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Quickbooks File Doctor

Quickbooks File Doctor is one of the Authorised tools of Quickbooks to diagnose and troubleshoot any kind of issue. From the Quickbooks 2016 version, this tool is integrated with the Quickbooks software to check and resolve any errors in the company file. You can make use of Quickbooks File Doctor if you getting any error while opening a specific file in Quickbooks or you have faced any kind of data damage. 

If you are trying to open a Quickbooks company File and getting an error from the 6000 series then you can make use of the Quickbooks file doctor to repair the damaged data before it becomes unrecoverable. Along with repairing the data damage on the QuickBooks this tool also helps to resolve the network issues based on the report of file doctor.Quicbooks file Doctor

Issues that can be resolved using QB File Doctor:

If you are getting any kind of issue with your QuickBooks software then you need to  Quickbooks file doctor download & install it. Once the installation will be completed it will automatically detect the issue and fix it. 

Things to remember before using Quickbooks File Doctor:

  • Make sure to uninstall the existing version if you are trying to install the latest version.
  • The version of Quickbooks released after 2015 have the Quickbooks File doctor inbuilt. So if you are still getting errors then you are advised to use the external software.
  • QBO file Doctor is best suited to resolve quickbooks error 6000 and damaged files that are preventing you from opening files. In case the Quickbooks File doctor is not able to repair the damage files then you can contact the expert team to fix the issue and to better understand the usability, Limitations, and requirements of the in-built tool.

Quickbooks File Doctor Compatibility 

  • QB File doctor was an external tool until the Quickbooks Desktop 2016 version was introduced. Since Quickbooks 2016 version it is an In-built tool of QuickBooks. 
  • This in-built Quickbooks tool is not compatible with Mac versions of Quickbooks. 

Different Quickbooks File Doctor Tools:

  • The built-in QB file tool doctor tool since the Quickbooks 2016 version is introduced.
  • The stand-alone version which is basically used for hosting purposes using the Quickbooks database server manager component from the server itself.

How to use Quickbooks File Doctor?

  1. Firstly you will be required to download the QBFD and then install it by opening the “qbfd.exe file”.
  2. Once the installation will be completed the QBFD will open automatically. If it doesn’t open the go to the start menu and find the icon to open it manually.Install Quickbooks file doctor
  3. Now look for the damaged file by searching the name of the company file from the drop-down list or you can browse manually.Quickbooks advance setting search damage file
  4. Select the file and checkmark the “Check file damage only‘ and click on the “diagnose file”.Quickbooks desktop file doctor
    1. If your company file is damaged or you are getting the 6xxx error such as -6000 -305, -6000 -82, etc. then you will have to select the check company file or network option. 
    2. If you have QB on a multi-user option then you might have received H202, H505, and H303 error. In this case, you need to select a check your Network option. 
  5. Now you will be asked to enter your credentials to repair the file. You can also update your file if you have Quickbooks 2011 or older. 
    1. However, it is recommended not to update until your file is repaired. Once you have the repaired file then you can update your QuickBooks file version. 
  6. Now, wait until the repairing process is completed.
  7. Once the file will be repaired completely then it will ask you to open the repaired file from the tool itself. While if you are using Quickbooks on multi-user mode then it asks for the software version.Quickbooks File Doctor

What to do After Diagnosis Completes?

  1. Once the diagnosis process is done close the QB file doctor tool.
  2. Verify all the issues that have been reflected on the screen. 

Limitations of QBFD Tool: 

  • The size of the QBO Company file is less than 2GB.
  • High-speed internet connectivity is required to upload the company file.
  • You will be required to log in as the administrator.
  • If you have multiple versions of Quickbooks installed in a single computer then the Network diagnosis and the file repair function might not work accurately.
  • If you have the Quickbooks file hosting component(Database Server manager) then the QBFD tool might not work with your computer properly.

About Quickbooks File-Doctor

The QBFD tool is an file-repair and network diagnosis tools which is available in the US, CA and UK version of Quickbooks. This tool is not required to install the Quickbooks in your computer. It is available in the Quickbooks 2016 and later versions and it supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Server 2003-2012.