How To Quickbooks Error 80070057

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This Quickbooks error can occur when you try to open a company file that was created in the Quickbooks Version 2014.  The Quickbooks Error 80070057 message will be shown on the screen whenever you try to open the file. hence if you double-click on the file then it will show the error code 80070057 which means the manager doesn’t have the access to the file and cannot make any changes to the file. this Quickbooks Error 80070057 shows that the company file is unable to open by the manager and it does not have the right to make any changes or to delete it. hence it is advisable to take proper measures to resolve these kinds of errors.

Hence if you have encountered these kinds of error then you don’t need to worry. you can make use of the Quickbooks Recovery tool to fix this Quickbooks Error. this recovery tool will detect the error when you will try to open the file from the host computer or from any other computer located on the server. QuickBooks Error 80070057

Reasons that Cause Quickbooks Error 80070057

there can be various reasons behind the Quickbooks Error 80070057 that can cause this error. while connecting the other computers on the network to open the Quickbooks File can be one of the reasons. the connections issues are the primary reasons behind this error. “The parameter is incorrect” or “you do not have permission” are considered to be the main reasons behind the Quickbooks Error 80070057. You might encounter the Quickbooks overflow error while using the Quickbooks accountant feature. you need to take proper measures to fix this error.

  • when you double-click on the Quickbooks Company file while you have to open the Quickbooks Software first to open the file.
  • Some kind of connectivity issue in the network of computer can cause this Quickbooks Error when you try opening the file.
  • the firewall is not working properly.
  • the commonly used bit defender closes the common ports when these devices make any kind of data transfer. Since the Quickbooks 2016 version the database is served on the host computer and it connects through the ports. So it blocks these ports which don’t allow them to communicate.

Fixes of Quickbooks Error 80070057

Solution – 1

Firstly you will be required to create a new .nd Configuration file of Network data into the company folder.

  • Log off from all the desktop in the Network.
  • Now you need to log in as Windows Administrator and now locate the company file folder to look for the file.
  • Now locate that file that is connected with the company file of .nd Configuration that is causing the error.
  • Once you identify the file that is causing this error then you can either delete it or rename it. In both cases, the file will be created automatically. Even the newly created Network data file will adapt the settings to ensure the connectivity between the workstations.


Now you will be required to rescan the Company file folder from the hosted computer. Open the Quickbooks Database Server manager to complete the operation.

  • Type Quickbooks Database Server Manager in the Search bar and open it.

Quickbooks Error

  • Now click on the Scan option when you see the company file already listed.
  • Now locate the folder and select the folder to scan it.
  • Select the scan option now.
  • This scan operation will reset all the settings of Quickbooks file-sharing operations to make it accessible from all the workstations and it will also report if the error is caused due to any blockage due to the anti-virus program.
  • Now go to the server or to the Computer where the Quickbooks Error showed and try opening the file again. If it’s still showing the error then you need to contact the Professionals.

Solution- 3

You can reinstall the Quickbooks Software completely. Use the Quickbooks Reinstallation tool to remove the Quickbooks Software completely from your device and then reinstall it again.

Solution- 4

The Quickbooks File Doctor can be used to troubleshoot this Quickbooks Error 80070057.

Quickbooks Error 80070057

Solution- 5

  • Make some changes in the Bitdefender to allows Quickbooks to communicate.
  • Open the Bitdefender and select antivirus.
  • Click on the custom level and click on the Exclude path.
  • Click on New Item now. 
  • Now select the drive or the path that holds the Quickbooks File.

However, there are some other tools available that can be also users to fix this Quickbooks Error. You can also use the Quickbooks File Doctor in case you are unable to resolve this error.