Quickbooks Error Code 12002 [Troubleshoot]

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Quickbooks Error Code 12002 is one of the errors that depend on the network connectivity of your computer. Normally, there are applications that don’t require an active internet connection to function properly but Quickbooks is not one of them. The issue with the applications that require an active internet connection is if there is even a minor network lapse or connectivity issue the application stops working taking your entire productivity and concentration down with it. There can be different technical glitches that occurs error like Quickbooks error 15270.

Quickbooks Error 12002

Error code 12002 Occurs:

when Quickbooks is not able to use the Internet connection on your system. There could be a variety of reasons for internet connectivity:

  • Your ISP is having network issues
  • Your LAN cable is broken somewhere due to which you don’t have an active internet connection
  • Maybe there is an IP conflict within the organization due to which you are not being assigned a proper IP address and hence your IP cannot be located by the DNS and hence you are not served any web pages.

The issues that are connected with Quickbooks error code 12002 and network issues are:

Some other reason behind the error 12002 could be:

  • Network issues like we talked about could be many of them and one of them is unable to access the server because we have a timeout. What happens when we get a timeout is we ping the server with our query and if the server tries to answer our query but if the answer does not reach us that would lead to a time out error
  • Maybe we have installed a new firewall and we have not configured it properly due to which the connection between the server and our system is getting hampered.
  • We might even have SSL related errors and they are mainly associated with the time and date settings of the system

Let’s discuss how we can resolve the error 12002 and we are going to list a number of ways to do that.

Configuring your internet settings

To configure the internet settings these are the steps to follow:

  • Open Internet Explorer. That can be easily done by searching for it in the start menu and the clicking on it
  • In Internet Explorer, we will have the menu bar and from that menu bar, we will have to click on the Tools option. We have highlighted the tools option in the below image:Quickbooks Error Code 12002
  • Clicking that we will get a list and from that list, we click on internet options
  • And we will have the internet options window on our screen and it will look something like this:QUickbooks Error

Then we have to click on the security tab and there we will see three different levels of internet security

  • Medium
  • Medium-high
  • High

We have to make sure that we have selected the security setting to medium-high

  • Then the other thing that we need to check is in the content tab
  • Clicking on the content tab we will see an option that is Content Advisor and we have to make sure that it is enabled by default

By following this we can troubleshoot the Quickbooks error code 12002. you can manually make changes in your internet setting to fix the Quickbooks error. Do you know why does Quickbooks keep aborting it occurs when company file connections are lost.