Quickbooks For MAC Discontinued

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Quickbooks For MAC Discontinued

The QuickBooks Accounting software is designed for both Windows and Mac OS. however, Inuit has discontinued Quickbooks For Mac 2016 and the current users will be able to access the Quickbooks for Mac till May 31, 2019. It has been stated by Intuit that this will be the last available product for mac Version. Hence, Quickbooks Online is the best alternative for mac users. it comes in three variants Simple Start, essential, and Plus. the users can pick the version based on the requirement of their business.

Quickbooks For Mac Discontinued

QuickBooks For Mac

the Quickbooks online is working on both Mac and Windows os and if any of the Mac users want to update to the Quickbooks online version then they can do it for free now. accounting therapy is offering free conversion to the Quickbooks online version for Mac users. 

The advanced and latest release of the Quickbooks online version is the best accounting tool that can match your business requirements. hence, this is the best tool that you can use to manage the financial operations of your business. the QBO allows you to manage your business online by syncing all your information at your tablet, laptop, smartphone, and Computer. you can easily track your sales, send invoices, receipts, payments, etc. from wherever you want. Hence, you can easily keep track of your business from anywhere. Except than this you should know how to fix negative account payable. you can fix all the negative accounting problems by the software.

QUickbooks for mac

What are the Consequences of Not Migrating From Mac?

The Quickbooks For mac version has been discontinued and if you do not migrate From mac then you might need to face some issues. here is the list of some issues that you need to tackle if you do not migrate from Mac.

  • Technical Assistance: If you are using Quickbooks on mac and you have discovered any issue while working then the technical support for Quickbooks on Mac will not be available after May 31, 2019. hence, you cannot contact the Quickbooks experts to get assistance for any of the issues in the Quickbooks For Mac. However, if you migrate to the Quickbooks Online version then you can contact for assistance easily.
  • Intuit Payments: With Quickbooks For mac, the Intuit Payment integration will be closed after May 31, 2019. Hence you will not able to make any of the credit card payments after that date. However, you can link your Inuit Payment accounts to Quickbooks Online to process the payments easily.
  • Payroll Services: the Quickbooks payroll service for the mac version will be disabled after May 31, 2019. You can switch to Quickbooks online version or you can use other payroll services for your account payroll services.

Quickbooks Online is a cloud-based software that is designed specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses to easily manage all the operations of their business. the tool provides some convenient services that make it easier to handle all the operations such as:

  • Generate and send invoices to the customers and vendors from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.
  • the easiest way to track your sales and cash flow.
  • List of your customers and vendors.
  • easy handling of tax-paying operations.
  • Use the reports for the budgeting of your company.

If you have the Quickbooks Online software then you won’t need to download or install any other software for your accounting needs. you can easily access the QBO version from any of the browsers with a good internet connection. You can use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. or any other browser and you can also use our smartphone or tablet to access the software.

List of features of Quickbooks Online

Alternative for Quickbooks for Mac

you can access the Quickbooks online version from anywhere using your smart devices. below listed are some of the features of the Quickbooks Online version that can help you in managing your business effectively.

  • Easily track your expenses and income to evaluate your net worth.
  • Generate and send invoices to your customers and easily track them.
  • Reconcile your account easily by downloading and storing your bank transactions.
  • Use payroll and print checks to send to your employees.
  • easily transfer or import data from Quickbooks Desktop and Excel files.
  • Automatic Backup of the Quickbooks data to avoid any kind of data loss issue.
  • Secured environment to avoid any kind of error.
  • Data can be accessed from anywhere using a tablet or a smartphone.
  • Snapshots of the receipts sent to customers and vendors for verification at the tax filling.
  • Upto 2 users can access the company files simultaneously.

Quickbooks Online System Requirements

If you are thinking about migrating to Quickbooks online from Quickbooks For mac then there are some system requirements that you have to fulfill for successful transfer of your company data files. below listed are some of the system requirements for Quickbooks online

  • Requirements for Operating system: Windows 7(x84/x86) or advanced, Apple IOS 7 or advanced, Android and Apple mac 10.5 or later.
  • A good internet connection is required to access Quickbooks online software.
  • You can use any of the browser listed below:
    • Apple Safari
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
  • You can use the Quickbooks online mobile app on Apple Ipone, Ipad, Android Smartphones, and Tablet. However, there are some features of Quickbooks online which are not available on mobile devices.

So if you are still using Quickbooks on mac and need to switch to Quickbooks online then make sure you meet the following requirements. We have explained to you what will be the consequence of Continue Using Quickbooks on mac and what is the best alternative. In case, you still have any queries or need any kind of assistance regarding Quickbooks software then feel free to contact the professionals at Quickbooks.