Quickbooks Error PS107 [Troubleshoot]

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Quickbooks is one of the best accounting software for businesses to keep an eye on the financial transactions of the business in the most convenient way. But there are some flaws in the Quickbooks software which you have to face while using the accounting software. If you have subscribed for the payroll services then you might get an error message on your screen that says Quickbooks is unable to read the file and error code PS107 flashes on the screen. this generally occurs when you try to download payroll updates. if you have encountered the Quickbooks error PS107 then you have to perform some troubleshooting methods to fix this issue. 

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Quickbooks Error PS107

Below we have explained what are the reasons behind this Quickbooks error along with the method to troubleshoot this error. If you have got this error then you can follow these methods.

Reasons that lead to Quickbooks Error PS107

Below are Some of the reasons that cause this Quickbooks Error PS107.  if you have encountered this Quickbooks error, then these are the reason behind it.

  • Damaged files in the Quickbooks software can cause this issue.
  • Network Down or server issues can also cause this error.
  • malicious or virus Quickbooks file can lead to Quickbooks Error PS107.

Troubleshooting methods of Quickbooks Error 

We have explained below the simple methods to fix this Quickbooks error. make sure to follow these steps in order to completely remove this error. along with this, keep a backup of your Quickbooks company file before proceeding to the troubleshooting method to avoid any kind of data loss. Also keep an eye on Quickbooks cleanup tool, there are many errors that can be resolved by it. let us have a look at the methods that will help you to fix this quickbooks error.

Solution: 1 End Process

if you are getting the error message on the screen and you are unable to move to any other software then you can use this method to restart the quickbooks software.

Quickbooks error code PS107

  •  In order to fix this error, you need to completely shut down the Quickbooks software.
  • open the task manager by pressing the CTRL+ALT+delete key from the keyboard.
  • after this, mark all the Quickbooks applications and then click on End process.

Solution: 2 Update Quickbooks

One more way to troubleshoot this error is to update the quickbooks software to the latest release.

  • Go to the Quickbooks software and click on the help menu.
  • Now choose the “Update” option and then click on the options and go to “mark all button“.
  • Now press the “Update Now” option.
  • After this click on reset update and then click on get updates.
  • after getting the update message on the screen, now you need to close the QB desktop.

Solution: 3 Update Payroll

  •  In order to update payroll, insert the CD and then open the “payroll update” window.
  • if you have quickbooks pro and premier then you can go to the employee’s section and then click on “get payroll updates”.

Quickbooks error

  • After this, when you are asked to search for update.dat and update3.dat file then open the CD Drive.
  • Now browse for these files and then select these files and click on Open.
  • now click on the OK option to save the changes.

after completing this process, the Quickbooks error PS107 will be resolved. if the error still persists, then you will be required to perform a clean installation of Quickbooks.

Solution: 4

If you have tried the above-mentioned methods and you are still getting the quickbooks Error PS107 then you need to remove the quickbooks software completely from your device and then re-install the latest release of the Quickbooks desktop.

  • Open the run program by pressing the Windows key+ R button.
  • after this enter “misconfig” in the box and press enter.
  • Now click on the general tab and then select the selective startup, load startup items, and load system services.
  • Now go to the services tab and then mark the “Hide all Microsoft services” and click on disable.
  • after this click on “erase Microsoft services”.
  • after this, check whether the box of windows installer is marked and then select all the services.
  • Now click on the Ok option.
  • Now go to the system configuration window and then click on restart your computer.
  • after restarting the computer, now you can perform the clean install of Quickbooks.

Solution: 5 Switch to single-user 

  •  go to the quickbooks software and then click on “Switch to the single user”.
  • now go to the File menu and click on backup and then select local backup.
  • after this select the location where you want to save the backup and then click on the Ok option.
  • after this, go through all the options and select the option that is appropriate for you and then click on Ok.
  • Now choose to create a backup and then click on Ok.
  • the quickbooks software also allow you to schedule a backup for the future too.
  • now click on the save option to store the backup file.

these are some of the solutions to Quickbooks error PS107. If you are not much comfortable with the technical terms of Quickbooks then you can get assistance from the experts. they will help you to troubleshoot this error in no time.