Quickbooks Error 12031 Resolve in Simple Steps

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QuickBooks error code 12031 usually comes out when the user tries to update QuickBooks or QuickBooks payroll services. Error code 12031 also comes due network time out that prevent QuickBooks from accessing from the server. You will also face this error due to firewalls and other security issues. QuickBooks error code 12031 is a pervasive error that is required immediate solution. In this article, We are going to discuss each aspect of this error code with the Solutions.

Main reasons for QuickBooks error code 12031:

quickbooks error 12031

There can be multiple reasons for leading this QuickBooks error code 12031 but need to find out the one which is the culprit behind this. Below are some significant causes to generate QuickBooks error code 12031. QuickBooks Error 12029 and QuickBooks Update 12007 are  also payroll update error and it occurs while updating the software.

  • Network connectivity issue
  • Internet time-out
  • security issues- window firewall, antivirus and other types of internet security
  • Secured Socket Layer setting in not valid
  • Problem with your default browser

Now we have identified the leading causes for QuickBooks error code 12031; the next step is to resolve this issue. So we are explaining four ways to solve this QuickBooks error code 12031. Also as a reminder you must know that some issues with the account linked in the company file, this can lead to errors such as error 4-1016

Significant fixes to resolve QuickBooks error code 12031

Below are four Fixes to resolve QuickBooks error code 12031.


  • First tap on the help button
  • Then click on internet connection setup option
  • Tap to open option, which is ‘use my computer ‘s internet connection settings to create a connection when the app accesses the internet.’
  • Tap on next and press

Update QuickBooks software again in given conditions

Update quickbooks

  • If you have QuickBooks desktop version 2008 and later version, Choose help and tap ‘update QuickBooks,’ choose update now option.
  • Suppose QuickBooks version is 2006 or earlier, you need to select file and tap on ‘update QuickBooks option’ and select UpdateNow option.


  • First tap on UpdateNow option
  • Then choose ‘reset update checkbox’ option and tap on ‘Get update.’
  • the program update process does not work then,
  • Inspect your internet connection
  • Also check already configured firewall security, personal firewall application for updating QuickBooks    
  • Now start your operating system in safe mode and again try to download updates again

Solution: 3: 

  • Open QuickBooks internet connection setup menu
  • Now select internet properties
  • Where you will see many tabs for internet properties
  • Tap on an advanced Tab from the available selections
  • Make sure the Advanced setting has been matching or not. Once it matches, Tap the apply button
  • Now finally, click on the OK button to close the window.
  • Now close the QuickBooks and open again and try to update QuickBooks Payroll process again
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  • First of all close the QuickBooks
  • Tap on Internet Explorer
  • Choose tools option and tap on internet options
  • Choose the Security tab and tap on ‘globe icon'(You also need to make sure that this zone setting should set to Medium-high not to be set higher than)
  • Tap on the content button and click on the button if the content advisor button says it disabled. you have to enter a password to disable content advisor.
  • Now tap on the connection tab and follow below instructions
  • choose ‘never dial a connection option'(you have to do this when you do not use the dial-up connection on your system)
  • Then Use dial-up node and make sure that the right ISP is selected
  • Tap on OK
  • Press on the ‘LAN Setting’ button that is on the bottom
  • Make sure the Automatically detect setting option ‘ option should be marked
  • Also, need to the lookout that ‘Use a proxy server checkbox’ should not be checked
  • Use proxy server once the checkmark process completed
  • if port 80 is not there, do not uncheck ‘Use a proxy’ option and if the port set on 80, you can clear the checkbox
  • Click OK on the LAN settings.

solve quickbooks error code 12031

  • choose the advance tab
  • tap on restored advanced setting option
  • You need to scroll down to find ‘use TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and use QuickBooks TLS 1.2 options in the setting section(all these options are not available in the internet explorer)
  • You need to make sure TLS 1.0 checked and TLS 1.2 not checked.
  • Tap on the OK option and close the internet explorer.
  • Restart computer
  • Open QuickBooks and try to update QuickBooks payroll service.

After follow these 4 solutions still you face error , You can try to resolve the error with the help Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool.

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We have provided all the possible solutions for QuickBooks error code 12031 and hoping that one of a solution will work for you. If you still have this error code 12031 in your computer, Kindly contact for the assistance. You should also know that  quicken is unable to establish an internet connection the security software and anti-malware programs might be blocking the server to connect with the Quickbooks Software.