How to Reosolve Quickbooks Error C=272

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While working on something important if you get an error then it can be really irritating. you may encounter some errors while working on Quickbooks sometimes that can affect your workflow. Hence you need to make sure you are aware of these kinds of errors. while using the Quickbooks Verify data utility feature you can encounter the Quickbooks Error c=272.  this can create a hindrance to your work.

QuickBooks Error C=272

However, you can troubleshoot this error manually depending upon the cause of the error. we have listed below some of the solutions based on some scenarios. you can follow them to troubleshoot this Quickbooks error.

Reasons that can cause Quickbooks Error C=272

In order to troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error, you need to better understand the causes of this error. It can occur due to various reasons hence we need to take proper measures to fix this Quickbooks error. We have listed below some of the reasons that can lead to this issue. 

  •  Network connectivity issue while connecting to the server to open the Quickbooks Company File.
  • Windows Compatibility mode can also lead to this error.
  • Error in the configuration and setting of qbw32.exe file.
  • Damaged Quickbooks Components can also lead to this error.

Steps to Resolve Quickbooks Error c=272

you need to follow these methods systematically in order to troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error c=272. the 4 steps will help you to fix this issue completely and make sure to ensure there is no data damage.

Solution 1: Open the Company File

  • Hold the Ctrl button while opening the Quickbooks Accounting software.
  • wait until the “No Company Open” window opens then release it.
  • While this process if an error occurs then go to the next.
  • now Select any sample file from the list by clicking on “Open Sample File”.

Resolve Quickbooks Error c=272

  • Now Open the Sample file from the list.

Solution 2: Disable Windows 10 Compatibility Mode

  • Select the Quickbooks Shortcut Icon and Right-click on it.
  • now go to the properties.
  • Locate the  “Run in Compatibility” options from the list and Unmark it.
  • Now press Ok to apply the changes and then click cancel.
  • now go to the next step.

Solution 3: Configuration of qbw32.exe file

  • Open the Properties of the Quickbooks by Right-click on the Desktop Icon.
  • from the properties open the “Quickbooks Installation Folder”.
  • Now click on the Find button to find the file.
  • now locate the qbw32.exe file and right-click on it to open the properties of the file.

Resolve Quickbooks Error c=272

  • Click on the Compatibility and unmark the “Run in Compatibility Mode Option”.
  • Now Click on Ok to save the changes and then click on cancel.
  • Now close the Dialog box and Properties box.

Open the Quickbooks Company File

if you have followed the complete solutions then the error will be resolved. you can now open the Quickbooks software and use the Company File.

If you are trying to open the file and the error still occurs then you need to get assistance from the experts. they will help you to resolve this QuickBooks Error manually.