Quickbooks Error 6177 Resolve in Simple Steps

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You must be getting really pissed off when you see any error while you are busy at your work. It has happened to everybody and it has happened to me as well. Let’s talk about one such error which has frustrated many Quickbooks user these days. We are going to talk about the Quickbooks error code 6177 and the ways to resolve this particular issue. This error has been a headache for Quickbook users in recent times and it is exactly why we are writing this article, to save you from this headache.

Why exactly do you see Quickbooks error 6177? When this error pops up you must have seen the message along with it: Quickbook is attempting to open this company file. This error and this message usually mean that the path the Quickbook is taking to reach the company file is currently either not available or it cannot use that path. This error code can be usually resolved by updating the Quickbook software. This error usually pops up when the user is using Quickbooks in the multi-user mode. A reboot of your computer after updating the Quickbooks software can take care of the issue very easily.

When you see the error for the first time you will see something like this:Quickbooks error code 6177

We have talked some of the reasons why a user sees this error. But there are also some other reasons:

  • Can be a virus attack that has corrupted files related to Quickbooks
  • Maybe the user unknowingly has deleted the files or directories related to Quickbooks

Now we will talk about the solution and how we can get rid of the error 6177.

Use tools like File Doctor to fix and repair you damaged fileQuickbooks Error

File Doctor is very good at fixing series 6000 errors. The thing with Quicken is it comes with an internal version of File Doctor but it is advised to use the external File Doctor instead of using the internal one. We also have to make sure that if we have File Doctor installed in our computer and we are trying to install a new version of File Doctor but we should never do that. The proper way to go through that is to uninstall the previous version of the File Doctor and then install the new version.

We just need to download Quickbooks File Doctor from the website and then install it while following the instructions. Then we have to type in the login ID and the password and then we have make sure that we choose if we are on the host pc or the workstation and then we have to select the file that we need to repair or diagnose from the drop-down list. Then all we have to do is to wait for the File Doctor to scan and repair the file and hopefully the issue is resolved. There are also some things that we need to keep in mind while using File Doctor.

  • Files need to be less than 2GB in size.
  • You need to be logged in as an administrator.
  • If you have different versions of Quickbooks software installed on your host pc it might be possible that File Doctor is not able to perform its function properly.
  • Also, make sure that QDSM (Quickbook Database Server Manager) is not installed on the otherwise network connectivity issues will not be resolved which might be a con of the software.


But if we still keep facing the issue we need to update the Quicken application to the latest version. 

Updating the Quickbook SoftwareQuickbooks error code 6177

To update the Quickbook software first we have to click on the help menu from the menu bar. There we have to choose to click on the Quickbook desktop. We will get the options and then click on select all options. Then we can click on update now and Quickbook will be updated to the latest update. But for future purposes let’s say that we want to update the software as soon as there is an update released by Intuit. We can choose the option of automatically updating the software and then we have to forget about manually updating the software every time.

Fixing the File Path

To fix the file path what we need to do is we have to open the file explorer on the server and then we have to look for the Quickbooks where we have all of our files saved. In that directory, we have to look for the company file and it must have the.ND file extension. We need to delete the file with the.ND file and we can do that by right-clicking on the file and then we will have a drop-down list and we can choose the delete option from the drop-down list.
The next step is to generate the.ND file for that company. Again here QDBS comes into action and we will hit the start button and search for QDSM software. We open the software and then we have to browse to the Quickbooks folder where our company files are stored. After that we will have the option to start the scan and starting the scan process we also will have the option to close after the scanning is done and complete.

Then again we have to make sure that the user has ample user permission on the directory so if the user wants to share the file or the directory they should have the appropriate permission for it. So let’s say we want to make a new path for the file. For that, all we can do is go into the C drive of the computer, make a new directory and then copy the company files in the newly created folder. This will change the path of the folder and this is also one of the ways to fix this issue. 

Quickbooks Error


  • First, we have to browse them and find the company file that we have in the server
  • Then we have to open the company file in the Quickbook software and once we do that we will have the option to make it into a portable file and then saving it to the local hard drive.
  • Then we have to close the company file and restore the same portable file to the server that we have saved in the local hard drive.
  • The last step is to make sure that the portable file that w have made is working fine and to make sure that we will try to open the portable file from the server.  And if the company file in the portable form still opens and works normally like any other company file that means our method was successful and we have our own portable file.


Here we discussed how to get rid of error 6177. We have shared all the possible solutions in a coherent and condensed way so that you are not confused and that you don’t get lost. We hope this was informative enough and contained the information you were looking for. if you are using Quicken instead of Quickbooks then you may get Quicken error cc-892. you can learn about these ways to resolve this Quickens error.