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In case you want to reinstall the Quickbooks software and you have lost the Licence information of Quickbooks then this blog will help you to understand how to retrieve the lost Quickbooks License information. the Quickbooks license information will be also needed when you try to update the Quickbooks software to the latest release. Hence it is advisable to store this information safely to avoid any kind of loss in the future. If you have lost the Quickbooks Licence number then you can look at the following things.

Quickbooks License Number


List of things where you can find QuickBooks Licence Number

  • Quickbooks package you have received.
  • A confirmation email of the purchase from the Intuit.
  • Computer in which you have initially installed the Quickbooks software.
  • the email of the latest version of Quickbooks information if you have an annual subscription of the Quickbooks.
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Steps to retrieve Quickbooks License Number

if you have tried all the mentioned measures above and you are still not able to find the Quickbooks license number then you can follow the steps mentioned below to locate the Quickbooks installation number. 

  • Insert the installation drive and wait until the installation process starts.
  • the installation will start automatically on your screen.
  • Now you have to select the reinstall option from the screen.
  • the Quickbooks license number and the product number will be shown on the screen now. write down the number for installation.
  • Now click on the Cancel Button.

while if this way doesn’t work for your then you can use the following methods to retrieve the license information of Quickbooks. while there are some errors where you will require to re-install the quickbooks software for troubleshooting. the Quickbooks error 6123 occurs due to an outdated version of Quickbooks. hence it is advisable to keep your Quickbooks software update to avoid such kinds of errors.

Lost Quickbooks License Number


  • Open the Quickbooks Look-up page and enter your information to retrieve the license number of your Quickbooks software. while if the Looktool also cannot retrieve your Quickbooks license number then it will provide you a link to contact the customer assistance to the team to get help.
  • if you are unable to locate the Quickbooks license number with the lookup tool then you can log in into your account to retrieve the information. 
  • if you are not able to log in into your quickbooks account then select your product and click on the contact link to get assistance from the quickbooks expert team.
  • Before calling the customer service team make sure you have the purchase proof of the Quickbooks product in order to obtain the license and product number.
  • Now call the intuit customer service and when asked to give the order number of your Quickbooks software when asked from the intuit representative. you can locate this order number on the intuit packaging slip on in the email. you will be able to find the order number on the intuit packaging slip if you have bought the Quickbooks POS from the Intuit directly.

Follow the ways to find Lost Quickbooks License Number

  • If you have the quickbooks software installed on your device then look for the confirmation mail from intuit when you purchased the quickbooks software.
  • If you have installed the quickbooks software on your desktop using a CD then you can locate the license number on the envelope of the CD. you can locate the number on the bright sticker of the envelope.

Quickbooks License Number

  • you can also find the Installation codes on the member support site if you are a member of the PROadvisor.
  • If you have registered the Quickbooks software on the Lookup tool then you can find the Quickbooks license information there.
  • If you have not installed the Quickbooks software on your device then you can get assistance from the Quickbooks customer service team. they will locate the Licence number and product number based on your product version. you can also get assistance from the expert team for the proper installation of the software in your device.

So if you have lost the license number of your Quickbooks software then the best way to retrieve it is to contact the Quickbooks customer assistance team. In no time, they will provide your the Licence information. you need to simply verify your purchase and provide the Order number to them to look for the lost Quickbooks Licence Information.