup.
  • In filename field-type/enter a “new company name”
  • Please make sure that save as filed will have to save automatically and saved the store it again in .qbw file extension.
  • choose “yes.”
  • in the end, you need to type option Yes for making sure “confirm” overwrite.

Some boundaries related to restoration backup

  • There are Most of the cases; the user forgot to take a backup of the “company data file” because of laziness.
  • Non-availability of recent backup
  • “Back up restoring” is not able to provide accurate results

Solution 2: Generate “New QuickBooks Desktop file” by the fresh end

  • First, open up “QuickBooks desktop.”
  • Navigate to “No company open window,” create a new company.
  • Pick the option which says Create a company
  • Now begin to” create customer data, the COA and services.”

QuickBooks error 6150

Boundaries for “generating new QuickBooks desktop file from the starting.”

  • Unable to revert “old data.”
  • Most of the information is incorrect in the failure of “Old data.”
  • you are not authorized to share the “Desktop file” above the “network.”

Solution 3: Revert-back missing data through QuickBooks Auto-Recovery

QuickBooks error 6150:

  • You are required to use the present transaction log file to get back missing “transaction” and copy the company data file.
  • Regenerate aggregate data apart from last hours’ transaction to make use of company data file and log file of sale.

Limit of Auto recovery option.

  • Auto-recovery for QuickBooks is not compatible with “QuickBooks Pro,” “QuickBooks premiers,” and “QuickBooks enterprises.”
  • QuickBooks auto-recovery is not come with “Accountant.”
  • QB desktop should be updated

I hope you have gone through the whole article to plow QuickBooks error 6150 through the help of this. If you want to know more about details, keep in touch with the certified team.