How To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error H505

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QuickBooks is a well-known accounting software that is being used by small and medium-sized businesses to manage their financial operations easily. Quickbooks accounting software comes with a lot of features that make it the most convenient accounting software to handle your business operations. the QuickBooks error h505 can occurs due to various reasons. This QuickBooks error can cause when you try to open a company file that is not situated on your computer. One more issue that can cause this error is when you try to open a company file need some additional settings in order to open that file. So we have listed some of the troubleshooting tips that can help you to resolve this error easily. before leading to the troubleshooting methods let us first learn about the causes behind this QuickBooks error. This error is from one of the series that occurs due to posting settings which are Quickbooks error 6000, H101, H202, H303, and H505.

QuickBooks Error Code H505

Reasons Behind QuickBooks error H505

This Quickbooks error can occur when using the quickbooks multi-user mode when a user try to access the company file from another computer. Improper installation and missing components of quickbooks can cause this error when a user tries to access the company file hence it is required to troubleshoot this error in order to access the company file.

  • Damaged and mixing .nd files can cause quickbooks to restrict the file to open over the network.
  • You might have not activated the quickbooksDBXX and QBFC monitor services that can prevent the quickbooks error h505 to occur on your system.
  • Because of some network connectivity issues, you can also face this quickbooks error.

Effects of quickbooks error H505

We have listed below some of the effects that you can encounter when quickbooks error h505 occurs on your system.

  • You will get the quickbooks error h505 error message on your screen and the Quickbooks program will crash.
  •  your desktop will start getting crashed while running the same program again and again.
  • You will get the error message on your screen.
  • The processing of your device will start responding slowly to the commands given from the keyboard and mouse.
  • The quickbooks program will start getting froze for several minutes.

Follow Methods to Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

 if you have encountered the quickbooks error h505 then you can follow the following methods mentioned below in order to troubleshoot this error from your device.

Solution- 1: new company file folder 

  • Firstly you will be required to create a replacement folder and then you can share the permission to access the folder to share files From the original folder.
  •  if you are not so much comfortable with the technical things then you can call a professional in order to resolve this issue.
  • Now copy .qbw file in the new folder to access the multi-user mode
  • Now try to open the company file again.

Solution- 2: check the quickbooks network ports

quickbooks network ports

Firewall Settings

    • Click on the windows options in the Windows firewall settings to access the instrumental panel.
    •  now open the firewall settings and click on the advanced settings.
    • Right-click on the outbound rules and click on new rules.
    •  now click on ports and enter next.
    • After this click on TCP and enter the following ports according to the quickbooks version:
      • Quickbooks desktop 2018-8019: 55378-55382, 56728
      • Quickbooks desktop 2017-8019: 55373-55377, 56727
      • Quickbooks desktop 2016-8019: 55368-55372, 56726
      • Quickbooks desktop 2015-8019: 55363-55367, 56725
  • Go to next and click on “allow the connection” from the list.
  • Now enter the name in the field and click Finish to complete the process.
  • Now for the inbound rules repeat the step from 1 to 5 again and then open the quickbooks in multi-user mode.

Network Discovery Option 

  • Go to the start menu and open the Control panel settings.
  • Click on the system and security option and then open the windows firewall settings.
  • Now click on the associate/app feature from the left pane and then click on Modifications.
  • From the list click on Network Discovery and then press OK.

Identify Your Server

  • Open the Run program from Windows.
  • Enter config/all in the box and then press enter.
  • Locate your Hostname from the list of IPs.
  • Explore the list of the server names on the left and then save it.
  • After completing this follow the next step.

Solution- 3 Check the Network Hosting and Quickbooks Services

Check the Hosting

  • First of all, open the Accounting software on all the available workstations in the network.
  • Now open the file and click on utilities option.
  • Now check if the computer is hosting the file by verifying Host Multi-user access on the list.
  • If you see this in any of the Workstations then don’t make any changes. It doesn’t host the company file.
  • If you get “Stop Hosting the Multiple User-access” then click on it.
  • Follow these steps on all the computers in the network.

Check for the Quickbooks Services

  • Firstly open the Run program by pressing the windows+r key from the keyboard.
  • Now enter MSC in the search box and press enter.
  • Now from the available list of services locate the QuickbooksDBXX service.
  • Open the QuickbooksDBXX service and ensure that the startup kind is set on automatic and repair standing has been started or on running.

Quickbooks Error

  • Now put the cursor on the recovery tab and click it.
  • If you have encountered any kind of error then you can restart the QuickbooksDBXX service mechanically.
  • Now click on OK to apply the changes.
  • Repeat the following steps again for the QBFCMOnitor service.
  • Now retry to open the Quickbooks software again to check if the error has been resolved.
  • If the error still persists then you can try forming the Quickbooks DBXX service as an administrator along with some additional permissions.

Solution-4 Check the Quickbooks Services are running

  •  Open the services list by using the run program.
  • Press the windows+R button to open the run program and then enter services.MSC to access the list of running services on your window.
  • Now from the list of services locate the QuickbooksDBXX services from the list.
  • You can also sort the name column in the alphabetical order to locate the service.
  • Now right-click on it and open the properties.
  • Now check for the available setting to ensure the service is running properly.
  • Check the startup type is set to automatic and the Service status is running.
  • If you have found it stopped then click on the start option.
  • After completing this press the recovery tab and then restart the service.
  • It will restart the service completely and you can follow the same steps again for any kind of failure.

After completing this the service will start automatically but while running this you can get the Quickbooks error 1079. You will get an error message on your screen. In that case, follow the points given below. 

  • Click on the Log ON and open the browser on your desktop.
  • Now enter your desktops name in the given field and click on the option Check Names.
  • Now enter the credentials when asked and then click on Ok.
  • Close the browser and then open the QuickbooksDBXX service again.
  • Start the service and check if it’s running properly now.

Solution 5: Host File Editing

  • Open the run program from the start button and then type CMD and press enter.
  • The command prompt window will open on the screen.
  • Now type “ipconfig/all” and then press enter.
  • Now write down the IP address and the Hostname to use it for all the systems.

Now follow the below steps to edit the Host file on Windows

  • Close the Quickbooks software on your device and click on Start Menu.
  • Now go to the following address.
  • C:\Windows:\system32\drivers\ETC
  • If you are unable to get to the Windows folder then look for the hidden files and folders.
  • After locating the host file now right-click on it and open it with the Notepad.
  • In the file now enter the IP address and the computer name.
  • Save the file and use the Quickbooks software in Multi-user mode.

After following the above step your will be able to troubleshoot the Quickbooks error H505. If you are unable to resolve this error on your own then you can get assistance from the Quickbooks Expert.